Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Sneak

Greetings! Today I thought I'd show you what the presale items will be for Thursday's presale. Also I'd like to announce that I am now a proud new Aunt! Yayyy! Finally! I've waited 29 years for this! LOL. I'd like to introduce you all to Lucian Xiong.

He's so cute. Unfortunately my entire family is in California so I haven't been able to actually hold him or anything. But I'll be able to visit in July so I'm totally counting down the days. haha!

Ok so onwards to the presale preview!

Hope & Grace

And of course these little girls will be up for presale as well. Some of you may already have seen them... a week ago? But yes they will be there on Thursday.

Are you excited? So mark ye calendars for sure! As usual it is a first-come first-served basis. I will be shipping them out Friday morning! =) Have a great Tuesday!

Today's question is:Describe your dream home.

My dream home would look like the castle in Beauty and the Beast and I would dedicate the entire west wing to my crafting and stamping. LOL!


~*Joni said...

Congratulations Marie!! Ohhhhh he's sooo cute! Look at those cheeks and that sweet serene look on his face. I can almost smell that baby-ness through the computer! I bet you can't wait to snuggle with him...
I can't wait until Thursday, the new stuff is just adorable! I love Hope and Grace, and the girls have endless possibilities. :D
My dream home would have to be an 8+ bedroom large ranch style layout, vaulted ceilings, finished basement for fun stuff, pool, and good feng shui. Having all the rooms on one level is so much easier to clean!

Mariska said...

Congratulations!! What a sweet little baby and what a gorgeous picture!! You must be so proud!! Those new stamps look absolutely gorgeous too... I guess I'd better drink lots of coffee on Wednesday because the presale will start very late at night our time on Wednesday :). My dream home would be a white mansion covered in red roses with lots of rooms, a giant gorgeous kitchen and a grand living room with a big fireplace. There would be a little guesthouse on the grounds where my housekeeper would live :).


Carrie said...

Marie he is gorgeous! Congrats Auntie! I am sure you are counting down the days until you get to hold him.

Love the new stamps. I'm so excited for Thursday!

My dream home would be close to my family. Big but not too big especially since I have to clean it. I'd love a craft room.

Jeanette said...

Congratulations on becoming an aunt! (A great role, I might add.)

My dream home would be a very large home with lots of charm and a humongous Creative Space (room) for me!!! Oh, and of course, it would come with a full-time maid!

crafty amy said...

Congratulations!! He is adorable!

I am so excited about Thursday I will be working so have set my boyfriend up to buy it all for me :) can't wait to see what is on offer at the farmers market either. I would love to have a cottage in the country sourounded by mountains and forest and some chickens in the garden.
Sadly right now I will have to make do with the tiny rented flat I have :(

X Amy X

Nancy said...

Congratulations, Marie! He is so precious...great pic!!

The presale items are awesome...I'm going to be broke!!

My dream house: wrap around porch; big lot with trees; a seriously gourmet, huge kitchen; a basement that would have a crafting room for all of my crafts and a media room; laundry in the bathroom; and a great patio for entertaining!

Dee said...

Oh he's so cute!!! Congrats to you and your family :)

The new images are gorgeous I can not wait to get them lol!

My Dream house would be one that cleans itself hehehehehe. Not to complicated right LOL!

Carisa said...

Awwww, sweet, congrats Marie!!! He's adorable!!! And he'll be even cuter in July when you get to see him. I just love new babies...

OMG, I cannot wait until Thurs --- Ugh, I wish they would be avail at SD on Sat!!! I def need that first set pronto.

I don't know what my dream home would be --- We are planning on building our next home so I will get to have everything just so. My only requirements are a Master Suite with attached bathroom and jacuzzi tub AND my own craft room with built in shelving. ;)

Angie said...

Congratulations on being a new aunt! Your nephew is adoable. I hope the days between now and when you get to hold him fly by! I love the new stamps coming out. I can't wait to get my hands on some of those new little girls you drew. Do they have names yet?
My dream home would be in the middle of a lot of land, acres all the way around, andon the top of a little knoll right in the middle of it all. I'd have a lttle garden in the back with fruit trees, flowers, and lots of singing birds. The house would be medium size, with maybe 4-5 bedrooms, a family room, living room, nice big open kitchen/breakfast nook, a dining room, and then we'd have a big basement with my stamping Suite down there along with a playroom for the kids and a music studio for my husband. OH, and there would be a 3 car garage for the hubby, and behind my garden outside would be a mini track for my 3 boys to ride their dirt bikes.

