Thursday, June 11, 2009

And the winner...

for our Black & White challenge is...

Anna Maria

Anna Maria, contact me with your address so I can send your surprise! She did such a beautiful job with the detailing and love that ribbon. Beautiful DP and just a gorgeous craftsmanship! The entries for this challenge was shockingly beautiful and it was a delight to see how diverse blk&wht can be. I thank you all for partipating. We have another challenge coming up tomorrow. If you think blk&wht was hard, tomorrow's will definitely give your thinking cap a workout! lol.

And here are the sneaks of next month's stamps... well two of them anyway. =)

Fly Away

Wild Sprouts - Edward

Here's more splendid cards by the best DT in the world! =) Enjoy!

By Jenn M.

By Tammy

By Elena

Today's question is: Name something yellow.

Lemon! Ok let's see how many different answers we get for this questions without repeating. =)


Tasha said...

Fab cards, gorgeous new stamps and a brilliant winner!


Mary(OhioMary) said...

Anna Maria your card was absolutely gorgeous and the shading was out of this world.

Scream! Those sneak peeks are awesome. I can't wait to play with them. Love Edward's(sigh) hair and that pig is just soooo cute.

montygonza said...

Congratulations Anna Maria, your card is absolutely gorgeous, well deserved win.

Yellow pages

Mrs Weyremaster said...

Congratulations Anna Maria, a very worthy winner, a stunning card :)
OMGosh i think i'm in love isn't Edward a hottie.
Something Yellow.....Canary
Love the DT cards too, always such wonderful inspiration.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner =)

Great DT cards and cute new images.


test said...

What an amazing card! I felt like I was being transported into a vintage black and white movie. Congrats, it is well deserved!

Nunt said...

Anna Maria, wonderful card and well earned victory :)

I can't wait for the new releases! (okay, I will have to wait for some more, I think I've pretty much spent my card budget this month...)...

The Sun! (the thingie in the sky, not the magazine)

Angie said...

OMWORD! I am in love with the new piggy stamp and Edward! I can't wait for the release!!!!! Something yellow that hasn't already been mentioned is... um... Dandelions!

Sandra MacLean said...

Marie, I {heart} that balloon set!! Pure heaven!! We soooooo need some cloud paper to go with it!! :D

Yellow = my 1974 VW Beetle! :)

Christine said...

Amazing cards! Can't wait until the new stamps get released!

Post-it Notes!!! The original, of course.

Zarah said...

Love the card! Congrats!! :D

Also LOVE the set with the pig & the hot air balloon. I NEED that set! :D

Something yellow? Daffodils!

~*Joni said...

Congrats Anna Maria! Her card was so beautifully balanced. :D Can't wait for tomorrow's challenge!

Love the sneaks oooh - that Edward is cute.


PaperCrafty said...

Congratulations Anna Maria!

BishopsMommie said...

wow...great job on that card.. the edward...i sooooooooooooooooooo love it ..perfect............ fist bicycle was yellow

kadie said...

Are you kidding me>!>!>! Edward!!! Yipeeeeeeee! I am SOOOOO excited. I love both these sneaks and I cannot wait to snatch them up. Presale??? :)

Congrats Anna Maria!! Your card is STUNNING!

Elena said...

I love Anna Maria's card! Absolutely gorgeous!!!
The sneak peek is awesome! I love both of the stamps!!!
Yellow - banana!

LORi said...

Congrats Anna Maria!! Beautiful Card!!!

Sneak Peeks are AWESOME!!!

Jen said...

Spongebob squarepants! I have a 3 yo son, he loves Bob Bob as he calls him. I just love the edward stamp, more boy stamps please!

Stampingcaz said...

OMG Edward!!

I won an honerable mention for my Twilight card, I was hoping you might release a new digi stamp soon so I can claim my prize ;)

Stunning cards and I love the winning black and white entry.

I've made a rootin tootin cowboy on my blog today, must upload to your galleria soon.


Mary said...

Love the balloon and piggie! Can't wait to get these!

Yellow - Mustard!

Margie said...

Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! OME! Edward!
I cannot wait to tell the girls at Twilight Tuesday! I'm sooo excited to see him :)

Chris said...

Gorgious card Anna Maria. Great sneak peeks too.

Yellow = Highlighter Marker

(can you tell I'm sitting at my desk at work, LOL)

Tammy said...

Congrats Anna Marie! You card is fantastic.

Marie - I am loving Edward!! I can't wait to get him.
You new style Fly Away is oh so cute!

Something Yellow - Yellow Bell Pepper

Gro said...

Beautiful card. I am totaly in love with the Greeting Farm stamps. Just got my first...

Something yellow: Dandelion

Mariska said...

Oh the new set with the little pig is sooooooooo cute!! The little boy too but I need to have the set with the little pig now, so cute!!!! And as for something yellow... post it notes :).


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Love that balloon....but Edward!! Now, he just steals my heart!!! I do believe these are my favorite releases yet!!

yellow...tulip! (the name of my yellow labrador!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a fabulous black & white card Anna Maria! Super cute!

Ok...yellow...rubber duckies!!


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous card Anna Maria, Congratulations!

Yellow, how about the cutter bee them....or even just a bumble bee

Martha said...

oh how cute, I"m loving them!

maiahs_momma said...


Love the new stamps :)!


lorena b. said...

Congrats Anna Maria! Very beautiful card! Oh Marie-you're killing me: I love PIGS & this one is too cute! And that EDWARD-whoo hoo cutie patootie!

Something yellow: School bus!

Katie Cotton said...

oh i LOVE these sneeks! Cant wait until they are released!!!!

something yellow huh.... well i just asked my 3 year old and he told me a school bus. :)

SugarBeanz said...

Love the new stamps! Too cute. That balloon is a must-have!

yellow--day lillies

Kerry said...

Congrats Anna Maria!

Yay for hot air balloon, and OMG Edward is such a cutie. Marie, you rock!

As usual, awesome lineup!

Randi said...

What an amazing lot of eye candy today!!
Love the line-up!!
Love Anna Maria's amazing BnW card!!!
One of my favs!! Congrats!

And, I LOVE the new sets!! EDWARD!!! Oh, ya!!!

Banana slugs (UC Santa Cruz mascot..and yes they are real!)

Carisa said...

Wow, that black & white card is stunning! Love it. I love the new releases, yes, even the pig! haha -- you just had to design an animal that i would like, didn't you! Can't wait to make a card for my BFF using that set. She's gonna love it!

Yellow = my bedroom!

Naoual said...

Love the gorgeous black & white card, congrats on winning, it's so well deserved!

Oh I'm loving the new stamps, Oh my gosh, you've created an EDWARD I sooo love you for that, he's gorgeous (the stamps that is ;) )*sigh* great job girl, you rock!!

Hugs, Naoual

Rimna said...


Thank you soo much for picking my card!

And thank you all for your sweets words!

Lovely new stamps!!

Wildärtan said...

Congrats to Anna-Maria - a really beautiful card!!

Eve said...

Edward is adorable! Is there a little Bella as well?

Amy said...

Huge congrats Anna Maria!

And I'm lovin' the teases!

ahayes said...

I love the sneak peaks! Yet another must have to add to my list! Something yellow-the man with the yellow hats hat from Curious George!