Thursday, April 2, 2009

Don't be a Square

Good day fellow stampers! Thank you all for a wonderful release day yesterday! Before we get onto our cute little challenge today I wanted to show a few glorious cards with you. I was thrilled to get some awesome samples from our DT with the new images to share with you along with our existing favorites! And here they are!

By Faith

By Randi

By Maria

By Kadie

By Cheryl

Ok so now onwards to the challenge!

We all know that the square or square-ish (rectangle) card is the most popular card around. But what about all the little non-squares? Today is the day where these little guys shine! So go head and think 'outside the box'.

HOW TO PLAY: Make a non-square or non-rectangle card! As long as not all sides are parallel, it works! For example, it could be a slanted, or domed, or whatever. As long as not all 4 sides are 90 degrees. I will make a folder called 'Don't be a Square' in the Gallery under contests/challenges.

PRIZE: Your choice of 3 free stamp sets!

Please turn in all your entries by Wednesday April 8th evening.

I think this is going to be a fun challenge and I am anxious to see all your creations!
Have a wonderful day!

Today's question is: What is your significant other's recent purchase?

Ray just got himself a 52" flat screen TV. It looks huge in our dinky apartment. I'm not sure what the big deal is but he stares at it like how we stare at stamps. haahaha.


Mary said...

Love the challenge!!!! My hubby bought a new wireless router - faster, better, blah, blah, blah - I don't see any difference at all!!

joey said...

Hi, oooh this is going to be a fabulous challenge :O) shall get my thinking cap on! the dt have made fantastic cards as always. Hehe had to laugh men and their gadgets, my hubbies most recent purchase was a new house phone lol.

Melissa Craig said...

Great cards - GREAT challenge! I might have to play in that one!!!

His most recent purchase was a 2009 Toyota Camry. He traded in the truck that he absolutely loved because it wasn't practical.

Elena said...

Wow! The cards are FANTASTIC today!
Purchase... Probably a night stand next to our bed.

buggin2stamp said...

Sounds like a fun challenge. I am on vacation next week, so I will try to get a card done for this one. I guess my Significant other would be my boyfriend. Even though I don't live with him, he usually tells me about his purchases. He has told me about any recently. He did buy a big flat panel tv a few months ago. He was just amazed with it. I don't really watch too much tv, so I thought he was funny for getting so excited. But like you said, we do the same with our stamps. LOL!

Have a super day!

~*Joni said...

Oh pretty pretty line up! I think Never Ever is going to be incredible to work with - i's so magical! What a fun contest idea - so out of the box. Lol! Pun intended!
DH's recent purchase was a (mid-life crisis) workout DVD set. As if he needs it. I think it was a hint for me. LOL!

Lindsay said...

oh i am so excited about this challenge it should be fun! and I can;t wait for my never ever set to arrive!!!!! i am crossing my fingers for today! anyways my hubby's most recent purchase was a mat for in front of his BBQ grill lol it basically an out door rug/floor mat that says "grill time" on it lol. my hubby works at lowes and when he see's clearance tools or new boy toys he snatches them up at great prices so i guess i can;t complain since he only spent a buck.

Emily said...

My husband doen't buy much for himself besids beer or meat from the meat that's it!! My wheels are turning...I'd love to win 3 stamps!!!! Great cards all ROCK!!!

Kay said...

My DH bought himself ('cause I sure ain't gonna use it) a new riding mower.

Tracey said...

GREAT Challenge :) Will have to find time to play along :) As far as your question of the day...DH's recent purchase...actually that's a tough one, he hasn't bought anything of significance in a long while...We do have one of those TVs you speak of...and I know that stare ;) I'm sure his most recent purchase was a tool for work or something...

Carisa said...

This challenge is great! I've been wanting to make a circle or oval card so now I have big incentive to get on it! LOL

My hubby hasn't made any personal purchases as of late. What he's been doing with his spend money is going to play paintball mostly. The only things he's bought lately are parts to fix game systems which is what he does on the side for extra $$. I'm trying to get him to build me a pink nintendo DS eventually!!!

Pascale said...

