Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Woo Hoo!

Good day friends! Yes! So I have some exciting news for you! THE PAPERS ARRIVED!!!! I am so relieved. I feel like I've been waiting for eons. So I thought it'd be a treat if I add that to the presale on Thursday! How do you feel about that? =)

Sunny Glen Paper Pack
(12 sheets total - 2 of ea. double-sided design)

So here's today's lovely lineup! I must go and drown my excitement in packing and shipping now. hehe.

Double fluttery cuteness by Cheryl! And a cutie Rescue Ian and tin elephant!

Awww willya look at this soft little deer that Cindy did. So sweet!

Several spoonfuls of sugar by Maria!

This is Elena's cute little rainbow ringleader and elephant!

And another cute Elephant by Faith!

Have a wonderful day everyone! I will see you there bright and early at the Farmer's Market tomorrow. Remember 7:00am MST! While supplies last!

Today's question is: If happiness had a smell what would it be?

Baby smell!


Melissa Craig said...

Great line up of cards and hoooray!! Paper!!

Happiness would smell be the breath of a baby sleeping on your shoulder. I miss that!

Zarah said...

Oh my gosh! The papers are ADORABLE!!
Love the cards too! :D

Mz Kel-z said...

Woohoo!! Papers.. Presale... great cards!!! WOOHOO!!

Then add the thought of the smell of salt water secluded beach on a 80 degree day....

Thats happiness!

Elena said...

Great news, Marie!!!
Love all the cards!!!
Happiness would smel as cinnamon or vanilla for me!

~*Joni said...

Okay, I'm grabbing my chair and blanket and sitting outside the store tonight. haha! I loveeeee the cards in the lineup! The elephant is so adorable and versatile.
The smell of a baby's hair when they're asleep on your chest. Okay Marie...all this talk about baby-ness...Maybe next year we'll start to hear about your own little Ian or Anya! haha!

Mary(OhioMary) said...

Fabulous papers! Great line-up too.

I agree happiness is the baby smell, just not after what I call explodo butt.

Mel said...

Just love the new paper and I can't wait working with them! Your amazing as usual!!!

Great line up to!

LORI said...

Woo Hoo on the PAPER!!

Happiness smell for me...Fresh cut grass or clothes freshly washed with bleach.

Angie said...

AAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Papers, papers, papers, I can't wait for tomorrow's presale!!! LOL! Can you tell I'm excited? I already have projects planned!
And baby smell is definitely my smell of happiness. I'm actually smeling it right now as my DD is sittng on my lap, cuddling, while I blurf and she watches Sesame Street!

Tracey said...

WOW great cards today - and yep, baby smell, is the total smell of happiness!!!

Cheryl Walker said...

Oh Marie, I love the design papers!!!!! Sooooo pretty!!!


Carisa said...

Love the papers!!!

I have to agree, there is nothing like the smell of a newborn baby's head sleeping on your chest. I used to work with my little one in the baby ergo and it was the best to just lean down and get a whiff of her head. Sounds strange but it's just pure.

V said...

Oh the papers look awesome!

Hmm...smell of happiness. For me, it's that warm "I've been running and playing outside in the sun" scent of my daughter's hair. It's so hard to describe. Not sweaty (ew!) but warm, outdoorsy and happy. I can walk in from work, hug her and smell her hair and tell immediately that she's been where she loves best, outside playing. I tell her that her hair smells of sunshine.

kadie said...

oh my goodness! I gotta have those papers!!
Fantastic cards, Ladies!!! I love what everyone is doing with Showtime Anya and accessories!

The smell of Spring. So fresh and wonderful!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh so fun to see all the DT cards together. They are all so amazing.

Love the new paper!!

I agree Baby Smell.

WickedPixie said...

ok, Marie, you know you are making me wake up early tomorrow, which I hate doing! But i have to have that paper and those sweet girls ASAP! For me, Happiness is that just after it has rained smell - everything smells all clean and new and fresh! ;-) Traci

Rachel Hope said...

OMG...Presale, where??? Let me at it!!! :)

Happiness Smells like Chocolate, Lilacs and my son's freshly washed hair :)

Kay said...

Dark chocolate

Islander Girl said...

So excited for you!!! All cards are absolutely beautiful!!!!! Can't wait for tomorrow's Famers Market and presale!!!

Carol Weimer said...

If happiness had a smell, I think it would smell like jellybeans.

Can't wait for the new papers. So awesome!!!

Kerry said...

Great lineup! YAY for TGF's paperline. Can't wait until tomorow...

montygonza said...

I can't wait until the presale,
My happiness smell is... well actually i have two... one is the smell of rain and the other is chocolate.