Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Tuesday

Hi friends! Sorry about yesterday. Ack so busy these days. Ok first off, a couple of announcements.

1. Club Anya Blog Hop Tomorrow!
2. Since the Anya Releases are on Wednesday, Farmer's Market will be next Thursday (4/23).
3. We are having a limited presale on the new May releases on 4/23 as well. Mark your calendars!!!
4. Store is restocked.
5. Case of the Curious Card challenge is this Friday. =)
6. TGF paper is now rescheduled to release May 1st due to unexpected delay.
7. Check out the Pink Elephant Challenge that TGF is sponsoring this week and win a free set!

Ok so mark your calender splendid stampers! Here are some spectacular cards for you today!

Ok is Elena's cards are spectacular!!!! Look at the bubbles!!!

This card by Cheryl is a Never Ever dream! I love the leaf details. Perfect for Peter!

When Melyssa sent me this card, I was so stunned by the brilliant boldness of it. It's cute, it's stark, and what can I say: it has polka dots!

Awww and a sweetie pie graduate Anya by Maria!

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope Tuesday treats you well. I will see you back here tomorrow!

Today's question is: Do you have a habit that others find annoying?

Hmmm... I guess according to Ray, I ask too many of the same questions. LOL. Whatever! What does he know?! hahaha. I have a very inquisitive nature!


~*Joni said...

How is that Elena's style is so darn clean and simple, yet so gorgeously perfect?!!? Grrr...I'm madly jealous. ;) Great cards DT!!

TY for moving up Farmer's Market to next week. Phew! That was going to be a double hit on the wallet this week. I can't wait to see all the new goodies this month!
I have no annoying habits. LOL! DH cringes because I'm a messy crafter. Like, really messy. If my craft table is clean it's because everything is on the floor.

Dee said...

Akkkk Elena's Fish Bowl card is to die for LOL. I'm with Joni on this one, clean and simple style that always looks amazing. Mine just look boring when I go clean and simple lol. The rest of the cards are amazing too. Lots going on - thanks for all the updates :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness those cards are just terrific!

annoying habit....bet hubby and the two teens could list some! i, on the other hand don't find myself to be annoying at all!!!!! ROTFL!

the whimsical butterfly said...

I agree with Joni. I have NO annoying habits :) OMG can I tell you I am afraid of what the answer would be to this LOL! But, I agree with Joni. I am so uptight about my house being clean but when it comes to my stamp area...OH sweet disaster. When I spill over to the dinner table that is where my family draws the line...

Angie said...

The lineup for today is wonderful! I think I am falling for the little froggy and need to get his stamp set soon... I'm a little sad about the delay in the paper release but my pocketbook isn't! We had some unexpected expenses this month (stupid Italian Road Taxes!) so I can wait a little while longer.

Sandra MacLean said...

A presale?!? I'm getting up early for this one Marie!! :D Or is it one of those stay up late kind of ones?? LOL

Elena's cards are soooo delicious aren't they?! I heart her work!

My annoying habit, if you could call it that, is something that causes my hubby to call me 'The Bed Nazi'...when I go to sleep at night, I like my bedding to be tucked in at the foot of the bed and tidy. I have gotten up in the middle of the night to remake our bed after hubby completely left it in shambles from all the tossing and turning he does! I like order! LOL

Martha said...

oh the cards are amazing!!

Tracey said...

Lots of fun things on the way -- I really need to add to my collection...so I can really participate :)

My annoying habit?? Well, the only one it seems to really bother is my DH...I twirl my hair...usually when I'm stressed or thinking about lots of things...which is pretty often lately...it makes him a little kooky.

Janna said...

These are absoultely amazing! Seriously! I want to case everyone! I am just not sure I could do them justice!

I have to say probably my most annoying habit is chewing my nails! Everyone thinks it is gross but I can't seem to stop!


Sarah said...

That fish bowl card is outta this world!!! All the cards are stunning!

Elena said...

Thank you to everybody for your very nice comments about my cards!
Annoying habbits... maybe always talking about stamps!