Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Top Crop Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope your day is starting off super creative! Also thank you all for your comments yesterday. I really appreciate it. I want you to know that your buddies here at TGF work hard to make you happy! And to answer a few questions before we go onward:

- Yes! Any new digital stamps you purchase starting on the 15th will be saved in your account on the new store site.
- Don't worry, eventhough I introduce new series, Anya and Ian will always be there. =) In fact, there are several new designs coming out soon!
- In regards to gift certificates, I am very close to getting that implemented in the new shop soon.
- Boys for the new girls? Of course!
- Sportsy Anya? Coming soon.
- The new girls will be arriving in Nov. If we decide to have an earlier release, it will be stated here on the blog.
- Background stamps/Scene building stamps are in the works

Also today, don't forget to head over to Traci's blog for the Week of Challenges. For the official rules, please go here.

Today's top crop selection is another mystery stamper without a blog. I love Pickle's simple but sweet usage of layers. It is not heavily embellished but still projects a pretty statement.

TOP CROP: Pickle

Today's question is: In stamping, what would you consider your strength? Weakness (or less strength? lol.)?

My strength would be finding papers I guess? And weakness would be layouts.


Petraso said...

I think my odd creativty is my strenght.... I can make a card with everything... hiii not always Nice but i Love yoo be a bite crazy!!!

I Cant wait until Nov ..... So excating with boys too the girls..... I noo what i want for chrismas......

Marley said...

Love the cards, very beautifull!!

Love, Marley

L.Nielsen (Lynda) said...

Ohhhh, gift certificates.... well I know what I will be telling everyone that I want for Christmas! LOL

You have some exciting things coming, and I for one, can't wait!

Okay, picking papers is not my thing. Actually I usually dread that part, but I never start to color my image until I have papers picked. I would have to say that Layouts, and stamping would be where my strength is. Coloring is my favorite part, but I think that layout and add ons with stamping seems to be my strength (especially if it's digi) LOL

What a question today - You made me have to think too hard early in the morning! LOL

Lynda =)

pickle said...

Oh I do have a blog.. must have forgot to add the addy.. sorry about that and thanks for picking mycards for todays top crop

Kerry x

Sarah said...

Pickle your cards are gorgeous. A well deserved spot! Sarah (DC) x

Melissa Craig said...

Very pretty cards Pickle.

Mary J said...

You have a beautiful style Pickle!

I consider myself a novice cardmaker and still exploring what my strengths are! I think I'm quite good with colour and composition, less good with coming up with something off the top of my head!

Looking forward to TGF's very near future goodies!

Kim Y. said...

These are beautiful! TGF Gift certificate...that's what I want for xmas! :) I can't wait for the new release!

Oh, does anyone have problem uploading to FFF Sketch 4? I have been trying to upload my card since yesterday morning and still unable to.

Deconstructing Jen said...

Wow! GREAT samples. I love those!!

My definite strength would be coloring. My challenge... probably layouts. I spend forever rearranging pieces of paper to get them to fit the design the way I want them too.

MiamiKel said...

My strength would have to be picking the right papers - I have so much of it, lol! Not so great - coloring the images!

fika said...

My strength is i have lots of idea in my mind (specilly happy and fun card).. while my weaknesses i'm not good in techniques.. (you name it: masking, embossing, reversing, inking, coloring.. etc).

Can't wait to see the new series in store.. :)

Lilian said...

Congratulations Pickle! Those are beautiful cards!

My strength would be my coloring. My weakness, everything else... from layout, color combination to paper matching. I seem to have a ton of paper but don't know how to use them. I color before I choose the papers too.

Alison said...

My strength is def. picking out coordinating colors or papers. I always have people asking me for help with that.