Tori Wild said...

Congratulations!! What a cutie!

I'm so excited for the new stamps--Hope and Grace are adorable!

My dream home would come with a magic clean-house fairy that would take care of all of the dirty chores that I don't like to do (laundry, dishes, bathrooms, etc!!)

kadie said...

ooooooo! Congrats on your nephew! Lucian is a very strong name.

I adore all these new stamps!! Yay!

My dream house has a stunner kitchen and has a HUGE craft room and a beautiful yard and no neighbors. haha...well, yes neighbors but a house length apart!

Tales of The Middle Aged Mommy said...

AW.....he's adorable!

Those stamps are the cutest! I can't wait to snag some!

My dream home would be one where everyone has their own room, therefore, less bickering and talking at night! An office for icky adult stuff, a big kitchen for the DH, a basement for kids to hang out in, and a scrapping room too! But most of all, just a happy place to be together...so I am sure our little 3 bdrm will do just fine!

Danni said...

Your grandson is precious!!
LOVE the sneak peeks~~so fun!!
At this moment my dream home would be anywhere that my family could be together, as in a few days we say so long to my hubby for a year while he deploys to Iraq.

Mary(OhioMary) said...

What a cutie Marie! Congrats! Do I see some baby Anya's and Ian's in the future?

The new stamps are super cute and can't wait for the pre-sale.

My dream house would be self-cleaning.

Martha said...

oh my I love the new stamps

Margie said...

Congrats! What a sweet baby :) I miss that baby smell!
OhMY! Love those new lil stamps! I must get in on this! Luckily my time frame is ahead of yours, so I'll be up and waiting somewhat patiently ;)
My dream home would be able to clean itself! LOL! I am tired of cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and keeping up after 2 boys and DH! LOL! and I would definitely need my own 2 or 3 rooms for crafting ;)
Happy Tuesday!!!

Ashley said...

What a cute little guy!

My dream home would come with staff, like the Playboy mansion.

Elena said...

Oh, Maire! Congratulations on becoming an Aunt!!! The baby is so precious!!! I know how excited you are! I became an aunt this year too!
Love the new STAMPS!!!! Thank you so much for your talent!!!!
My dream house - probably very big with lots of windows, next to the woods, with lots of open space around! Inside the house I would like to have a big living room, crafting room, playroom for Sergei, and room with lots of "Big Boys" stuff for my DH! I also would like to have a fire place, I think it kind of romantic!

Angie said...

Does this mean some baby inspired rubbah?? Very cute.. congrats..

Randi said...

Congrats Marie!!! If you come out to Cali, let me know!!! Wonder if you'll be near me? Wouldn't that be cool!

I think Thursday is going to be a busy morning for you!!

Love the Beauty and the Beast castle idea!!! I agree. I need a castle!! Maybe Hearst castle...cause I'd need a pool to take a break from my crafting. Can I also have a butler to bring me daquiris and pina coladas??? ;o)

Melissa Craig said...

Congratulations Marie! He's sooo beautiful!!

I love Hope and Grace! And the other girls are adorable!

Jenn said...

Congrats on becoming an Aunt!!! That's so exciting!! The new stamps are adorable - I especially love the girl with the kitty!!

Kerry said...

Congrats Auntie Marie!! Hurray, sweet little baby! He is so adorable.

My dream home... a chocolate/candy castle with modern design. oh yeah, with lots of fun stuffs (maybe an amusement park at the backyard.) I know... I'm totally dreaming. LOL!

Suzanne J Dean said...

Congrats on becoming an aunt--he's just precious! And Ooooo, lovee the new stamps Marie! Especially the one w/ the cat (since I AM crazy cat girl w/ 5) hee hee!


Suzanne J Dean said...

Oh forgot to add--my dream home would be on the ocean in Hilton Head Island! Sigh.....


lorena b. said...

Congrats Auntie Marie! I love your nephews name! Today is my brothers birthday and also his 1st-born son, my nephew Lucas. I totally love your new little girl stamps. They remind me of my daughter (even though she's 13). I was just thinking today how blessed my daughter and I are to be living in our little house, we have everything we need; nothing fancy & just right!

angeljakki said...

Such a cutie, I don't know whats cuter your Nephew or the stamps lol.
Congrats x x x