Friday, April 24, 2009

Cards Galore!

Happy Friday friends! Thank you all for a fabulous Farmer's Market yesterday! In other news, I said earlier this week that that our fun day at Scrapbook Destination was rescheduled to tomorrow (Sat) at 4:00pm. So if you're in Colorado, or somewhere near that vicinity, drop on by! =)

Scrapbook Destination
8214 S. Holly Street
Centennial CO 80122
(303) 779-0024

And now for a super awesome lineup from the best DT ever!

By Cindy

By Elena

By Kadie

By Melyssa

By Cheryl

By Faith

By Randi

Have a great weekend everyone! And if you haven't check Club Anya today, go that way.

Today's question is: I'm looking for a name for the 'Dahlia, Annika, Reeta' series. Any suggestions? If I select yours, you get all 3 girls. =)


Zarah said...

BEAUTIFUL cards!! Gotta LOVE those stamps. ♥

And name... Tough! Will get back to you after I have a proper thinking session! ;)

Randi said...

AMAZING line up of cards!!

Hmmm...first thing that came to mind when I saw those gals, was 'Sassy' ;o)

Club Sassy
Ecletic Sweets
Girlies Next Door

I gotta think (and sleep) on this. It's 4am. What am I still doing awake?!? If these don't make since, it's cause I'm sleep deprived.

Randi said...

I meant 'sense'. Geesh, I'm off to bed.

Oh, how bout 'Eclectica'.

Angie said...

I love the lineup today! The bows on Flutter Anya's hair is cute! So, I has an idea for a namefor the girls... since they remind me of Anime characters, and the Japanese word for FUN is Tanoshii, I was thinking they could be the Tanoshii Girls. But, if you add boys into the mix, they would be the Tanoshii Kids. But, I was originally looking for the word "pretty" in Japanese but it was Kawaii which makes me think of the Hawaiian islands or Kirei which is pronounced Key-Ray-EE but when an english speaking person reads it, it looks like KiRay. So, I like the Tanoshii Girls.

Angie said...

Wow, I just read my comment and I said "but" a lot and I rambled! Sorry!

~*Joni said...

OMword, my feet hurt walking through that beautiful gallery! What an awesome Friday lineup, so many case-able cards and all those layers are inspiring!

I love these new images so how about:
Little Loves
Small Sweeties
Tiny Tykes
Mini Miss
Tickled Pink

Have a great day everyone!

Danni said...

Wonderful creations!!
I'm not very clever but the name SugarPlums came to mind....

Mary said...

I guess the name Dahlia inspired me to think of the Blossom Babes but that doesn't really fit the other two. Maybe something like Tween Peeps (they look like older "tween" age girlies)....I'll think some more....

Mary(OhioMary) said...

Great line up to bring in the weekend! WTG DT!

What about "Button Cuties"(as in "Cute as a Button"), Flourish Pals(as in these seem like youngsters that are flourishing like a flower on TGF), or "Breakfast Club"(since these are youngsters on the farm and we all know how early farmers wake up) for the stamp line?

Renie's World said...

How about something like Callow Crop?

Callow is another term for youthful, naive, adolescent. And these girls are not children, but yet to be full teens. And crop because this is TGF and they are the new crop of girls on the farm

Jenn Borjeson said...

How about the RAD girls - get it? Reeta, Annika, Dahlia? :o)

Dawn said...

Cutie Pops

that all i got...

Dawn said...

ooooh!!! I got another one...
Tiny Tarts!!!

cuz... well ... they kinda are tiny and a little tarty!

good for boys and girls!

Dee said...

gcards are amazing as always - loving owwwwwing and ahhhhhing as I go threw lol. Tough quateion today! How abour

SugarSpice Girls
Twinkle Bells
Sweet Tart Bunch

Tough one!

Sandra MacLean said...

What a line up of cards today! Wow! I'm so excited about these little girls I snapped up all of them yesterday! :D

Some names I came up with this morning were:

The Lovelies
Betty Babes
Harajuko Girls

Zarah said...

Chic Chicas
might work?

Cindy Haffner said...

I'm loving all the cards. How about "The Darlings"

Kerry said...

WOW! Super card line up today!

TGF Sweethearts
Wow-wow girls
Cutie pies

Tori Wild said...

Gorgeous stamps--- and I LOVE the new images.

I was thinking of the names

"Sass" - they look like they have a little attitude! :)

"PopTarts" (maybe because my kids just had those for breakfast, but I think it would be cute and fitting.)


V said...

Oh gosh! What a great list of suggestions! "PopTarts" made me giggle. Love that.

They so darned cute it's hard to pick just that perfect name for them. But I'm certainly gonna try. :)

My suggestion-

Quite Contraries

as in Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? :) They make me think of the sort of flowers she would grow on Anya & Ian's farm. :D

Darlene said...

O.k so how about
Sassy Lassies
Cheeky Chicks
Cutee Cute Cute
Fiesty Finds
Silly Sallies
I know not too creative.LOL. My thinking cap is hanging on the door.

Carisa said...

I love the new girls!! Theya re so cute, especially the little schoo girl! I love their lashes so I thought something like Lash Beauties but I think I like Pretty Pals better. I already see some great names and I'm not great at coming up with stuff like that. LOL See you soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna take a crack at it. They kinda remind me of Alice in Wonderland- so how about:
Alice's Neighborhood
Whimsey World
and I love V's Quite Contrary too!
Good Luck

kadie said...

Hiya! Awesome line up. There is so much creativity inspired by these stamps, it's incredible! your Dahlia!!

