Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top Crop Tuesday

Greetings fellow stampers! So last night as I was browsing through our gallery of vast talents, I decided that I wanted to dedicate a day in the week to showcase one of the many fabulous designers out there! And so 'Top Crop Tuesday' was born! Every Tuesday I will select one member from the gallery to showcase their work!

Today's top selection is Beatrix, aka megastamper. I love Beatrix's usage of texture and layers. She has a very appealing shabby chic feel to her beautiful cards. Enjoy!

TOP CROP: Beatrix (megastamper)

Today's question is:
What was the most memorable thing about your wedding?

We will see... lol.


Mary said...

Most memorable was my hubby telling his side of the family not to eat before attending the noon wedding cause there was a ton of food at the reception. What he didn't grasp was that it was a an afternoon reception and we only had hor-douerves (sp?) planned!! So by the time we got to the reception, people were already pigging out on veggies, cocktail weinies and such cause they were starvin! We kept ordering more and more food just to keep the crowd happy!

kadie said...

Beautiful cards!!

The most memorable thing about my wedding...besides the most exciting one of getting to marry my Sweetie! After the bridesmaids went down the aisle, the doors closed (hiding me) and we had two little bell ringers walk. I was behind the doors and couldn't see them. It was quiet except for the bells and then there was a bell crash and a second later a cry of "mommy" from one of our sweet bell ringers...she had turned around to make sure her bell partner was doing okay and then she tripped on her dress and fell down...poor cutie.

~*Joni said...

What a neat idea to feature a gallery member! I agree, Beatrix has a very pretty and unique style. Love the shabby chic of her cards - I always love how people put layers and embellishments like that together. Thank you for introducing us to a new favorite!

There were so many memorable (many of them comical!) moments in our wedding, but walking down the aisle with my dad was really special. ;)

Erin said...

Most memorable, getting in a fight with the minister when he rolled my dress up in a ball on the hanger.

Jacilynn said...

i love Bea's work. She is so talented.

Unfortunately I remember all the mishaps. Like my photographer not showing up. I tear up, still thinking about it.

Lindsay said...

oh thats a hard question as honestly in we look back and everything really did go pretty perfect. there were a few hickups.
but a few things that stick out in my mind one being my hubby crying by the time i got to the alter and as we left the church, the photographer being a slow pain in the butt and his wife always being in the way! my drunken uncle causing all sorts of drama, everyone saying how amazing the food was! and loving the music saying it was teh most fun they have ever had at a wedding! and then ,my husband being drunk as a skunk by the end of the night lol ok it may not sound perfcet but despite the silly little problems it was fun the food was super yummy, everyone had a blast there was a ton of alcohol andit was just perfect because it was beautiful and we had fun and it was ours

Maureen said...

Great cards and what a fun idea!

Most memorable was that the photographer's camera flash wasn't working right (but he didn't know it at the time) so all of our indoor pictures were ruined. Luckily we paid extra for outdoor shots and they came out ok (but not suitable for enlargements). If he had used a digital camera, he would've known right away. Oh well....

Michelle said...

Stunning cards.

The most memorable thing about my wedding was me giggling all the way through while saying my vows. All my friends laughed as all they saw was my shoulders bobbing up and down. I did think I was gonna get thrown out for not taking it seriously. Well eight years and two kiddie winks later I must have taken something seriously. It was a fantastic day would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Pöydän kulmalla näpertelijä said...

As my dad started to walk me down the aisle, he said I smelled of garlic. That made me laugh and relax and even though my hubby hates it when I taste like garlic, I still got my kiss at the altar.

I had a winter wedding in February and had bought white winter boots especially. There was a short walk from the lovely medieval stone church to the vicarage where we had the wedding breakfast and because instead of snow it had been raining (?!?!?) the stiletto heels of my boots sunk to the wet sand on the path to the vicarage and I had to tiptoe the whole way.

Beforehand I had decided I didn't want any fuss and therefore had a fun wedding day. I didn't even notice that the silk thread that was keeping my dress together had snapped and the seam of the dress had come undone over my right breast. Of course it revealed nothing because the dress had a lining, but choosing the pics for the wedding album was a bit of challenge because I only wanted pics where you couldn't see the tear.

