Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ready for Tomorrow?

Hello hello! Wow what a busy week! Before I start rambling... I'm sad to say that today is our Spring Gardeners' last day. They have done a beautifully amazing harvest while they were here and I know that we have all enjoyed their wondrous creations. They have definitely left their footprints on the farm. =) So let's give them well wishes and cheers! Thanks Kadie, Cindy, Maria, Tammy, Randi, and Melyssa!!!

I am also sad to announce that today is Faith's last day on the farm as well. Faith has been with us since the beginning so it is very very sad news to me and a lot of you too. But let's wish her well too and let her know that she still has friends at the farm!!! Thanks Faith!


Well, our FIRST EVER release Blog Hop is tomorrow and starts here on the TGF Blog! Jessica from Club Anya will be coordinating our releases because we know how awesome she is with the Club Anya releases.

We will show you all the new releases in full here tomorrow and then send you on your way through our "Flyin' with the Farm" Blog Hop!

The DT has tons of cute new stuff to show you, plus there are MANY prizes to be won during tomorrow's event, which all starts here at 9AM CST! You have all day to play, leave comments for prizes, etc. so no matter where you are "Flyin" from, please join us! ALL PRIZE DRAWINGS will remain open until tomorrow night, Wed. July 1st at 11:59PM CST. Winners will be announced here on the TGF Blog on Thursday :) Good luck to all who enter!

Be sure to stop by Jessica's blog today, too, for another chance to win the Butterfly Wishes set, which is also going to included in tomorrow's GRAND PRIZE.

How will the hop work?

Tomorrow we will kick things off at 9AM CST and show you the official schedule/order of the Blog Hop featuring our FABULOUS FARMERS and our BRAND NEW CROP of Summer Gardeners!

You will need to collect some clues during tomorrow's Blog Hop to find enough letters and unscramble a word during the event. The people who guess correctly and email Jessica at yeahshestamps@gmail.com with their answer will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing which will close tomorrow evening at 11:59pm CST.

Whew! It's going to be a FANTASTIC Day of FLYING and FUN! See you tomorrow where the fun begins!!!

Here's a few cards to hold you over until tomorrow's fun begins. ahahaha.

By Tammy

By Faith

By Cheryl

By Kadie

By Maria

By Cindy

Today's question is: Name something on your list that you never get to.

Mine is usually anything dealing with exercise. haha.


Mary(OhioMary) said...

The Spring Gardeners have been a great inspiration as well as the Farmers. Faith I wish you well, your cards are amazing. I'll definitely still be looking to all these girls for inspiration. Great Job Girls!

Hmmm...exercise definitely. Organizing the basement would be nice too.

Tammy said...

Great line up today. I'm so sad to see Faith leaving and the Spring Gardners. Everyone has done a fantastic job. I really look forawrd to the Summer Gardners! I've been checking them out and they are a fantastic group.

I can't wait to see what these ladies create!

kadie said...

Faith!! Oh, you will be missed SO much. You will continue to be a huge source of inspiration though and very much loved!! Best Wishes!

Thank you All for the great encouragement and fun during my time as a Gardener!! Marie and Jess, you are THE best! Melyssa, Tammy, Randi, Maria, Cindy, and Farmer Elena---thanks for inspiring and encouraging me! I soooo look forward to our continued friendships! Best Wishes!

Sandra MacLean said...

:( I've so enjoyed the Spring Gardener's work over the past few months! No doubt I'll be keeping tabs on them one way or another. Can't wait to see the new Summer Gardener's work too! Faith does amazing things with her cards, and I wish her the best for the future. Marie, what time do the new stamps go on sale?? Just want to make sure I get mine! LOL

nonapearl said...

So excited for tomorrow! YIPPEE!!! Might need to find a baby sitter so I can play the whole day. hehe.

I never seem to get to updating my etsy site. It's always on my to do list, but it just never happens. sigh.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Um, I'm gonna say exercise is right up there on my list, too LOL...

