Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Showcase

Good day y'all! After much brawling, the shop server and galleria is back up and working! =) Thank you all so much for your patience. I am totally loving all the entries for the No Layers challenge! Keep them coming!!! Tomorrow evening is the deadline for challenge. Thursday is Farmer's Market. Friday is another spectacular challenge. We need a name for our weekly challenges... something like Farmtastic Fridays or something. LOL.

Here's a nice showcase of the new sets that came out yesterday! =) The Oh Baby set turned out super adorable!!!

By Elena

By Kadie

By Cindy

By Melyssa

Have a great one!

Today's question is: Name our Friday Challenges.

I need help in the naming. Let me hear what your thoughts are. If we choose your idea, I'll send you the new Wild Sprout Edward stamp.


montygonza said...

I know I know

Farmer M.A.C Fridays!

M.A.C stands for Marie's Awesome Challenges.

Everyone is so talented I am just lov'n those little tots.

Angie said...

Our Friday Crops! You know, a crop like on a farm, or a crop like when people get together to make papercrafts! FRIDAY CROPs! Or FCC, Friday Crop Challenges.

Tracey Feeger said...

Field Fridays. That is all I could come up with.

Nunt said...

Oh, I'm in so much love with that tooth fairy box! What a shame all mine are permanent already ;P

Would it work with wisdom teeth?


Pöydän kulmalla näpertelijä said...

Farm Out Friday or Farmhand Friday, because we're helping you to harvest a fabulous crop of cards made with your splendid stamps.

Gosh, this was a difficult question for someone whose mother tongue is not English :-)

Mary(OhioMary) said...

What adorable cards! Really love the stitched flower petals by Kadie and Oh my word that tooth fairy box is just the cutest. All the cards are great.

I like the Farmer M.A.C. Friday suggestion.

Cindy Haffner said...

I love all the samples, what fun.
--Farmer Friday!!!

ivy said...

fun farm fridays!

Sarah-Jane said...

Love the tooth fairy box, such a sweet idea! As for the name ??? How about Fab Farmers Challenge! or Friday Farmers Challenge! or Fab Friday Challenge! (All F.F.C.)
Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

Elena said...

Love Angie's idea! Friday Crop Challenge!
Love today's awesome cards!!!

kadie said...

There are so many possibilities for the Oh Baby set!! Too cute!

Fun on the Farm Fridays---is that too much of a mouthful?

I also like Angie's idea about Friday Crop or Harvest. :)

Amy said...

More awesome cards from the DT, love them!

Here's my suggestion:

Farm Fresh Fridays

Where you'll find a fresh new challenge every week!


Shaela said...

these are all gorgeous! an oh my... i am in LOVE with that tooth box!!

SMK said...

Love all the awesome inspiration! So talented :D
I like the Farmhand Friday idea :) Here are just some other farm-related phrases/ideas...
- Down on the Farm
- The Friday Hoedown/Roundup/Stampede
- Farmyard Friday
- Friday Hoedown Showdown

... I'm just throwing things out there, hehe.

jen said...

I like the idea of "farm" and "crop" together....

What about about:

The "Crop" Report

Weekly Harvest on the Farm

Fresh from the Farm

Barnyard Banter

Barn Dances (as in dancing the and moving the pieces of paper around to create the sketch or color challange)

Just some thoughts, I am sure more will come to me when I am not thinking so hard

JB said...

Very beautiful cards and box !!


Anna Banana said...

How about:
Farmer's Market
The Greeting Farmer's Market
Friday Farmer's Market

... you can always find something fantastic at a Farmer's Market. Everything is so different and people always bring their Best...

Oh ... What about:
Cream of the Crop Challenge
Seeds of Creativity
Field of Dreamers (Ok, that's corny...but kind of cute too!?!)

Anna Banana

Anna Banana said...

Ok - So I wasn't paying a lot of attention and I missed that you already have a "farmer's market" on Thursdays ... sigh - sometimes i need to slow down and digest everything i read before i let my imagination get away with me!!

I thought of another one tho -
What about a "Barn Raising" challenge

crafty amy said...

Oh my gosh these cards are just too cute! Well done again ladies.
As for the challenge how about
One day on the farm......

as then you can run on to explain any challenge.

X Amy X

Margie said...

Gorgeous cards!!!

So many awesome suggestions!

How 'bout...

The Clodhopper's Challenges
Hoe the Farm Challenges
Farmer Sprigs Challenges

BishopsMommie said...

how about :
friday challenge down on the Farm,
Getting down on the Farm Fridays,
Rubbah bout Fridays, Creativness Farm Fridays,Friday Rodeo Round-up, weekly round-up @ the Farm..rubbah round-up, I dont know..now I will be thinking all day ..probably be back later.. I love these kinds of things and since its for Edward ..I will really be thinking...hmmmmmmmmmm

Naoual said...

I kinda like Farmtastic Fridays, it's catchy, I think you should go with that.

And how about:

Farmazing Fridays,
Farmtastical Fridays,
Farmical Inspiring Fridays,
Inspiring Fridays,
Inspirational Fridays,
Splendid Fridays at the Farm,
Splendid Friday Challenge,
Splendid Farmers Fridays,
Splendid Farmers Challenge,

Ok.. that's all I have for now, hopefully I will come up with something better, lol. I NEEd that Edward stamps, it's sooo cute!!

Hugs, Naoual

Renie's World said...

How about Fridays Crop Challenges....or just calling it a crop challenge (since we use varous stamps from your crop) that way if you change the day, we still know what your talking about.

Renie's World said...

OR the Farmers Challenge

Erin said...

Farm Aid Friday - "Aiding all us farmers with a field full of inspiration"

Anonymous said...

What the shuck?
just kidding...
Fresh Picked!

tmcc4 said...

1.Housework last, challenge first!..
2.Get Off Your Butt! Challenge Time...
3.Talent Show Friday
4.Live, Stamp and Do A Friday Challenge
Love all the cards you showcased..awesome..

Tasha said...

Friday Fun at the Farm

Funky Friday Fun

Friday funny farm lol

love tasha xx

Kerry said...

Great lineup!!


Jennifer said...

oh that is a good one I like Pöydän kulmalla näpertelijä's idea "Farmhand Fridays".

Hmm how about

Field Day Friday
Fridays Farm Feast
Frisky Farmer Friday
Farm Fricassee Friday
Farm Fanatic Friday
Friday Farm Frenzie...

Would love to get Edward... thanks for the opportunity.

Pöydän kulmalla näpertelijä said...

I came up with two more since you also have gardeners:
Garden Party Friday
Friday Gardening Exhibition

Lisa McDowell said...

The Greeting Farm Fair...


Risa said...

I'm new to this blog and I'm clueless to the question. But, I'm not one to walk away from a fun challenge...I'm going to say your Friday challenge has something to do with gardens!
Anywhoo...I stopped by to say that your DT rocks! All of the cards are very pretty and inspiring!

Kristyn said...

Friday Fields of Fun or just .... Fields of Fun

Fieldful of Challenges

Crops, plots & Challenges

Tool Time Challenge

Framework Fridays

Farm Work Fridays

Angie said...

I had another idea! The Friday Farm Stand. Since some farms have stands to show off their crops (and sell them) we can have one too!

jen said...

What about:

Combine-ing Fun!

Funny Farm (as I am sure that has more than one meaning for all of us!)

Where the Rubber hit the Road

Utterly- Amazing Challenges

What CUD you do?

Hens Forth and So On...

joni h said...

I may be too late to enter, but, how about: Spectacular Showcase or Splendiferous Showcase.

MacKenzie said...

How about "Fruitful Fridays"??