Thursday, April 23, 2009

Farmer's Market

Happy Thursday to all! Welcome to another exciting opening of Farmer's Market! Where we have a really sweet sale going on! Of course you know because I've been talking about it all week. haha.

Before you start shopping away I did want to note something about the papers that I forgot to yesterday. In real life they are actually more muted and 'dirty' looking but it's really hard to catch that on camera since everyone's monitor setting is a little different. The actual prints are kinda vintagey looking because I put a distress overlay on top of the image. These packs will be reg. $12 when they are released in May.

Please remember sale prices are only available if you purchase off the blog! While supplies last.


Happy Shopping!

Today's question is: On average, about how many cards do you make a week?

Sadly I don't know. I haven't really had time to make any cards lately but hopefully that will change soon once I finish organizing and packing rubber. =)


Danni said...

Oh how fun!! Love these new images!
On an average I make one or two cards each day so about 14 cards a week, give or take a few. Whew! Can we say addicted!!

Mary(OhioMary) said...

Woohoo! I placed my order! So exciting.

I strive to make 3 a week...or at least have the ideas gathered.

Mariska said...

I made it!! So glad with my shoppings :).

I make one or two cards a week. I'd like to do more but I spend way to much time on one card to get more done.


Zarah said...

If I wasn't flat broke, I SOOO would buy them ALL! :D

I make about 10 cards each average week. Some weeks I make fewer, and scrap more - and some weeks I make 40+ cards... :)

Peggy said...

Have been waiting "patiently" for 7am MST to come!! Got my order placed before heading out to work!! Love these images!!
I usually make at least one card a day.
good luck with your organizing!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Wow look at all the fun! What a blast! I'm SO excited for the paper! Um, I think on average I'd say 6 or 7. Sometimes less, and sometimes I can do that in a weekend but USUALLY 6 or 7 LOL. Now ask me how many I SEND... :( sad, I know LOL

~*Joni said...

Wow! What a tough decision to make at the market. :D But alas, I think I made my final purchase of the day. haha!
While I was shopping just now, DD kept pointing and said, "I want this one, Lily needs this one, and then call me when you print it." haha! She thinks everything is digi nowadays so I've got explaining to do once I log off... :D
I make a card every night while the kids are in bed and DH is catching up on ESPN. It's like my glass of wine, which explains why some of my cards look like I was drunk.

Angie said...

YEAH! I got the papers, and a couple of the new girls, and Down by the Pond which I've been wanting! WOOHOO! I make 3-5 cards a week, but that can vary depending on how much free time I get during the week.

Jennifer said...

...only about 1 a week, wish I could do more, hope to do more soon....but very happt to get those new girls, and a few other things....shhhh....just need to get them to use!

Emmy said...

oh that varies a lot! some weeks i can't even make one.. and some days i can make 10cards just in one evening..
click click shop shop! i'll be spending some time by my mailbox now.. :)

Frances said...

whoohoo, my first farmer's market purchase (and my first comment on here, just been stalking up to now!)- loving the new girls. Luckily I'm 7hrs ahead here in the UK so this late bird can still catch the early worms LOL (my order from last week just plopped through my door too, thanks for the quick delivery!).

I make avg of 4 or 5 cards a week depending on the old mojo.
Fran xx

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

I got my shopping done.. WOOHOO!! I'm so excited to get the new ones, as they are really cute, just darling!! ;~~)
I make about 6 cards a week. I'm teaching a card class right now, so I have to stay on top of the card making, so I'm ready for the class.
Have a great day ya all!
Denise from OHio

Carisa said...

Yay!!! I sent you an email Marie!!! Can't wait to see you on Saturday.

On average I probably make 2-3 a week. I'd love to make more though. Wish I could knock out 1/day!!!

Caz said...

I missed the stamps.....been waiting all morning and then I got called away.

I make between 5-10 cards per week, depending on what I have one, and the inspiration.

Anjou Krelovich said...

Love the new sets -- but wow, they go fast! Checked at 8 my time and they weren't up yet and sold out by 10. I think these will be definite winners! On the cards, I try to make a card everyday, so 7.

Sandra MacLean said...

I got all the new stuff!! Yay! And I'm really glad that the paper is vintagy looking - right up my alley! I make between 6 and 9 cards a week. It all depends on the mojo and what's going on that week. :D Thanks for a fabulous Farmer's Market Marie!

kadie said...

Oh Phooey!! I didn't get up when I wanted to and get those delicious papers! Next round. Congrats on selling out of everything, Marie!

I make 5 or 6 cards a week usually. Any more and my DH would be lonely. ;)

Carisa said...

Eeek, you are sold out of the presale stuff already!! Wowsa! WTG!!!

anabellpepper said...

all 3 little girls are out of stock already? Waaaaaa They are just too cute!! well, at least I got another set I was wanting!! Yippee!! Thank you!!

Renie's World said...

I was on right on time and I could never get past the blog page!! So bummed! I was so hoping to snag something.

Lisa Hjulberg said...

It's 8:23 in California and I just tired to buy one each of the new items and they are all sold out. I can't believe it! Will there be any more offered at the sale price? I'm new to this, so I didn't realize I'd have to get up at 6:00 to order...


BishopsMommie said...

they are already all gone..Is that really true?? I am soooo sad.what time did they go on sale?? I guess it wasn't meant to be hoo

Tori Wild said...

Aww man... I missed the presale girls and paper! Can't wait for them to be in the store!!

I probably make 10-15 cards a week (some weeks more, some weeks less)

Martha said...

I missed on all the presales :(
Will be waiting for the release ;)
thanks for such wonderful stamps ;)

scrappypug said...

wow those of us who work outside the home miss out on the presale stuff :( I am so sad...but will pull myself together.. heh i make one roughly a day more on weekends maybe..

Kerry said...

Oh man, finally got my wireless working... Mine wasn't working this morning. It was the end of the world, I threw to my best friend's house at 7am MST just to use her computer to purchase the presale. Very thankful that I can shop. I'm crazy, just thru hoops just to buy stamps. LOL!

I make about 10-14 cards/week.

angeljakki said...

I can't believe that I missed it. I am crying real tears : (

Jennifer said... about

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