Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Hello

Greetings Friends! I hope your weekend was swell and restful. =) We had a great time at Scrapbook Destination on Saturday! Angela was there creating beautiful Anya Make-n-Takes and I got the chance to meet several friends of the farm. =) Then afterwards we got to crop! Yayyy my first crop! Well I didn't really crop, I kinda colored for most part. haha. Everyone had a great time and we had lots of laughs. Oh and I'd like to give a shout out to a new buddy of mine which I will refer to as 'Charlie'. haha. Yea Charlie, you know who you are.

Also I'd like to thank all of those who participated in the Case of the Curious card. I will reveal the winner tomorrow! =) The entries were awesome! I wish I could just bottle up all the talent and energy. It's like magic!

All Farmer's Market orders were shipped out on Friday. And our release is... this Friday!!! Right? Is it this Friday? I think so, May 1st. So if you missed out on our new sweet little girls and the paper, you can look forward to catching them in the shop on Friday.

Enjoy today's cute lineup!

Here are Cheryl's card! And they feature our new Paper Pack: Sunny Glen! As well as our newest stamp Dahlia.

A beautiful and delightful card by Faith using the Susie Surprise cupcake set!

Here's Elena's adorable little Rescue Ian!

Ok... fabulous card by Kadie! Definitely a page right out of a story book!

And this cutie patootie Grad card was sent in by Janna Smith! She is adorable with the darling dp!

Have a wonderful beginning of the week everyone!

Today's question is: Who/what was on your wall during your pre-teen/teen years? (e.g. music idols, celebrity hearthrobs, boy bands... lol)

OMG, so embarrassing. I think for the most part, I had Sailor Moon (anime) posters but then I did go through a dreadful era where I had this korean boy band up on the wall. Gahhhhh.......


Melissa Craig said...

Rick Springfield.

I am so happy that my sister came by to say hello! She really enjoyed meeting you.

Rosette said...

Oh there was Jacko.. Madonna, Cyndi Lauper!! lol Those were the days... !!!

Lovely cards with the new papers, and I'm so looking forward to see who wins!! lo You're surely keeping us on pins and needles! :))

~*Joni said...

Ooooh I hope my mailman behaves and drops off my new rubber today!! :D Cuuuuute cards in the gallery, Cheryl's Dahlia is adorable!
I loved Sailor Moon! She was so pretty! My walls were blanketed with Duran Duran. btw Marie, you are ADORABLE!!!! ;)So happy the crop went well!

Mary(OhioMary) said...

I'm jealous that your girls got to meet Marie. One day... Great line up with peaks at the new stuff.

Ralph Machio, Ryan Lambert(kids Inc.), and Christian Slater.

Zarah said...

Beautiful cards!!

On my walls... Oh - let's see... I had this one poster of Keanu Reeves that I LOVED. Only picture he ever looked good on, afaik. ;)
There was also Rob Lowe (the eyes...), Mel Gibson and for a short but passionate period: NKOTB - especially Donnie. ;)

JenRaff said...

I am so excited ~ waiting for my Farmer's Market order that will come in the next few days AND the sneak peek and the new Miss Anya. Little things make me happy.
I never hung anything on the wall but I probably would have had an Elvis poster if I had. Even though he was long dead, I just think he is incredible.

ribenaruby said...

Fantastic line-up! Gorgeous creations, so many brilliant ideas and talent. On the wall was 'Bros' a UK twin brother band.

Sandra MacLean said...

Really really fabulous cards today!! I can't wait for my FM package to arrive - hopefully today!! On my wall, I had River Pheonix and Christian Slater...I was into the brooding types! LOL

Angie said...

Ugh, I had New Kids on the Block! I'm kinda embarrassed about it, even though they are a "new" old sensation. But I also had unicorns and stuff for decorations too.

kadie said...

I just love to see Dahlia (such a cutie!) and those new papers!! So cool!

Oh my gosh, what a good question, embarassing but good...LOL! I basically just took my whole BOP and Big Bopper magazines and plastered my walls BUT I did have a Jordan Knight (NKOTB) poster above my bed for a brief time. HAHA!
Mary...LOL, Ralph Machio!! I bet you have mad karate skills too!

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

The bottle of talent and energy that you are putting in a bottle, well, I want three bottles in shades of teal, PLEASE!!
The cards are just so pretty and the colors are just right for each and every card... they are just wonderful!!!
When are the new girls going to be named?
Have a great week!!
Denise from OHio

anabellpepper said...

Nada. No posters on my walls in highschool. My dad didn't want holes in the wall. I did have a unicorn poster and a cartoon drawing that I did of Opie and Bill hanging on the inside of my locker at school though. Wonder where that poster has gotten to now. lol I had it laminated so I could save it. Was so proud to have drawn it myself.

Jen said...

well, I had a ton of movie posters, ferris buellers day off, fire with fire, young sherlock holmes, and tons of butterflies of every kind, handmade, store bought not one inch of wall showed! lol

WickedPixie said...

Wow, fantastic cards! This DT is so talented!

To begin with it was all Duran Duran (mmm, John Taylor is STILL gorgeous!) but at some point I decided to rebel and go with bad boys and then it was Guns n Roses!

Elena said...

So glad yo uhad a great time at the event!
I don't really remember what I had in my room... I become very old...

Carisa said...

LMAO - Charlie!!!! Marie, it was awesome to hang out with you and everyone Sat night. I really hope we can do it again sometime. I'm glad part of our discussion landed on the blog QOTD. ;)

You know my answers but not everyone else does! I had posters of the Beatles and Brad Pitt on my wall (yes, The Beatles were, what 20 years older than the pics I had hanging up but that didn't matter to 13 yr old me! LOL)

Rosette said...

Marie I just thought of a cute name for 'Dahlia, Annika, Reeta' . You know the Abba song "Chiquitita?" Why don't you call them : The Chiquititas??

I LOVE that name for them girls!!

Darsana said...

I will forever remember "Charlie" That was fantastic. I had such a good time on Saturday. When I was younger, I had pictures of the normal late 80's heartthrobs, but I also had a calandar next to my bed and a huge poster over my bed of George Michael. I also had a poster of Vance Johnson (Denver Broncos) with a smokin hot car and no shirt on. Nice! Those were the days!

Jenn Borjeson said...

First it was Shaun Cassidy, Madonna and Michael Jackson, but then I moved on to Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Poison, Dokken, and Metallica. hee hee

AShu93 said...

I had a Miami Vice & Top Gun posters on the back of my door. Don Johnson & Tom Cruise were my hotties.

BTW, I came home to find my pkg of paper from the Farmer's Market on the porch. That was really fast shipping. Thanks!

Melyssa said...

Great lineup of cards!
I to am jealous of those who got to meet you Marie.

My walls were covered with Michael J. Fox. Now I'm feeling old!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Marie!! It was SO FUN hanging out with you. I was a little worried that we were going to scare you away. *giggle And I fear our dear friend will never live down "Charlie." It shall haunt her forever. Bwahahahaha.

Oh, on my walls were:
Ralph Macchio, Kirk Cameron, and Jason Bateman.


Danni said...

I got my new stamps today! Yay! Your service is just so awesome! as are your stamps!
On my walls....ack! Shaun Cassidy, Madonna, Rick Springfield...all those 80's people!

Sarah said...

Those cards are all AMAZING!!!!
Sadly I am showing my age but it was
The Police (I was in the UK..LOL)