Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Gardeners DT Call

Hi Friends! So it is that time of the season again. When seasons change, I am sad to see my current team fly away but also happy because I get to see new faces on the farm. So this time our call is for anyone interested in becoming a Summer Gardener. During our last DT call, we had originally planned for only 3 gardeners but because of the overwhelming applications, we selected 6 people! This time around we are aiming for only 4 gardeners. It's going to be a crazy duty in choosing! So if you are interested, please apply even if you'd applied before! I encourage you to do it again. Good luck!

What is it?
This call is for the Summer Gardener Team! The Gardener DT is TGF's rotating design team. The Greeting Farm Design Team is divided into two segments (Farmers and Gardeners). Gardeners are rotated every 3 months to give others a chance to grow their creations on our farm! If there is a spot open on the Farmers Team, I will select from a previous Gardener to fill it.
Summer Gardeners (July 1st - Sept 30th)
Gardener Team will have access to all TGF stamps.

Submission Dates:
May. 24th - May 30th. No late exceptions.

Submission Guidelines:
For this call, the theme is Summer so I'd like you to use the colors Orange and Yellow in your entries. Number of entries is up to you. Please email them to me at:
Also please put in the subject heading: SUMMER GARDENER DT CALL

Gardener Project requirements:
If chosen, you will get to select whichever new sets you'd like to work on for that month. Minimum cards is at least 2 cards for each set. The more cards per set, the better but min. req. is at least 2. Once you finish a card, please blog about it, and email me a photo of the card so that I can post it on the main blog as well. Number of sets depend on the month and how much you can handle.

The Picking:
Only 4 entries will be selected to join the team. I know it will be a hard choice but if you do not get selected this time, please don't give up. There will be another call in 3 months for the FALL GDT. And you can re-apply again. I hope that by having a rotating team, it will give lots of opportunities for new and upcoming designers a chance to grow their creations with our farm! Good luck!

I will announce the new Summer GDT, Monday June 1st! So good luck. I look forward to reviewing all your submissions. Have a great day!


Mary(OhioMary) said...

Woohoo! I know your team will be amazing. Your Spring Gardeners were really rocked the farm and were so very inspirational.

One question: Does orange and yellow have to be in the same card or can you combine yellow with other colors for one card and orange with other colors for a different card? Thanks!

~*Joni said...

Wow, what a great high to send everyone off into the weekend! Have a great Friday everyone! :D

the paper bug said...

How exciting!

Angie said...

All right! I've been waiting for this, so I'm going to start thinking about what to do!

Jacilynn said...

Marie, you rock the farm! Your spring team is so supa talented.

crafty amy said...

Oh I am sooooo excited!!! I will have to get making. The spring gardeners are so incredible and I am sure who ever is lucky enough to get to be a summer gardener will be to I can't wait to see who gets picked :)

X Amy X

Jenn Borjeson said...

Sounds like fun - I am sooo throwing my hat in there! I'll be sending my submissions ASAP! Thanks!

Stampingcaz said...

Good Luck everyone. I wont be able to enter as I am going on vacation today and have been madly packing ect.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I loved the colors to work with, thanks and have a great night!


Anonymous said...

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