Monday, July 13, 2009


Greetings Stamper friends! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! Mine zoomed by faster than lightning. Before I continue, have ye all taken a wee glance at the previews on the Club Anya blog??? If not, ye should! Those stamps will be available this Wednesday the 15th!

I'm not sure if you all know but I will be gone July 18th-29th to visit family and vacationing in Hawaii. So I 'WAS' going to do autopost the Farmer's Market but since Blogger is being a bum not working as it should, we will be having Farmer's Market on the same day as the release (this Wednesday 15th). Yep, you heard it here:

Farmer's Market scheduled for Wednesday July 15th at 12:00am cst!

BIG BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY this Friday 17th! Be there!

Ok so set your calendars. It's gonna be a crazy week! I am going to try to get as much orders mailed as I can before Saturday. I plan to train Ray to process orders this week so he can handle it while I'm gone.

Kinda short today but come back tomorrow for another Top Crop Tuesday. I know we missed a few Tuesdays because of the hectic scheduling. =( Anyway hope your day starts out fresh and bright!

Today's question is: When putting together cards, do you sketch out a layout first or just play it by ear?

I just play by ear. Although I think doing a sketch first would be easier so I'm not just sitting there, thinking of what to do next.


Angie said...

YEA! A release, a farmer's market, FFF, and blog candy all in one week! FUN! Definitely a fun week to look forward to, and since payday is smack dab in the middle... I can SHOP! Woohoo! Well, when I make cards, I try to start with an idea, sometimes it's to use a certain image or DP. I never sketch out my card first, unless I'm following a sketch challenge. I like to wing it! But I do sit there and stare off into space sometimes trying to figure out my next step...

Melissa Craig said...

Uh-oh Farmers Market and new releases... YIPES!

Most times I play it by ear, but I'm really getting into sketches, my own and many others!

Elena said...

So glad that you will visit your family, Marie!
I start with the sketch. But sometimes it just goes in a different way.

Kim Nath said...

I don't sketch things out but I always have something planned in my head long before I actually do it. If I don't it usually turns out disasterous

crafty amy said...

Yippeee!!!! I am so excited about this release they all look so cute and I love the look of the papers and a farmers market on the same day I am not sure I can cope lol :D
When I make a card I tend to make it up as I go along but I dont stick anything down till i have layed it out roughly to make sue it goes togehter ok.

X Amy X

Rachel Hope said...

Unless I am using a specific sketch I just play it by ear...sometimes I end up doing that even if I Am doing a sketch, LOL :)

Can't wait for the new stuff!!!

Amy said...

This is shaping up to be a very exciting week! I can't wait!
Once I have an idea or jumping off point I'm a 'glue and go' kind of girl when making my cards... no sketching it out before hand.

PaperCrafty said...

YIKEES~famers mark & the new release!!! Can't wait! :D

Most times I play it by ear but I have been working with a lot of sketches lately.

Tracey Feeger said...

I normally use a sketch - by it drawn by myself or from someone else. I used to spend so much time on cards b4 sketches that I don't know what I did without them. LOL.

Brandi said...

If I am not using a sketch I play it by ear!

Yea! New releases and Farmers Market!