BEAUTIFUL lineup of cards today everyone! Sad to see Faith go but will enjoy visiting her blog still :)

To the Spring Gardeners-you have DEFINITELY left footprints on the farm-you were all awesome and will be missed, but we won't go too far-I'll still be by to visit and I'm sure a lot of us will!

To the new team-WELCOME! It's alot of fun at the farm :) Can't wait for tomorrow! Its gonna be a good time!

Margie said...

Gorgeous cards, ladies!!! Thank you to all the Spring Garners and Faith for all the amazing and inspiring creations!
You will be missed!!!

As icky as I am feeling right now, I am sooo looking forward to tomorrow's Hop :) I'll be there with 2 boxes of tissues ;)

hmmm, other than scrapping, I never get to pamper myself; I really need to treat myself to a mani/pedi ;) lol!

WickedPixie said...

I am so sad that Faith is leaving! She is how I discovered The Greeting Farm (Pink Poison, then!) Hers was only the second blog I ever visited because I couldn't resist seeing more of her fabulous work, and then I had to track down the makers of the awesome Mermaid and Rockstar Anya's! Until then I had only really been exposed to a certain home based stamping company, and she really opened my stamping world! :-) Traci

L.Nielsen (Lynda) said...

wowee, a blog hop... I just love them. I will be home for part of the day so I can play a little! =)
Sad to see Faith leave, and the spring gardeners too. You all have always been such an inspiration for me. I love your work. Will still be "Stalking" your blogs though! =)

Those cards today are the ultimate inspiration. I have to say I am in Love with them all...especially with the decorated tin with Dress me Anya and all her outfits. How creative is that?

What don't I get to on my list... Working out on my Wii Fit like I should. There aren't enough hours in the day this time of year.

See you all tomorrow! Can't wait!
Lynda =)

~*Joni said...

Ohhhh...this is so bittersweet. While I am so excited for the Summer Gardeners, I have such close Spring Gardener friends! We will miss you Faith, but you are unforgettable with your wonderufl creations. You all have RTF, the lineup was like the last stage walk for Miss America as she relinquishes her crown. lol! The blog hop sounds fun! Can't wait to see what's up the Farmers' sleeves. ;)

I can never seem to get to the Post Office. I really wish it was like the good old days when you could just drop any big package in the blue bin and call it a day...

Angie said...

OMGoodness, so much to digest in just one post! I am going to miss seeing regular TGF cards from Kadie, Cindy, Maria, Tammy, Randi and Melyssa! And Faith Too! Speaking of Faith, WOW, fantastic project with the dress up Anya! I have had that idea in my head for awhile now but I don't have all the wardrobe sets so I haven't done it! And I didn't think of putting them in a tin like that, brilliant! I think I'm gonna have to get the wardrobes now that I have this inspiration. I'm so excited for the hop tomorrow. I am so glad that it starts in the am and lasts all day since I'm on the other side of the world! Woohoo!

Angie said...

I forgot to answer the question! Well, laundry and dishes are ALWAYS on my list but rarely get completed before I go to bed... oh well.

crafty amy said...

I want to say a massive thank you to the spring gardeners they have all been so amazing and inspirational. I can't wait to see what the summer gardeners will do and with all the new things you hinted at I am getting mega excited lol.
I never get round to tidying my craft room properly as I normally find something and get to inspired and so stop to start crafting again :)

X Amy X

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Sounds like fun! I will be there, for sure.

Question, though: when did you put out a call for Summer Gardners? I can't believe I missed that annoucement.


Kerry said...

BIG thank you for Faith and the Spring gardeners DT, you gals totally rock the farm!

I can't wait until tomorrow, unfortunately I have to work all day, but I'll home asap. Hehe!

Chrissy's Creations said...

Love the DT's work! Faith's project was oh so cute! Probably the one thing I can't seem to get to Or back into is gardening. I used to do a lot of it and now I just don't seem to have the time. Maybe I feel guilty for not having a green thumb and accidentally killing every thing I plant.