Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cute cards and a Clearance

Good day friends! Ok so I have some items in the clearance section in the shop if you're interested. =) Also I see from yesterday's comments that the winner is poor but courageous warrior! LOL! Oh and vampire coming in a close 2nd. LMAO! *sigh* Yes poor but courageous warrior is def mine. hehe. Just throw him a kilt and a sword and he's good to go. Now I really have to do a highlander Ian with a kilt. And oh! I have something new to show but I'll wait til tomorrow.

If you haven't been to the CLUB ANYA blog, there is a fashion show going on. You have until Wed. May 13th to enter. For more details, click here.

Some cutie cards for show today! Let's start off with a couple of previews of the new Miss Anya set, RAIN SNOW SHINE! Coming soon May 15th!

By Melyssa

By Tammy

By Cindy

Have a wonderful Wednesday... today's Wednesday right? Yea. Ok. ***edit*** Oh it's Thursday. LOL. Thanks Joni. ***edit*** Off to work on projects now! See you tomorrow for sneaky peekies.

Today's question is: Are you a lover or a fighter?

Hmmm I'm a fighter. heehee.


Melissa Craig said...

Great line up of cards.

OH PLEASE OH PLEASE do an Ian with a kilt. My hubby is off to Scotland this summer and this would be perfect!!

I am a fighter trying to be more lover everyday.

Off to see what's in the clearance section. Have a super day!

~*Joni said...

I love Melyssa's RSSh girls!! And I am so happy to see Tammy's cards, her colors are always so playfully perfect. And all I want to do is live with the Forest Friends. What a happy and innocent place Cindy has created.

As for today's question...well, I have 6 kids. So I think that answers it all. LMBO! Growing up in Hawaii, you can't help but be a lover. (I think you were imagining your hero in a is Thursday. teehee!)

Anonymous said...

Ian in a kilt. IRRESISTABLE. I wish my hubby would wear a kilt, he has killer legs!

I just had to jump in and answer this question this morning.

"I'm definitely a lover, but don't mess with me 'cause I'm also a fighter" (courtesy of Dos XX)

Sandra MacLean said...

Marie!! Please don't tease us!! If you're making an Ian in a kilt, just tell me where to sign up!! My husband (and all 7 men in his family wore a kilt at our wedding. We had a bagpiper and toasted the wedding with a shot of whiskey (bleh!). That's why I like Hello Ian so much - for his tartan! LOL

Gorgeous, gorgeous cards today! I'm a lover. My husband might say otherwise! ;)

Carisa said...

Oh yeah, I have a thing for kilts! LOVE that whole scottish, yeah, yum! LOL

I'm a lover for sure. I hate confrontation, fighting, etc.

Martha said...

beautiful cards

Kerry said...

Again, AWESOME lineup! :)

Hmmmm... fighter/lover? I think I am a little bit of both. I love everything, but I will fight to get there...

Elena said...

Wow! Melyssa's cards are gorgeous!!!
Love how Cindy used DP!!!
I am a lover I think!

Jenn Borjeson said...

Loving the cards - you always give me inspiration!

I am a lover. :o) Life is too short to be a fighter.