Friday, May 1, 2009

New Release Day

It's a wonderful Friday because it is the release day for our May stamps! So if you've been waiting for the Wild Sprouts (Dahlia, Annika, Reeta) and the Hope & Grace set, please head into the shop. Also thank you all so much for your input regarding the papers. So here is what I am going to do. I am going to put it 6x6 in the shop BUT if you want 12x12, you'd have to contact me so we can work out a good shipping method for you. Unfortunately my shopping cart system right now is not the best one, so the easiest way is to contact me with your order including that you want the 12x12 and I can send you an invoice for it. If you want the 12x12 we can figure out what is the cheapest route to ship to you.

Another annoucement before we get on to our gorgeous lineup. I am aware lately that there are people selling stamped images of TGF stamps as well as many of your other beloved stamp companies and we'd like to stop that. I know that in some cases, they may be just innocent mistakes or perhaps they weren't aware that you shouldn't do that.
But whatever the case, it is something is happening more frequently. If you happen to come upon something like this, please let them know that they are infringing on our policies and for them to please cease. Or you can contact us and let us know. It is a very sad thing and is one of the reasons why I'm getting more skeptical about creating more digi-images as well. So on behalf of all stamp companies, please join us and say no to the selling of stamped images.

On a brighter now, here's today's lineup feauring our new releases! Enjoy, have fun shopping, and a spectacular weekend!

By Joni

By Cindy

By Melyssa

By Elena

By Sandra

By Tammy

Have a great weekend!

Today's question is: Name one stamp-related item/tool that is on your wishlist.

Let's see here..... oooh I know. The Big Shot. Oh and maybe one of them famous tape guns.


~*Joni said...

Ohhh everyone's Sprouts are sooo cute! All of the sweet color combos are just too adorable, the stitching is incredible, and look at the variety of nesties! Holy smokes, I have to do some serious catching up with those shapes...I'm sorry to hear about the abuse of stamps. If it is intentional, it doesn't make any sense to me as your stamps are so affordable and worth having. :(

For my craft room I would love to have the newest Cricut and all the cartridges...just so it could get dusty. ;) Happy weekend everyone!

Elena said...

Wow! All of the cards are STUNNING!!! Not talking about mine of course...
Sorry to hear about the stamps, Marie...
I don't now what I would like to have... maybe more inspiration nad tiny talent! :)

Anonymous said...

These are all just TO cute!! Fabulous work by the DT showcasing them.

So sorry about the abuse of stamps. :(

Hmmm well the NEED on my wishlist if a decent paper cutter the WANT on my wishlist is a Cuttlebug. I think I am the only person left on Earth without one (or any embossing machine). lol Would love the ATG (I think) tape gun as well.

joey said...

Hi, oooh these are just gorgeous cards, I am in awe :O) they are beautiful. I cant wait to get some of these stamps. I totally agree with you about the selling of stamped images.
oooh erm I would probably say nesties for now but that could change in a moment lol.

Dee said...

Great line up today!!! The cards are fabulous as usual :)

Wish list items. Nestabilities. I'm really behind on thoose and trying to catch up :)

Sandra MacLean said...

Beautiful, beautiful cards today!! The DT has really outdone themselves with this release! One item on my wish list is the same as Tonya's - a cuttle bug and some oval and tag nesties to go with it. I am beginning to feel left behind in that department. :) Budgeting sucks!

Cindy Haffner said...

Ohhhhhh everyones's cards are so adorable. What fun these little Sprouts are. Fantastic.

Bummer about people selling copies of stamped images, I will be on the lookout. --this happens alot.

I would love more spellbinder dies, a girl can never have tooooo many of those.

Hugs from Cindy xxoo

the whimsical butterfly said...

It saddens me to hear that people try to make a quick buck that way. it's kind of pathetic, really. I dunno...

On a lighter note, as you said, these cards? OH MY! Such wonderful talent...amazing!

My wish list? Well, as you know, it doesn't really stop...but the new Labels 4 and Deckled rectangle Nesties are on my list!

Angie said...

Well, I don't know if Copic markers are a tool, but more of them are on my wishlist! If that doesn't count, then I need a new heat gun! My other one was ruined during shipping, poo! I love the lineup and can't wait to get my new papers and stamps!

Tracey said...

UGH - Sorry to hear about the image selling. I just DON'T get the new stamps - they're great! Hope you have a super weekend -- my wish list? The biggest item is a cricut expression :) I have plenty of others, but that's the biggie :)

Jennifer said...

Ohhh get the big shot, it is WONDERFUL, myself, I still haven't got a scorpal, hopefully soon!

As for the image selling, that is really terrible, I occasionally swap images with friends (hope that is ok), but to sell them....that makes it so hard for artists like you, I wish all the best in trying to resolve that issue.

Oh and for the 12x12, I just got mine yesterday and yikes, you were not kidding about having to pay extra shipping, I am so sorry about that, it looks like 6x6 is a really good idea, but I am happy to hear that if I really need 12x12 I can still make arrangements to order it from you.

Carisa said...

those are amazing cards! i love them and will be getting my hands on some sprouts soon!

the must have on MY list are COPICS!!! Ahhhh, I already told my hubby that I want a set for Christmas. I wish I could just get them NOW. 2nd would be nestibilities.

ribenaruby said...

Beautiful variety of talent for the line-up, just gorgeous!

Still don't have any nesties but I wouldn't stop with just the one set, all or none at all, looks like the latter. Have a fab weekend!

Anonymous said...

Aaah, thoses Sprouts are super sweet. I love the cards your DT made. The tool on my wish list is the Copic Airbrush system. I can't wait to play with my own... someday.

Diana said...

You want to know what's on my wish list? Anything you sell at TGF!

Though, if we're talking fantasy world, I really would like to have a FANCY printer/scanner that prints and scans 12x12 borderless photo quality, etc.

Jenn Borjeson said...

As a matter of fact, I DID see an Ian stamp for sale on a website just today! I'm going to have to see if I can find that again for you... ugh. The cards are beautiful and the new stamps are adorable.

Wish list - oh boy - my latest is Copics. I bought ONE and I should not have, because now I want them allllll! :o) It wouldn't be so bad, but I have the whole set of Stampin' Up! markers, so it's hard to justify buying a bunch of Copics... but I just love them so! :o)

lorena b. said...

The lineup today is simply outrageously gorgeous! Every card is so beautiful! Excellent job peoples!

Margie said...

Everyone's cards are sooo cute!

I'm so sorry to hear that people are taking advantage of the digis. Hopefully it'll stop - I'd hate to see them ruin the fun for everyone.

OME! I want a Pink Big Shot! More cartridges for my Slice and more Copic Markers!

Have a fab weekend :*)

Jana said...

These cards are all sooooo cute. Love each and every one of them.

My wishlist includes every stamp and ink pad out there. :-D

Nikki said...

Hi Your DT made some beautiful cards there
Sorry about your stamp image selling :( that sucks

Humm I'd love to have a cutter to cut all my paper :) or an automatic stamp cleaner ... once it's invented :)


Frances said...

Ooo, all the cards are gorgeous and thank you sooo much for the quick service from Farmers market last week (& I feel bad shipping was so much extra, it was really sweet of you to send it regardless of the cost - thank you!). Hmm, there's always crafty things I need/want; at the moment it's more copics, nesties, border punches, . . in fact maybe the biggest thing on my list would be a bigger craft room to store everything LOL. xx

Debsg said...

What cute cards. Love the papers and colouring.

Jennifer Hodge said...

A Scor pal!