Thursday, May 21, 2009

Farmer's Market

Greetings friends on this here Farmer's Market day! I hope you enjoy today's selection. Please remember there is a limited supply and happy shopping! Today I'd also like to thank Carisa and Angela for helping me out last night with packing and etc. We totally defeated the beast last night. LOL. It was awesome. Thanks you two so very much! I feel like this huge boulder was lifted off my back. =)

Ok so have a wonderful day everyone! Please tune in tomorrow for DT call information.

Please remember sale prices are only available if you purchase off the blog! While supplies last.

Market Closed.

Today's question is: What was your least favorite subject in school?

Ironically it was a tie between history and art, which now I kinda both enjoy. LOL! Life is funny.


Kerry said...

zzzGood morning Marie! Thanks for the farmer market, got to go back to bedzzzzzz.

My least favorite subject is history.

Kim Nath said...

GYM, GYM, GYM!!!!! Can you tell I hated it. Dodge ball was the worst, I still have nightmares over that.

Angie said...

OH! I wish I could shop!!! But monies are tight right now, for a little longer at least. My least favorite subject was science. Just couldn't grasp most of it.

Lilian said...

Finally! I was able to buy something during your farmer's market - yipeee!

Least favorite subjects: Chinese and Math :)

Jacilynn said...

Hey There,
My least fav subject was English.I had this really uptight teacher that talked with a British accent even though she was from Rhode Island. lol Otherwise I didn't mind English, it was just the teacher I didnt care for.

Carisa said...

whoo hoo Marie! Last night was a BLAST. It's always fun hanging out with you and Angela having a good laugh. It was also super suh-weet to get some sneak peeks! *giggle* Looking forward to doing it again soon - I know there were more boxes to unpack!! LOL

Least favorite subject? Definately math, I am NOT a numbers girl!

Elena said...

I didn't like GYM at school, not a sporty type of a gril! :)

kadie said...

Yay for Farmer's Market! Wahooooo!

My least favorites subjects were science and gym too...must be a thing with us creative types...
:) Have a great day!

~*Joni said...

Oooh, great market! Did I see the two most amazing initials? D-T? WOWZA! That's super exciting for everyone!!!
Super green with envy that Carisa and Angela were there unloading. I'm gonna go bribe Carisa to tell me about the sneakys...teehee! JK!
Least fave subject - social studies. Loved the content, disliked the teacher. He reeked, had a lisp, and would spit on the students when he lectured. Fun.

Cr8ive ME said...

I agree with Kim my least favorite was GYM.

Infact, they let me skip it in Jr. High and be an Office Aide instead. It helps to have a dad who was a Substitute Teacher. He subbed at my school all the time. Kinda embarrassing but hey, it got me out of GYM.