Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Winners

Hello! Ha! I'm glad everyone enjoyed yesterday's little song challenge. We had a lot of answers! So here's the correct answer:

Song: Another One Bites the Dust
Band: Queen

And another one _gone_, and another one _gone_,
Another one _bites_ the _dust_!

Isn't that a catchy song?! It was in my head all day. It took me awhile to shuffle through the emails for the 15th correct answer because there were many that forgot to list the song title or the band name and I needed all three. So our lucky 15th winner of Edward is...........
Denise January

Denise, send me your address and I'll ship you Edward! I thought this was a fun game that perhaps we'll do again soon. =) Thanks to all of those who participated.

And now onto our winner for the '3 Stamps Challenge'. The goal of this challenge was to use at least 3 TGF stamps on your card, whether they are from the same set or different sets. I loved seeing the creativity that you all put into this challenge! I saw a lot of cards that had stamps that I would have never thought of to use together! So I hope this challenge gave you a chance to really mix and match! =) This week's challenge winner is:


In this card, Dawn used 3 stamps from the Hero set and Angel Anya! Pick out your stamps and email me Dawn!

I hope you are all enjoying these challenges as much as I am! =) Return tomorrow for a spot-acular challenge for our Farm Fresh Friday!

Today's question is: Describe your prom dress.

LOL. Mine was very simple. It was black and sleeveless with a shawl thingie. Now that I think of it, kinda looked like I was going to a funeral.


Moni said...

My was simple, cherry red dress with split on the front! Hugs, Moni

Mrs Weyremaster said...

Congratulations Dawn, your card was glorious a very worthy winner :)

As for my prom dress, i didn't have one, as we didn't have proms here in the UK when i was at school. They did start them a couple of years after i left tho, so i guess i was just too old, lol.

Enjoy the rest of your day

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Love this card!!!! What a fantastic idea!

I actually wore my mom's wedding dress to my prom. It was a strapless style that was really "in" at the time. needless to say, no other girl had the same dress!

kadie said...

Dawn, that card is PRECIOUS!! Oh I love it soooo much!!

Congrats, Denise on winning Edward!! Wahooo!

My prom dress was pretty plain. A navy blue dress and then it had a cute cardigan-type top with stitched flowers. 1996!

PaperCrafty said...

Congratulations Dawn!!!

As for my Prom Dress it was a Bright Blue with lots of frills and I wore super high black pumps. What was I thinking??? I just so happen saw a pic of it over my IL's last weekend. DH and I started dating in high school so I can't hide from some of those embarrassing pics.

Tracey Cuccia said...

WOW!! Love that card!! Congrats to the winners!!! :)

My dress was a purplish blue (damask like fabric) floor length gown, spaghetti straps...a size 5 (ahhhhh to be that thin again!)

Angie said...

AH! I think I said "down" instead of "gone" Oh well! And Congrats to DAWN! I loved that card when I saw it in the gallery. Just finished the CA challenge so now I'm looking forward to tomorrow Farm Fresh Challenge! I didn't go to my prom. BECAUSE OF MY DRESS!!! LOL! I was preggo and none of the dresses in 1998 seemed to fit a prego highschooler, so I said "FORGET IT, I'M NOT GOING!!!" Seriously, I yelled that cuz I was hormonal! LOL! Kinda sad I missed out on it, but we have military balls now that I can get dressed up for, and no belly to contend with! LOL!

Lindsay said...

lol which on he hee hee
my junior year I went to 2 proms and I wore the same dress to both it was a beautiful pale blue dress with 1/2 wide straps it had a felted sheer floral overlay over the blue and a peek a boo line of crystals under the bust it was very cinderella so I got white gloves and my dad got me a small tiara to go with it.

My senior year was custom designed by me! (made by someone else ) it was spagetti straped very low cut in the back the straps then criss crossed down the opening. it was mermaid cut with a train it was pale pink and had white boa trim at the top in most pics where you only see the top it looked kinda like a ply boy bunny leotard lol

my freshman year of college I got to go again! this time was custom designed and made by me! i finally learned how to sew! and I was completely inspired by peacock feathers!!! before they hit the stores. anyways i custome ordered peacock earings online. anyways the dress was made using a royal blue satin and a metalic fabric that shimmered teal green and blue as it moved and was sheer. it was halter with the metalic overlaying the bust. the back was low cut as well no straps this time. the body of the dress was a mermaid cut with a slight train in teh blue satin, then attached at the bottom of the low back was a detatched train in the metalic fabric that flowed out. there were peacock feathers on the dress as well right under the bust. ok sorry for the long details lol but they werent your standard dressed lol

Jen said...

Mine was dusty pink, off the shoulder straps with the biggest bows on the straps, then a drop waist diagonal, full skirt with a lace overlay. Yes it was the 80's! lol
ps- I still have it.

~*Joni said...

Yay Dawn! I loved that card in the gallery, very sweetly done in honor of our troops. And congrats to the song winner, what a fun contest. :D

My prom dress was - what else? - a soft shade of orange and white. My aunt made it for me so it was an original. And now that I think about it, I looked like a scoop of sherbet.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Congrats Dawn! Super cute use of the stamps!

My prom dress OMG. I had two-one was long and black very classic looking the other was like bright purple ick what was I thinking... I actually wore the black one twice b/c I loved it so much...nowadays NO ONE does that LOL!!!

Nancy said...

Yay, Dawn!!! What a great card!!

Kim Nath said...

That song is totally my era so it actually brought back happy memories for me. Love the winning card so sweet! I designed and made my gown because my friends and I were into gone with the wind. Not exactly easy to find that type of gown ready made. It was a pink silk concoction with a hoop skirt.

Shaela said...

congrats to the winners!

Margie said...

Congrats, Dawn! Beautiful and heartfelt card! :)

My prom dress was off the shoulder white lace top with an attached mid-calf skirt in an aquamarine color! I loved that dress, until my date said that it kind of reminded him of a mermaid! LOL!

Denise said...

Woot! Woot! I'm so excited that I won Edward!!

My prom dress was black. I don't remember much about the dress itself... what I remember is that my hair was a TOTAL DISASTER!

Amy said...

Congratulations Dawn, beautiful card!

My prom dress was black too... year's later it was repurposed by the little ones into a fancy witch Halloween costume... ;)

Dawn said...

thank you everyone! I am so happy to win... i NEEDED a little good news!

My prom dress was rented!!!and it was royal blue... I looked like a royal blue NIGHTMARE with my matching eyeshadow,all the way up to my eyebrows!!! YIKEs!!!

Carisa said...

what a great card! i love it.

thanks, now i've got that song in my head! lol

my prom dress was long, black, full of silver beads, spaghetti straps. i wore black gloves with it for part of the night i think. lol the dress was really pretty, at least i thought so at the time.

joey said...

Congrats Dawn, this is a fantastic card. xxx

Randi said...

Congrats Dawn!! Great card! Brilliant use of stamps.

My prom dress looked like something off of Dancing with the Stars. It was magenta, off the shoulder, short, but with a swooping angled ruffle skirt. Um, ya, it was the 90's.

Lisha said...

Mine was mint green sleeveless and mind you I was very flat chest. I had off white long lace gloves and you couldn't tell me I was fine:)

Jenn Borjeson said...

That card is precious - I'm glad that she won! :o)

My prom dress - well, I went to 3 proms. My favorite dress was my senior prom - I worked and saved up my money and had my dress hand-made for me, it was a deep blue with black lace over it, sleeveless, kind of like a mermaid style... it was gorgeous! :o)