Hello I have made my card for the challenge just waiting for the link in the galleria to post it! I have posted it on my blog. I loved every minute of making it. I have to say my hubby has just brought himself a portable radio. I love your new stamps they are amazing and your service is amazing too. Hugs Pascale

Pascale said...

You an see my entry here Hugs Pascale

WickedPixie said...

Those are some amazing cards form the very talented DT team! I love th4e new stamps - Can't wait for mine to get here!

My Hubby just bought a 2009 Ducati motorcycle - his dream bike - to celebrate his promotion. I worry over him when he rides it (still several months to go before it's warm enough here!) but he IS a grown up (plus, my exchange was getting lots of Copics and stamps!)

Margie said...

Cool challenge! Definitely going to have to think outside the 'box'! LOL!
My DH just bought himself a ton of Wii games! Now, of course, he wants to buy a huge 52" flatscreen too ;) and we also live in a tiny apartment!

Heather said...


How bummed am I I wish I had not made my Mermaid card in the shell already that would have been perfect for this challenge!!!

I am so glad the release went well this time. I personally had to hold myself back this time as since January I have purchased every Ian and Anya and many of the Greeting Farm stamp sets too!! LOL

I know I will give in soon!!!

Heather Schlatter

Heather said...

Oh wait I forgot to say my DH does not purchase much for himself. He did just pay $500 to go on a Mission Trip with our church to help at a Navahoe Borading School to rebuild it so does that count??? Probably not since it was for a good cause!!! LOL!!!!


Erin said...

$190 hiking boots. I have never had $190 shoes in my life.

Will Stamp For Food said...

My dh just bought a wall mount for the 47" flat screen. It is a tilt swivel full range mount. I found it at at moutsdirect online for $152 all the stores he priced were over $250.

I'm excited about the challenge. Perhaps I will find some time to work on this one. :)

crafty amy said...

Great chalenge I am making already. Trouble is don't think I will be able tio stop at one cards as my imagination is running away with me :)

My other halfs most recent buys are t-shirts as he is now in a job where he can wear his own casual clothes but the job before that was always suits and shirts so he is having to get a new wardrobe!

X Amy X

Janna said...

Oh My Word!!! These cards are amazing!!! I can hardly wait to get my sets in the mail now! i am so, so inspired!!

What a fun contest! I already have some ideas as to what I want to do! This is going to be so much fun!!

My husband recently bought a baseball ticket pack! two tickets to 7 games. He is so excited!


PaperCrafty said...

Love the challenge!!! My hubby just bought a VERY expensive mountain bike. The good thing was he didn't blink when I was here for the new release and didn't say anything when I mention it was a pre-release and that I would be back

Dee said...

I love the new images can't wait to get them.

My sweetie's last purchase...A brand new super duper top of the line refrigertor (ours blew up and I have been using 2 mini ones that are usually for just drinks since xmas with no complaints - akkk lol) and he finally is replacing it, can you say shaved ice dispensor (margaritta time) lol. He also purchased me a new steam washer and dryer (so many buttons it confuses me ha). I think a its a bunch of hints to stop stamping and start cooking and cleaning LOL!!!!

Audrey said...

DH just bought some 8 foot fence posts and some QuikCrete. What a fun challenge!!

Loved seeing the cards!! Beautiful work!!

Tink said...

Great challenge! My Hubby's last BIG buy was a Laptop comp for ME!!!!! Love that man!

InkyButton said...

I had so much fun playing along with the challenge!

My hubby is referred to as "Captain Gadget" in our home, but his most recent purchase was an 8-Track player. No...he's not 80 years old...just an 8-Track Geek. *giggle

joey said...

Hi Again, the cards for this in the galleria are stunning and so creative! I have added mine to the galleria, and am about to add it to my blog.

Kay said...

I was going to upload this card to the gallery, but I'm not sure if non Greeting Farm stamps are allowed.
If they are, I can go back and upload to the gallery (just wanted to play along, sorry that I don't have any of these super cute stamps yet). In the meantime, the card has been posted on my blog:

Cindy Haffner said...

What a fun challenge here is mine. I used a heart.

Tonya said...

I had a fun time making my card for the challenge. Thanks for the fun.

Suzette said...

Fabulous challenge I have made a-link on my blog next to my card, ipod