Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Note

Hey friends. I've been getting several emails regarding the Gardener call and as long as the card is orangey or yellow-y, it is fine. I just wanted to see a nice summerly theme. You can use all orange or all yellow or combo or with other colors, it's fine. =)

Hmmm whilst I am online I shall show some cards. Enjoy and also have a safe creative weekend!

By Angela

By Faith

By Cheryl

See you on Monday! OH and since I forgot yesterday's question, here it is!

Today's question is: There is a big stamping convention coming and you have exclusive tickets, which two people do you bring with you?

I would bring Jessica (CA VP) and then Carisa and Angela will have to fight for the 2nd ticket. hahaha.


Cr8ive ME said...

too funny.

I would bring my fil because he's such a good negotiator(they own a LSS) and my mil because she can always spot what's going to be in style for a while.


Elena said...

Very beautiful cards today! I would bring my friend Anna!

joey said...

Hi, oh these cards are gorgeous, so many details and inspiration. Hmmmmm I'd bring my bessie friend and then offer the other one as blog candy lol.

~*Joni said...

Beautiful cards today! I love the unexpected Saturday inspiration. :D
I couldn't decide who to bring, one would definitely be my buddy Marji...just so I could watch her shop uncontrollably. LOL!

Rachel said...

I am bring Kelly and Katie. Kelly from the tgf farmerz (
and Katie from papermakeup. They are my hometown homies and crafty companions.

Lisa Foster said...

Wowza! These cards are all WONDERFUL!!! You guys are all so talented! Thanks for being such an inspiration!!!

Carisa said...

OMG, Marie you have me cracking up!!! I think I'd have to let Angela go b/c I know she'd spend more money than I could. LOL But since I'd be going anyway, I'd have to take my mom cuz she loves craft shows. We could all go out for sushi after! hahaha

Kerry said...

Such pretty cards.

I will bring my good friends Rose and Crissy. We are scrapbook/card buddies, and they are the ones introduced me to the conventions. Actually we just had one at Manchester, NH. Of course, we all went and had a blast.

the whimsical butterfly said...

You crack me up...and I DO have tickets to CHA LOL!!!!

These are beautiful cards today-I LOVE the buttefly anya one!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tenia Nelson said...

These cards are awesome!!

Melissa Craig said...

Wow! I hadn't expected to find a Saturday post! Great line up of cards. Awesome layout.

Who would I bring... Joni and my sister Karin.

Kellylouj said...

Fabulous everyone is just great, thanks for the inspiration xx