Friday, June 12, 2009

No Layers Challenge!

Yayyyy Friday!!! Hello friends. Hope today is dry for you. We've been getting a bit of shower over here in Colorado. Yesterday it was kinda humid and then it started raining. Everyone thought there was going to be a tornado. But then around 4 o'clock it was sunny again. Strange.

Before we continue onto today's challenge, my gallery is acting up again and something is wrong with all the photo data. It's gonna be another exciting day figuring that out so don't fret. I'll get up fixed asap.
Ok! Anyway, today's challenge is called the 'No Layers Challenge'.

Rules: Ok simple rules here: No Layering! Basically looking for just one cardstock, folded. But you may use ribbons and embellishments. If you find this extremely impossible, I will allow you to do one layer if you decide to paper piece. But that's it! Please post your entry in the Galleria under Contests/Challenges/No Layers.

Wednesday, June 17th

Prize: Your choice of 3 stamp sets!

Here are some samples by our talented DT to get your mojo flowing!

By Randi - wonderful!

By Melyssa - this gorgeous one has an extra layer of flowers.

By Maria - Wow usage of embellishments created a layered look but qualifies!

By Kadie - spectacular!!!

By Cindy - so cute!!!

By Elena - Beautiful!

I hope you have fun with this challenge! It will be awesome to see what you all come up with!

Today's question is: How do you store your TGF stamps?

I think I may have asked this question before but I'm asking again so I can update my FAQs section. =)


Tasha said...

Hey fab challenge and awesome DT cards.
I store my TGF stamps in the packaging they come in in there own drawer - that way i know exactly where the stamps are etc
love tasha xx

Nunt said...

Oh crikey, and I though b&w was hard! This will be interesting :D

~*Joni said...

Omword, Just when I thought bwg was hard enough. But look at the fabulous inspiration by the DT! I love the Friday lineup, and the prize is just amazing for this challenge! Good luck with the gallery Marie, hope it behaves for you. :(

My TGF stamps have their own photo box. It's hard to describe but here's a link:

Happy Friday everyone!

Pascale said...

Wow outstanding DT cards and a very exciting challenge. I love this question as I have just filed all my stamps on acetate in an A4 ringbinder. Off to ponder the challenge!
Hugs Pascale

crafty amy said...

Yay another challenge and what a hallenge it is! Great DT cards though to get inspired by.
I store mine kind of like Joni in a box.

X Amy X

Angie said...

3 STAMP SETS??? Oh my good-golly, miss-molly! I will get right on this challenge! I actually have something in mind... I hope it works! And I store my stamps on laminated index cards in a photo box, but like Joni! She gave me the idea ;)

Mary(OhioMary) said...

Oh my! What a challenge and the DT did a fabulous job with it.

I store my TGF stamps in a 3" D ring binder and place them on sturdy plastic index dividers all found at Staples.

Carisa said...

What a challenge Marie! I love it, and I love CAS cards. Those are some awesome cards by the DT - my creative mojo is coming back, I can feel it!!! lol

I store my TGF stamps in a binder with cling sheets. I like it but I'm hoping to switch over to the cd tins eventually. I think it will be easier plus I can sort them by set rather than have just a hodgepodge of stamps on a sheet.

kadie said...

Wow! It's amazing how different all the one layer cards are. I love it!

I store my TGF stamps in their original packaging in a box that's just the same length as the stamp sets. Then i just thumb through them to see which one I want to play with :) The box is getting smaller and smaller though!

Amy said...

Oh my, this is quite the challenge!

I store my stamps in a binder with cling sheets too. :)

WickedPixie said...

Fantastic cards! That one layer thing is such a struggle for me - I hope I can make time later today to stamp! I am in awe of what this fab DT team has come up with!

I store my TFG stamps in empty CD cases (on laminated cardstock). The CD cases are titled and numbered. I also stamp the images onto typing paper that is labeled with he same number as the CD and keep the papers in a 3 ring binder so I can look through my images easily when deciding what I want to stamp! ( Istore my sewing patterns basically the same way and it really works for me!) :-) Traci

jennruggeri75 said...

OOOOO!! I really love these cards! Great inspiration DT!!

jen said...

nice cards, and i am SOO into this swap-- i love the no/single layer look!

Cheryl said...

Just found your challenge blog :) Great DT cards !!

You can find my card for the challenge this week here

I store my stamps in cd cases..easy to stack and store :)

Thanks for looking,

Maureen said...

Great challenge! I'm already planning my card!

I just did a post on how I store my TGF stamps:

Anjou Krelovich said...

Oooh, this will be fun. Just great DT samples (yet again!).

I store my Greeting Farm sets in the original envelops in a drawer, but here's what I do with my individual anya's and ians!

Tracey Feeger said...

What a great challenge. I missed last weeks so will definately be in this one. Hope the Gallery is fixed soon. I will put a link on here if it is not fixed though. Not yet. LOL.

I store my TGF stamps in an air tight storage container.

Elena said...

Thank you for the great challenge, Marie!
I store my stamps in the package they come and some of the them in the plastic container.

Tasha said...

Hey there ive done my card but the Gallery is down so i thought id link it up here

here is my no layers entry
love tasha xx

jennruggeri75 said...

I store my TGF stamps in the plastic they come in and in a container all their own. I am linking my submission to the challenge- it was lots of fun to do!!

Jacilynn said...

Hiya, I can't upload my pics to this gallery or my members gallery.

Cheryl said...

wow these are great cards from the DT I have just come accross your blog what an interseting challenge I may have to just try and give this one a go lots love cheryl I store my TGF stamps in a folder I have got sheets with pockets in so each stamp is stored in its own and easy to find and take out.
at the front of the folder I have stamped all the images for easy reference.
love cheryl xx

Nunt said...

Gallery's being naughty and giving me an error when trying to upload my card :/ I upped it to my blog instead.


Pöydän kulmalla näpertelijä said...

Since the gallery is not working, I'm posting my entry here.

In my card Fairy Tink is fluttering around a field filled with delicate pink flowers. Since it's quite early in the day she still has dew drops in her wings.

Tracey Feeger said...

Here is my card for the challenge - seeing the Galleria is down.

suemon said...

What gorgeous cards the DT an the entries are.
Here's my entry

Margie said...

This was hard! ;)
Thanks for the challenge!
Here's my Matey!

LORi said...

I am so excited to enter my very first Greeting Farm Challenge!! It's on my blog, but I will keep a check of the gallery to upload when it is working again!!!! Yippee!!!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Is the gallery having a problem? I wasn't able to upload my picture... great challenge and love the sample cards!
Here is my card.
Right now I don't really have a good system to store my stamps...

Cheryl said...

Have added my card to the gallery :)
Thanks for looking,

bissecat said...

I love Greeting Farm stamps.There gart what i do my gousins weddings .I not have this stamp but i love this weddingstamp.. my link is

Jennifer said...

I couldn't post to the gallery.

Here is my card.

SMK said...

Fun fun! :D HERE is my take on the theme!!

Julie Masse said...

I think I'm just squeaking this in under the wire . . . :) I love this challenge and glad I got a chance to play a bit more with my new stamps!!

Here's my card: I Still Believe

I Still Believe - close

Anonymous said...