Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Guest - Angela Knopf

Hi friends! Ok so the answer to yesterday's question is: August 1st! Yes! Our company birthday is right around the corner as well as delightful surprises so keep an eye and ear out for what's to come! Today's guest is Angela! Angela delightfully lives in Colorado as well and besides creating super neat cards, she also comes over a few times a month to graciously help me with the monster packing. =) She is one of the two 'Garden Gnomes' that work hard to pack those rubbers! lol. The other one is Lady-Princess-Guinevere-Inky-Pixie-Dust-Faerie-something. I'll have to come back when I remember the name. In the meantime, enjoy Angela's delightful creations!

Angela Knopf

How long have you been stamping?
I have been stamping about 7 years, but I have been honing my craft for about the past 3.

What's your tool of choice?
Wow! This is a tough one...I think my Copics would be my tool of choice, but my cutterbee scissors come in a close second.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
funny, particular, and ...

If you had a stamp line, what would you call it?
Buttons & Rubbah

What's your favorite TGF stamp?

Wow! What a tough decision! I'm going to have to go with Annika because I LOVE her hair and that she's holding books.

If you were a color, what would you be? Why?

As much as I'd like to think I'd be a pretty Aqua color, realistically I think I'm more like Crimson. It's such a strong color and makes a bold statement.

Descibe your crafting area.

Right now it's pretty basic, but all I need is a flat surface and some friends.

When making cards, what is you favorite colors to use?
Lately I love the look of WHITE, but I also love Chocolate with just about any other color.

Do you listen to music while you stamp?
Yes! I put my iPod on shuffle and get to work.

3 wishes:
An endless supply of Ink, Paper & Rubber, Health and wellness for my family & friends, and a stamp studio large enough for my friends and me.

Today's question is: Was there a specific game in elementary that you dreaded?

Dodgeball. I detest dodgeball.


Kathi and Roxy said...

Oh these are so beautiful. And Marie I didn't get a chance to give you a shout out earlier sooo CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

Elena said...

Angela is an amazing crafter! I enojoyed looking at her beautiful work! Thank you for sharing!

kadie said...

OOOOOOh, Angela! Love your pic--what a cutie! And love your cards!! Esp. the card with HG Peace and Rock the Farm Ian for Dad. SOOOOO awesome. Love your style!!

I dreaded baseball/softball. I can throw and I can catch but I cannot hit!! I was always so afraid to let my team down. :( But on a brighter side...always loved basketball!!

Carisa said...

whoo hoo Angela!!! Love all your cards!

LMAO, Marie, very funny. ;)

I hated anything to do with gym - but in particular softball. I just could not make bat hit ball. LOL

nonapearl said...

Angela, your work is beatiful! It was fun reading about you and seeing your creations!

I detested the days in gym when we had to climp the rope or do pull ups. I have seriously little arm strength. :P

Shaela said...

what beautiful cards!

Jacilynn said...

Congrats Marie on your wedding and gorgeous cards today.

I don't think I dreaded any games, but there definitely was some anxiety associated with "heads up 7 up". I remember just thinking,"someone please pick me." lol

~*Joni said...

Haha! The tribute to Carisa was hilarious! :D
So nice to see Angela's work as she is such a behind the scenes hard worker with all those rubber orders.

I dreaded volleyball. I was always on the shorter side so I was of no use to the sport. And then I'd get the rotation all messed up and serve all girly (underhand) while the others could spike it. lol!

Anonymous said...

Awww...thanks everyone! It truly has been an honor to be Guest Designer for TGF! (The best/coolest stamps in the world.) *giggle

I don't think I dreaded any games in elementary school, I loved them all.


Callie said...

LOVE the cards from Angela! Too cute. Lady-something or other! Hollar Carisa... love yah girl!! hehehe! Wish I lived close enough to come help package up the goodies. What lucky girls!

I'm athletic and loved sports so I guess I don't really have an awnser to this one. I dreaded the first week of basketball practice cause we had to run our guts out. Miserable!

Kim Nath said...

Beautiful, fun, colorful cards and what coloring talent!
Dodgeball of course, I think I still have bruises from that silly game.

Darsana said...

WTG Angela! I love these cards and I am soo happy they are being showcased today! Congrats on the Guest designer spot!

Marie - very funny with the name game - lol!

I didn't "hate" anything specifically, I would just prefer to have the indoor games that did not involve running or anything like the ropes where you had to use upper arm strength. So not good at that! I loved Dodgeball BTW!

Jenny said...

Angela, Your cards are very beautiful!!

:D I share my birthday with TGF!! :D


Randi said...

I adore Angela!!! And, now that I know she's a TGF helper fairy, I adore her even more! ;o) What a sweetie!! How fun would it be to live in Colorado with you all!

Love all the beautiful cards Angela!! And, I feel so priviliged that I own one of them!!! Whoohoo!

I hated Red Rover....I think I broke a few ribs.

Melissa Craig said...

Right there with you Marie - I hated Dodgeball!!!

Angela! Congrats! I love your work.

Kerry said...

WOW! Absolutely love love love Angela's work, they are AMAZING!

Nicole said...

wooo hooo!