Friday, June 5, 2009


Finally it's Friday friends! Yanno I really didn't know how exhausting this wedding planning is until recently since the big day is in a month. Man, no wonder there are people who make this planning thing their job. One more month! Just one more month and then freedom!!! lol. Free to stamp and design!

It's a pretty normal day today I guess. The usual. OOOOOH but I am totally in love with the Blk&Wht entries!!!!! OMG! Gorgeous!!!!! Isn't it fun?!!! Amazing how classy and elegant blk&wht makes things. haha.

Here's a tiny lineup today! Have yourselves a safe weekend!

By Kadie

By Faith

By Elena

By Cindy

Today's question is: Since we were talking about copics yesterday... how many do you own?

I think about 60.


Jenn Borjeson said...

Sadly, I only own one stinkin' Copic! I have the entire set of Stampin' Up! markers, so it's hard to justify spending more on Copics. I had to have a flesh-colored one, though, so I caved! hee hee I'm sure I'll buy more slowllllyyyy. :o)

~*Joni said...

Ohhh, look at how cute Kadie's bookmarker is! Snuggle is such a sweetie. I love Elena's H&G card and Cindy's Rescue Ian is hot. ;) I wonder what I need to do to persuade Faith to send me that Song card. ;)

Let's see, my Copic-cabana consists of 54 colors total, but I have doubles of my faves because I still need to learn how to refill those things.

~*Joni said...

btw Marie, all the planning will be so worth it! We're cheering you on to the finish/start line! (End of the planning, beginning of the marriage.) :D Happy Friday~

Tracey Feeger said...

Love all the cards as usual.
I only own 10 Copics ATM. :( Hoping to add to that very soon.

Angie said...

I own about 42 or so. I have a 36 set, and a few extras. But I NEED more! lol! Great lineup again. Kadie's reminded me that I need to make some more bookmarks.

Emily said...

amost 2 case full...I don't want to count...I might scar myself!!!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

OH you are SOOOO dogging me out today! I'm with Emily on the 2 cases. I believe 164 total. That is only b/c I just got the 72B set for a late Mother's Day present :D

Gonna go bury my head in some sand now...anyone got any?

Jodi said...

Very cute line-up ~ I'm really loving the new Hope & Grace stamps.

I have the entire set of 322 Copic Sketch markers (and an extra E00 and 100 because I had bought them in sets along with an extra darker green that was a accidental duplicate in one of the sets and was replaced with the correct green).

BishopsMommie said...

I am up to 22..yay!!! I am building

Kim Nath said...

I have about 45 as of today. however, I took the copic certification class last weekend and found out that I shouldn't have bought a set. So, now I HAVE to immmediately go out and buy a bunch more so that I can actually use the ones I have. what a shame:).

Jacilynn said...

Soo cute! I love the line up. The B&W cards are turning out soooo great! I love em.

I have 30ish Copics and always wanting

MichelleO said...

Love the cards and the bookmark really cute - The black and White entries are really wonderful -

As for copics... ahem.. cough cough.. over 225 .. cough cough...
One day I will have them all bwahahah! :0) (don't tell DH.. )


Martha said...

cute cute cards, I actually only own two copies :)
bad bad me!

Elena said...

Very cute cards today!
I don't have any Copics... :(
Enjoy your weekend, Marie!

maiahs_momma said...

I own 12...sad to say! Have a ton of the Touch markers (exactly like copic markers, but way cheaper and without the name brand on it).


Sparkle said...

Please don't throw rocks at me all...but I own them all.

Good luck with all the wedding stuff. It'll be here before you know it. Are you getting married over 4th of July weekend? Thats my anniversary. :)

Heather said...

I own about 110, the line up today was great!!! Wonderful cards!!!


Missy said...

I just love these images....I wish I could purchase all of your stamps right now...but will make do with the four sets I own right now. ;)

I only started using (read....collecting) Copics about one month ago. Am only new to stamping but just love the look of colouring with Copics. I'm still mastering the blending technique but lots of practice is helping me develop the skill.

To date....I have 49 Copics.....its a tragically serious addiction - I know. However, without now purchasing online - I have one of every colour that my local stockists have, so that might end it all for now.

I also have 11 Stampin Up markers.

MicheyMoo xxx

Darsana said...

Good luck with the wedding. Time will fly by and you will wonder where it went. I only own 4 Copics right now - the skin tones and Cool Grey.