Ummm, here are my thoughts on names:
I really like Michelle's idea to use Whimsy but pairing it with girls

Whimsy Girls
Pixie Girls

Islander Girl said...

Great card line up today!!!

When I look at the new girls I think of Japan (I grew up there). Dahlia especially reminds me of the Harajuku Girls!!! Actually all the Anya and Ians are similiar to Japanese characters...but the three new ones are more Japanese looking so I'd either go with:

Harajuku Gurlz
Hara Gurlz
Juku Gurlz
Japango Gurlz
Annie or Anime (Animation) or you can spell it Anna Mae/May Gurlz
or something as cheesy as Asia Gurlz

OK, that's my input...LOL! They just really remind me of Asian-Japanese type characters.

Good luck with naming them! Can't wait to see what you pick!

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

I love the new GIRLS!!! A name for them, what about, Anya's Best Friends? that would describe them well, don't ya think???
Enjoy the weekend!!!
Denise from OHio

Maureen said...

WOW!! Those are some awesome cards!! TFS!

When I first saw the girls, I immediately thought of "hime gyaru" (meaning princess girl) - a Japanese style of dress/makeup (which I don't do, but love to look at!). So my suggestions would be:

Hime ("he-may") girls or
Princess Girls

And then future girls could use hime gyaru fashions like giant bows in their hair and super fancy accessories!

Katie Cotton said...

fantastic creations today!

Randi said...

So, I love the whimsy theme, too. I couldn't think of anything last night and kept thinking about it in bed. Hate that! But then I thought of...

Like a play on whimsical.

montygonza said...

it is so hard to name them as two are alike and the other isn't.

I think Anya with the cat should go under Pretty hatt as they are so alike and the other two should be called the Harlequins Twins
Or the group be called
Sugar and spice as a couple of us have suggested or
Three little maids,
little munchins

Erin said...

I LOVE these new girls. I was devastated when I couldn't get them in the Farmers Market.
OK, How about:
Little Lashes
Bright Eyes
Sweet Faced (which, incidentally, is also what the Annika means)
Little Miss Muffin

Someone else mentioned Tickled Pink, and I think that's really cute!

Erin said...

Bitty Blossoms?

lorena b. said...

I like the suggestions that run along the lines of "sassy" or "cheeky". They just look spunky and full of it! Cheeky Bits or Sassy Bits ;o)

Rosette said...

What about:
"Fun(ky) Farm Team" ? or..
"All About B.A.G.s "
(that means All About Being A Girl ?

Erin said...

Miss Mary Jane
(I'm not sure how to make this plural to account for the fact that there are three girls, but I love their little shoes!)

Erin said...

Randi's suggestion is cute too:
Whimsigirls, but you could spell it like "Whimsigals" or make it two words "Whimsy Gals."

~*Joni said...

Okay...thought of two more while watching my girls outside today...
Sandbox Sweeties
Pinky Promise

Okay, I'll stop...haha!

Melissa Craig said...

Pink Poppets
Little Darlings

Whatever you call the line - they awesome!

Elena said...

I love the names you wrote, Marie! Can't wait to see what other girls think!

KanataNewf said...

hmmm...when I saw these new stamps my first thought was of the old style "kewpie" dolls.

So....Kewpie Cuties is my suggestion!

Sarah said...

So many wonderful cards!!!
Petal poppets
Pretty Petals
Petal Pals
Im hooked on flowers cos of Dahlia!!
Darling Dahlias
Dahlia Darlings
Tiny tweens
Twinkly Teens
OK I be quiet now!

Jennifer said... about

lavish little ladies

I'll keep thinking for more

Ashley said...

Umm, maybe Sassy Sisters.

Ashley said...

Fabulous Friends?
Delightful Divas?

Cathy Thompson said...

WOW, these cards are beautiful!! Such attention to detail. I'm very impressed. TFS

Mary(OhioMary) said...

Okay so I thought of a few more...
Sparkle Girls
Twinkle Toes
Upsey Daisies

MiamiKel said...

Inky Dinkies
Inky Dinky Girls
Inky Dinky Gals
The Heavenlies
Heavenly Cuties
The Flutter Dolls
Cutie Patooties
Cutie Girls
Beauty BFFs
The Bee-FFs
Sweet Dahlias

I'm sure I will think of some more! :)

Kristyn said...

Triple Ts - through thick & thin
Friend Fusion
Chum League
Sweet Society

Joy said...

How about the Ambrosia Girls?

Ambrosia is synonym for adorable

Heather said...


I do not know why but after thinking about a name for these cuties I kept coming back to a really old Disney Movie my parents used to rent when I was little called

The Apple Dumpling or Dumplin Gang

So I say they should be called

"The Apple Dumplin Gang!!!


Mrs Weyremaster said...

I love all the beautiful cards, really makes me want to get my GF stamps out and get creating.

Adore the new girls, cute names too, as for a group name......
Munchkin Meadows
Munchkin Mates
Seasonal Sweeties
Soooo Cute!!
Blooming Buddies
Blossom Bods
Blossom Buddies
Funky Friends
Funky Farm Girls (& Guys)
Sunshine Kids
Sassy Senoritas
Da TGF Crew
Kool Kiddywinks
Precious Petites
Petite Pets
Pretty Petite Pals....

Oh i think that will do for now, making my brain hurt, lol.

Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

Carisa said...

Ok, I've been staring at these gorgeous gals (hey there's a name, LOL) and am thinking Bright Eye Beauties or Wide Eye Beauties? I don't know. It's a tough Choice Marie!!!!

Carisa said...

Ok....2 more and I promise I'll stop...(maybe) - Candy Girls or Honey Girls b/c they are sooo SWEET!