Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top Crop Tuesday

A good Tuesday to you all! Is everyone thrilled about tomorrow? Farmer's Market and new releases all in one day! It's pretty chaotic over here at the farm. Be sure to head on over to the Club Anya blog today to see some more fabulous sneak peeks and also meet a brand new Anya- the first in a set of LIMITED EDITION ANYAS, entitled "Anya: Through the Decades". She will NOT be available after the supply runs out so get yours ASAP before she sells out!

The Club Anya VSN kicks off our release tonight, too! All the fun begins on our Club Anya PCP Group page at 9pm CST. Please bring a snack, a beverage, and your fun stampin' selves...we can't wait to chat it up with you and announce the winners of our FABULOUS VSN Challenges! You still have until TONIGHT at 10:30 PM CST to get your entries into the GALLERIA for judging (Please make sure to enter them in the CLUB ANYA contest section, not the TGF contests. Following the Galleria link above should get you there)! Good luck to all who enter! For a complete list of the challenges that were posted last week, go HERE.

See you all tonight!

Ok so let's meet our Top Crop selection for today! I came across these in the gallery and just love the mixture of colors and patterns! Enjoy!

TOP CROP: Julie aka UKJem

Thanks for dropping by today! Off to the finish errands.

Today's happy action: Skipping
1. To move by hopping on one foot and then the other.
2. To leap lightly about.

Skip once today, whether it's to the kitchen, the bathroom, outside, or to your car. Skipping is a joyous little movement that little kids do when they're happy so let's revisit that in ourselves.

I thought this would be a fun alternative to our daily question. Seriously if skipping doesn't bring a smile to your face I don't know what will. LOL! I was grinning the whole time. Skipping and smiles go hand in hand. C'mon who ever skips with a frown on their face. You can try that too but I'm pretty sure you'll start laughing.


L.Nielsen (Lynda) said...

WOW can these cards possibly get any cuter? Girls you did a FANTASTIC job with them. Oh I so need to get this set.
As for skipping... Yes it sure does make you smile. I do it (almost) every day, because the kids in our gym class are asked to skip. Most of the time I end up skipping right along with them. I love it!
Lynda =)

Melissa Craig said...

Great line-up of cards!

Skip! OMGoodness - yep, no one can skip and keep a frown on their face.

PaperCrafty said...

Wonderful line up!!!

kadie said...

I cannot wait for tonight and tomorrow!!! Woohooooo!

Love Julie's cards! She has an amazing eye for color and paper!

Tracy.H said...

Wow!! These are amazing! :0)

Amy said...

Julie's cards have definately caught my eye more than once in the galleria... she does amazing work!
And I am SO excited for tonight, it's gonna be a blast! :)

Randi said...

Julie's cards are so beautiful!

I'm going to try to make an appearance at CA tonight on my study breaks!!