Friday, April 3, 2009

Guest - Birgit Edblom

Fantastic Friday Friends! Today we have an amazing guest by the name of Birgit Edblom from Sweden! I am always blown away by her creativity and I know that after you see the following cards, you will fly with me too! lol. To much of my delight, Birgit made many many cards to showcase so I am very honored to be able to share them with you today. =) And away we go!

Birgit Edblom

How long have you been stamping?
I´ve been stamping for 3-4 years and I think it´s so relaxing to sit down after work and create!

What's your tool of choice?
I think it´s my Quickutz Revolution!

Describe yourself in 3 words.
I´m honest, humorous and a fighter.

If you had a stamp line, what would you call it?
Epifania, which means revelation.

What's your favorite The Greeting Farm stamp set?
FANCY FLEURS is a lovely set.

If you were a color, what would you be? Why?
I´ve been red but now I´m more rust-colored, because earlier I was very temperamental but now I´m calmer and hopefully wiser…J

Describe your crafting area.
Chaos in good order J

When making cards, what is your favorite colors to use?
I love autumn colors

Do you listen to music while you stamp?

Sometimes but often I watch the news on TV, preparing my lessons for the next day!

3 wishes:

That my children and grandchildren will have a good life
That we can solve the environmental issues on earth
I really wish all children to be treated well because they are the hope for the future!

I hope you adore her creations as much as I do. Her cards are very inspirational don't you think? =) Have yourself a merry Friday and a safe weekend. I will meet you back here on Monday for secret peeks at what is coming up soon.

Today's question is: What was the best thing you've ever invested in?

I would say its my laptop. My laptop is my life.


~*Joni said...

WOW! You are so right Marie! Birgit has such an amazing and unique style. Her cards are like individual paintings, I felt like I was walking through a beautiful TGF Museum. Her talent is so inspiring, she's definitely one of my brand new favorites! Thank you to her for a wonderful Friday lineup.

Our best investment has got to be my van Homer. I feel so safe in that Odyssey (haha - thus the name) which is important when there are precious kiddos to shuttle around. Happy weekend everyone!

Melissa Craig said...

BEAUTIFUL! Birgit has quite a talent. I love all her cards featuring Cup of Stuff and since I just got that set it's quite inspiring.

joey said...

Hi, oh my gosh Birgit's cards are absolutely amazing, fantastic each one of them, and many different ideas, Thanks for sharing them all with us all.x

I would say I am like you too Laptop! cor I dont think I could cope without it, closely followed craft wise by my cuttlebug!


Pascale said...

Awesome cards by Birgit so inspiring. I couldn't pick a favourite. My best investment is my tumbledryer as we live in a flat ,so little space to dry stuff. My best craft investment is my stamp collection as it keeps me sane, hugs Pascale xx

D'ployed Designs said...

Beautiful cards! Some of the best I have ever seen...Thanks for sharing.

Dee said...

These cards are spectacular and so fresh and new. I'm with Joni as feeling like they were paintings in a museum. I got that same feeling as I was looking threw the cards. I was looking at works of art!

My best investment is my laptop. It keeps me conected to wonderful people like Brigit, without it I would never have known about here wonderful talents.

Cindy Haffner said...

Birgit is amazing, i love all her creations.

My best investment I had is my spellbinder dies, I use them every day.

MichelleO said...

I have loved Birgit's stuff for a longtime now!! Her cards are amazing and she is a super sweet person!

Best investment... hmmm my Copics - hurt at first now they are used every single day!


crafty amy said...

Wow!!! Brigit your cards are simply stunning! I love the way that you can make one stamp look so different. I am completely blown away. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

As for the question today I have to say my lap top too I would be lost without it now I have it, but my camera comes a close second

I can't wait to see the new releases. Have a great weekend

X Amy X

Novell said...

Beautiful creations...all of them!!

Carisa said...

Those cars are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and I love learning about all the DT members!

The best investment we're making is in our future. We're making big sacrifices to pay off all of our debt and be debt free. It's so hard sometimes not buying every little cute stamp or tool that I want but I know in the long haul and future for our children it will be SO worth it to say no now and have plenty of opportunity to say yes lots later! LOL

Bastelfrosch said...

WOW...your cards are soooo wonderful! Beautiful!

kadie said...

Yay!! Birgit!!! I love her cards!! One of her cards was the inspiration behind the Shepherd Boy card I did. I totally agree with Joni...Birgit's cards are like paintings and she is very much an inspiration!

Our best investment is the townhouse we bought in July. It's hard to say if it will continue to be a good investment in this economy but I LOVE having a place to call our own...and it's in Seattle, what's better than that? :) I may be a little biased. LOL!

Martha said...

beautiful cards.

Maureen said...

WOW!! What incredible cards!! Love her style - especially the little scenes and her use of embellishments!!

Candy said...

Hi Marie,
Thank you for presenting Birgit today. Each one of her cards are so wonderfully done they could all be framed and hung on the wall. I too felt like I was walking through a museum.....
My best investment without a doubt was..........My children.

Randi said...

Stunning!!! Birgit your creations are full of so much amazing detail!! These cards are just brimming with creativity!! LOVE them all! Thanks for sharing!!

scrappypug said...

love these-- i really need that cup of stuff set!

Anonymous said...

All of these are! Very, very creative!

Biggan said...

Thank you for all comments! I´m so grateful and honoured! I love the stamps and am happy that I got the possibility to be guestdesigner!

Hugs from Sweden!

True :) said...

WOW! Birgit's cards are AWESOME!!!!
Love that they are so different in styles!

Janna said...

Congratulations Brigit! Your work is just amazing!!! I love your style and the way you did your coloring! Simply beautiful!!

I would have to say the best investment I have ever made was my paper cutter! It started off my wonderful journey into stamping and Ihave never looked back!