All and all I'm happy that I have no regrets because I wanted to keep the wedding short and simple and my parents especially wanted me to have everything and they were sure that I would regret later for not having a traditional wedding with all the frills.

Sparkle said...

I have three little cousins that are about 8 years old. They out danced all of my friends, lol. Everyone has their own moments that they remember, but the one thing that everyone still talks about are the cute little girls that danced the night away, lol.

I did a tradition white dress for the ceremony and then my Hmong and Chinese clothes for the reception. Many commented on my attire changes. :)

Carisa said...

oh wow, i love that style! Great selection!!!

haha, there were LOTS of memorable things from the big day, but i think the MOST was when the limo couldn't come back to get us after we got done taking pics. the museum had already locked up the gates so we hitched a ride on a golf cart. image yards of silky princess gown material hanging off the side of a golf cart as we rode to the front of the museum where our limo awaited while the groom stood on the back. lol

Angie said...

Wow, I love Beatrix's work! And I love your idea of Top Crop Tuesdays, and I'm looking forward to them! So, I guess the most memorable thing about my wedding (well, marriage ceremony since I didn't actually have a wedding) is that my hubby cried. I held it together but he didn't! LOL!

L.Nielsen (Lynda) said...

Oh my, Beatrix's cards are just gorgeous! I love your idea to showcase certain crafters beautiful works. =)

Probably the most memorable thing about my wedding, other than the obvious would have to be when my mothers little dog fell into the water. Okay, my mother has a little white fluffy Shitzoo who goes EVERYWHERE with her. Considering my mother had driven 2 hours to be at my wedding, her dog of course came along. Not wanting to leave her dog inside the car in the middle of August, she tied her dog up just outside her car.

Our wedding was an outside wedding, in a gazebo on a little island in the middle of a large pond. Thankfully the ceremony was over, and it was time for pictures when all of the sudden a little white fluff ball was swimming away in the pond. My mother was beside herself at this wet rat that he fluff ball had become. Apparently the dog had found a way to break loose from her leash. It was actually quite comical, but had that happened during the ceremony I most likely would have been furious! LOL

Anjou Krelovich said...

Beautiful cards by Beatrix! Thanks for highlighting this wonderful talent!

For my wedding, we eloped to Disney World! One of my favorite memories was walking through the resort and all the little girls saying "look mommy, a princess!" and it did make me feel like a princess. Shouldn't every bride feel that way?

Tasha said...

Wow these super cards are stunning! Out of this world. I think top crop tuesday is a fab idea as we get to see how others have used the stamps and dont always have time to look through the gallery.

Im not married but the last wedding i did attend the father of the brides bit on the side arrived at the reception and a brawl occured between mother of the bride and the 'other women' it was so scandalous and a total hoot - not great for my friend Anna whos wedding day it no doubt ruined.
love tasha xx

jen said...

when the minister, who was a family friend, turned to my soon to be hubby, flashed a piece of paper stating: "Are you SURE about this?"

Everyone thought it was the 11 mo flower girl who did somethign as the entire bridal party was laughing.

Kerry said...

Beautiful set of cards, WOW!

Most memorable moments... Since I got married in Aruba. I have to say the SUNSET!!!

Randi said...

I am a huge Bea fan!! Her cards are works of art!!

We got married on 4th of July in Hawaii, so we had a Hawaiian sunset and fireworks!!

megastamper said...

oh marie, thank you sooo much you picked me for the first part of your new crop. i´m so excited and happy. it is pure fun to work with your cute images.

my memorial think from our wedding is that my dear grandmother could alive this because a half year later she was dead. she was the my dearest person of me.

lots of love and thanks again.

Anonymous said...

My most memorable memory is probably not very exciting to most but it was when my husband starting crying during the vows. I already knew he was the guy that was just the seal. Life has been great with him! Besides the other memories of getting married under the palm trees, on the beach, with just 4 guest - I loved it!

Plus I just love bea's style and her coloring - buuuuuttteeeeeful!

Nixe07 said...

Wow all the cards from Bea are gorgeous and so wonderful, she really is so very talented!