Friday, June 26, 2009

Farm Fresh Friday

It's that day of the week again!!! Another Friday, another fun-filled TGF challenge! I need to make a logo for this. haha. But for now, let's jump to it!

So today's Challenge:
Dotty Spotty

Rules: The big theme here is POLKA DOTS! and lots of it! Post it in the Galleria > Contests/Challenges > Dotty Spotty.

Wednesday, July 1st

Prize: 3 Ian Stamps of your choice

Here are some samples from the DT for your challenge inspiration!

By Cindy

By Cheryl

By Melyssa

By Elena

By Tammy

By Randi

Can't wait to see what you all come up with! Enjoy your weekend! Stay safe and creative!

Today's question is: Do you have any questions for me?

I'll post up answers on Monday.


Tammy said...

Hi Marie
What a fun challenge and a great line up.

My question is are you working on more TGF Paper?

Have a great Weekend. You date is coming soon!!

Emily said...

do you think you'll make a grandma or grandpa, mommy or daddy, pregnant anya or ian??? I was just wondering b/c I could use them....

PaperCrafty said...

Wonderful line up by the DT!

My question is are you working on any more Digital Images?

Elena said...

Thank you so much for the great challenge, Marie!
Enjoy your weekend!

Kim Nath said...

How did you get into the rubber stamping industry?

Amy said...

Great challenge, I have a lot of polka dot stuff but it never seems to be what I go to first...

As for questions, will we be seeing any more cross-overs from digi to rubber soon... like you did with Baseball Ian? I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a rubber unicorn and anya and ian grads. Oh and that adorable Easter anya should come out of retirement too! I missed out on her and could SO use her in rubber. :)

Anna Banana said...

My question is : Where can I buy Edward?!?! I searched the sight and couldn't find him :(
I am a HUGE Twilight fan and I really really really wanna have your Edward - He's adorable!!!
Anna Banana

Margie said...

Beautiful cards ladies :)

Oh Marie!, are you working on more TGF Paper???

Jen said...

Love the challenge!

My ? is could you post a picture of yourself? I love to put faces with names.

kadie said...

Anna Banana~ You can get Edward on July 1! Yay!! Not to much longer to wait!!

My question is...will you be posting pics of your wedding after that grand event? We would LOVE some! :)

And I'm totally with everyone else, would love to see more digi to rubber and patterned paper. Have a great weekend!

SelenaB said...

Will there be a whole set with Edward or just him?

jen said...

Cute work, DT! I LOVE the dots, and am already working on a card myself!

Questions for Marie: Any more Digi's in the works? Would love to see some halloween costumes for my Ian's and Anya's!

Risa said...

The DT cards are beyond awesome!! I love each and every one of them! Great job ladies and thanks for your inspiration!

~*Joni said...

Ohh Dottys!! Love that idea, all of your images work well with polka dots. :D

Do you feel like you're being cross examined here? LOL!

My question:

What's your style? (i.e. shabby chic, victorian, etc.)

Angie said...

I love the Dotty challenge! My question is: What do you do when you aren't working? LOL! Besides drawing up fabulous new Anya's Ians and such? I know right now you are probably planning your wedding, but besides that too? What are your other hobbies/interests? And I'd love to see a pic of you and your fiance!

joey said...


I love love polka dots! fantastic Dt Creations they are gorgeous :O) I have uploaded to the galleria.

oooh my question is how did you get Anya and Ians names? sorry if thats an answer I should know.

Mary(OhioMary) said...

What a fun challenge and grat inspiration by the DT. Polka dots are so much fun. I just have to smile when I see them.

My question for you: Will you be coming out with accessories for your stamps say oh like a silver volvo or old red truck? LOL!

Anna said...

Fun challenge. My first time playing. I joined the site, but am having problems figuring out how to upload. Will try again later! Love your stamps! They're darling!

Kim Y. said...

Can someone help me? I can't seem to find DOtty Spotty under contest/challenges? Where do I upload my photo? Help! Please!!