Monday, May 11, 2009

Cards Cards Cards

Good Monday friends! How's everyone today? Hope all is well as we enter into another week this May. I'm happy to hear your positive comments in regards to the new paper. I'm hoping to get them in sometime this month, we'll see. I was able to knock the cost down a bit so I think that'd be easier on all of us. =) Woohoo! Lower prices is always a goodie good thing.

I think that's it for news today. Enjoy the following inspirationally cute cards!

By Jacilynn

By Suzanne

By Tammy

By Kadie

By Jenn M.

By Cheryl

By Randi

By Pegg

By Cindy

By Mandy

Ooooh and can you believe the new Anyas will be out this Friday? I'm excited!

Today's question is: If you were sent back in time, what would you miss the most about the 21st century?

Hands down, my computer! Oh and internet. It goes together!


Melissa Craig said...

Beautiful line of cards! There are some fabulous color-ers out there!!

Melyssa said...

Oh the cards today are gorgeous!

I would miss my microwave most of all cause I think I'd starve. Then the internet.


Oh my goodness what absolutely stunning cards they are all fabulous. Oh i would miss my computer and blogging without a doubt!!! Thank goodness thats not going to happen! hugs Linda x

Katie Cotton said...

Oh dear lord... not having my computer and internet would KILL me!!!! :) Beautiful cards! Cant wait for the new Anyas!

Elena said...

Beautiful cards today!
I will miss computer, internet amd TGF!

Cindy Haffner said...

Lovin all the card, and can't wait for Friday.

--Did they have stamps back then? I would miss my stamps.

--hugs Cindy xxoo

Kerry said...

Fabulous cards!!!

100%... my computer!

Jacilynn said...

Ya, I totally agree, computer. It's as necessary as my arms... ok not really but almost.
Great Cards!

tmcc4 said...

OMG!! thank you for having me on your list!! that's so cool!! I ran and got my daughter and husband and made them look..LOL!! I appreciate this..everyone's cards are fantastic!! Have a great day everyone!!

Sandra MacLean said...

Awesome, awesome cards!! Lots of inspiration there! One thing I would miss would be... umm, how do I say this, 'women's hygeine products'! :) Seriously!! Haven't you ever wondered how in the heck the coped without the products we have available to us now?! ;) Sorry for going there.

Angie said...

Definitely the computer and being able to communicate with my friends and family that are far away! I'm so excited about the release and the luau!