Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sweet little showcase

Greetings stamperistas! A super simple day calls for a super simple showcase. Short, simple, and sweet as can be! Oh btw, all entries for the 'Don't be a Square' challenge should be turned in soon. I think the deadline is tomorrow right? Yes, turn it in class. Prize is 3 stamp sets!

Ok I saw this and I just have to show it!!! Beautifully crafted by Pam!

These cards are by our talented gardener Tammy!

LOL. Love this one. Definitely a keeper for all Twilight fans! Go StampingCaz!

Tink in all her pixie glory by Maria!

That's it for today! =) Have a great day and spend it sweet!

Today's question is: If you had an autobiography (or a movie) about your life, what would it be called?

Oooh tough one. I guess mine would be... Artist Starving or maybe something glamorous like the Fabulous Life of Marie. LOL!


~*Joni said...

Yay Tammy! I just luv her work! And that Twilight baseball one is soooo creative! I can already hear the crack of thunder with every hit. :D Maria and Pam's are sooo sweet too!
Mine would be "Mom Dog Millionaire." Hopefully all of my life's lessons will pay off one day. ;) LOL! You come up with the funniest questions Marie!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh I'm lovin all the samples, so darling. I movie about me..... would have to be something about stamping. How about "A Stampin' Fool"!!!

kadie said...

Great cards, Girls!! Tammy and Maria, you Rock!! Pam, that card is SO sweet! And Caz...a woman after my own heart...I adore that Twilight bookmark! Saweeet!

I'm not sure what my movie would be called...hmmm...good question!

kadie said...

Oh I got it, my movie would be called Grande Nonfat Chai or Mac n Cheese. LOL!! You are what you eat, right? :)

Kim Nath said...

Adorable cards, my daughter is twilight crazy and would love that. My movie would definitely be titled "Serendipity", story of my life for sure. No matter what i have planned or have been trying to do I always end up with something else and most of the time it has been something better for which I am very grateful.

Erin said...

It would be called "Hot Mess"!

Christine said...

Stunning work everyone. Your samples are fantastically created. I get so inspired by seeing your teams work!!!

Martha said...

its beautiful!

joey said...

Hiya, oooh once again stunning dt cards :O) oooh erm.... I guess the title would be "addiction" not very original but I am addicted to so much! . Joey.x

Janna said...

Some more absolutely stunning creations!!! The layouts and coloring are so inspirational! I would like to say that my autobiography would be called a "Hull Lot of Sexiness" but it would probably be more like "Hull Lot of Craziness!


Stampingcaz said...

OMG thank you!! I hadnt see this before today that my little ol' bookmark was showed off ;0) I love twilight and instantly thought of Ian when I saw the baseball scene ;0)