Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Randomness

Greetings friends. Hope this Tuesday finds you well. Ok a random thought today. I don't know if this happens to any of you but it just always puzzles me a great deal. I always find cereal when I'm cleaning under the sofa cushions and I don't even eat cereal! Where does it come from! Elves??? Ha! Thought I'd share the randomness.

Below are today's wondrous cards! June is gonna be a tight scheduled month for me since the knot happens in early July. I figure once all these fluffy arrangements are over, things will be normal again. It's totally cutting into my stamp designing time. Lol. Enjoy!

By Maria

By Cheryl

By Tammy

By Cindy

Join us tomorrow for a special spotlight! Have a great one!

Today's question is: What's the strangest thing you ever found under the sofa cushions or under the sofa?

Mystery cereal mostly. And then once a coat button from like the 70s? Sofas must be like a time travel portal or something.


Melissa Craig said...

Great line up of cards... there are two sets that are on my must have list - but I need to get a job!!

The strangest thing I've ever found under the couch... hmm... I guess nothing strange - just a lot of wrappers (candy, chip bags, etc.) - my kids get lazy sometimes!

Angie said...

Wait... before I get to the question... did I read "the knot" and "fluffy"??? What does all that mean?!? lol! And I have found some odd things in my cushions. I recently found a popsicle stick that had been colored red with my son's name on it. It ws the stick he used in KINDERGARTEN to space out his words while writing sentences. He is now finishing up FOURTH grade!!! Wierd...

Anjou Krelovich said...

Amazing cards! I especially love Tammy's today!

hmm....under the sofa....well, we get the wrappers and toys, weirdest is probably a toothbrush... now HOW did that get there?

Tracey Cuccia said...

Love the cards you chose for today...Excited for your 'knot' :)

as for your question...I've found lot sof odd things under my cushions goldfish crackers, remote controls, puzzle pieces...matchbox cars...(can you tell I have children?!?!? :) )

Jacilynn said...

Really great card.

So I just dug a thermomiter that I lost 3 years ago out of my sofa. Last week. It's like it went on time travel. I swear there are elves. i know I'm crazy to think it, but it's crossed my mind more than once while searching for a lost item!

joey said...

Hiya, oh these cards!!! stunning creations as always just loving that pirate :O) eeek under my sofa I just dont want to go there! lol Joey.x

Elena said...

All of the cards are so cute today!
What I find under the couch... - candy wraps and popcorn! Can you tell who leaves it?

Carol Weimer said...

Hi, just posted a Candy bar wrapper on my blog (papersnob.blogspot.com) thought you'd enjoy seeing teacher Anya on. Weird stuff in cushion? Hmmm, have to go with Cheetos. Haven't had the nerve to see if they're still fresh. Yuck!!

Randi said...

Wonderful line up!!
I hate looking under the couch. There's always a spider under there!
Frankly, I'd rather have elves. :o)

Angie said...

Hi Marie, I already left a comment on this post but I wanted you to see this cake that my friend made. Here's the link: http://www.thegreetingfarm.com/galleria/showphoto.php?photo=3236&cat=546 I hope you like it!

crafty amy said...

What a gorgeous line up of cards! I love them all and so many ideas to play with :)

The funniest thing I have ever found under the couch was my cat when she was a kitten she liked to crawl under anything she could and she found she could wedge herself under the cushions....I nearly squashed her when I went to sit down! :)

X Amy X