Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Wednesday

Hi friends! Have you been checking out the previews at Club Anya? I'm excited!!! Can't wait til Friday! I do apologize though that I haven't had a challenge up lately. I will try to get one up soon. =) It's crunch time in the wedding planning process so you can only imagine how crazy it is around here. But I think I have a very fun challenge coming to you!

Enjoy your day! I'll be running around, running around.

By Kadie

By Elena

By Tammy

By Cindy

Today's question is: What is the saddest movie you've ever watched?

Wahhhh Moulin Rouge. I cried.


Melissa Craig said...

Beautiful line up of cards!

The saddest movie that I would just sobbed and sobbed was Elephant Man.

Maureen said...

Definitely "P.S. I Love You." I think I cried through about 98% of the movie!!

~*Joni said...

Oooh! Look at Kadie's awesome stitching details! And Elena's sassy umbrella! And Tammy's adorable H&G girl with the flower in her headband! And Cindy's orange card that I am in love with! What wonderful cards for a mid-week gallery Marie. :D Have fun with the wedding deets, you know Vegas is always an alternative...haha! JK!
Saddest movie ending was probably Pay It Forward. :(

Cindy Haffner said...

Lovin all the cards, so precious. Hugs Cindy xxoo

Erin K said...

Beautiful cards.

Saddest movie ever is Charly.

I have never cried for so long in my life.

Brandi said...

Seven Pounds.

Love all the cards!

Jenn Borjeson said...

The Notebook. OMG - my friend and I sat on her couch with a box of tissues and just SOBBED! LOL

kadie said...

Message in a Bottle and just when I think it's okay to watch it always has the same ending! Geesh!

Mary(OhioMary) said...

Love the line-up! Just remember to breath Marie and it is your and your husband's day so make it what you want it.

The saddest movie for me was the Pursuit of Happyness. Even though it had a great ending...I cried at the struggle. Definitely makes me appreciate what I have even more.

Jacilynn said...

Great cards! Steel Magnolias is soo sad.

This isn't a movie, but I've watched biggest loser this season and teared up more than once. It's so inspirational.

Rachel said...

I do not really watch sappy movies... mostly we see children's movies - hahahah.

But I would have to say when I was younger I saw Beaches with my Mom. Sad.

Riet said...

Wowwww,what a beautiful cards,l love the images and colours.

Zo mooi....
Hugs Riet.x


As always these cards are just stunning, i love them all.

The saddest film i have seen is A walk To Remember.

I always put it on when im feeling low!!! doesn't make any sense does it??? but after a good cry i feel a bit better!

Hugs Linda x

Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said... have some KICK B*** DTs girlfriend!! these are absolutely awesome! gardner's call huh......i was just planning a little something out....maybe i will keep it under wraps and make it my entry *giggle*

Elena said...

Beauitful, beauitful cards today!
I don't remember the name of the movie... A walk to remember was the first one...

Maria said...

Wow, wow, wow!! Everyone's cards are just GORGEOUS!! Such pretty colors and so beautifully colored!! Awesome job, Ladies!! The May stamps are just so darn cute!!

The saddest movie I've seen isn't really a movie. It's a Japanese Drama! I'm major a major fan of Asian dramas and the show "Absolute Boyfriend" had me crying! Whaaa! So sad. All of the Asian dramas are so "dramatic"! Lots of crying and stuff! Do you watch Asian dramas? Just wondering.