Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hi friends! We have a bustling busy day today! I have a few announcements to make. First off, some of you may know that TGF is featured on Sheetload ezine. Yay! And they are having a challenge over on their site to win some free stamps. So head on over there and check it out:

Sheetload Challenge

2nd announcement is that there is going to be a sweet little TGF debut party at Scrapbook Destination, a LSS here in Colorado. So if you are a resident here, be sure to join us. If you're not a resident, you can fly in too. LOL. But the event is on April 18th, and we're gonna be there stamping and cropping. If you have any questions, please let me know or Angela. Here are the deets.

You are all cordially invited to attend
The Greeting Farm's
release party
Saturday April 18th
Scrapbook Destination
8214 S. Holly Street
Centennial CO 80122
(303) 779-0024

Free Anya Make-N-Take
1:00 pm

Crop the Night Away
4:30 - 11:30 pm

Lastly, Sweet Deal is on clearance. Time to start clearing out some inventory since I want to see the floor of my apartment again. heehee.

Here are some cards to inspire you today. =) Happy cards always bring a smile to my face. How about you? Although I wonder if there is such a thing as a depressing card?

Cheryl greets us with her bow-wondrous cards!

Wahhhh look at this xmas card by Maria!!! Oh my goodness! I'm ready for xmas!

Another super pretty grad anya card by Cindy. I love the heart-shaped card. =)

Ah yes, and for the finale today, voila! The most incredible ship card ever! This card is so cool, it is overwhelming to me. Frame this baby! Kudos to Randi!

Have a super magical wondrous day!

Today's question is: What is your earliest memory?

Hmmmm... earliest memory would have to be in preschool. We were on this see-saw thing and I fell off. I also fell off a slide. I fell a lot. LOL.


~*Joni said...

Okay Marie, I am cracking up at your own answer! It's a good thing short people like us have a small distance to fall. LOL!!
Congrats on all the publicity everywhere!!! It was just a matter of time. Remember all of us little people (literally) when you're ridiculously uber famous!
The cards are eye candy today! And I thought Randi's card was so incredible and saw Maria's Xmas one on her blog! Bleh. (That's me sticking out my tongue because I'm jealous.)
And now speaking of immature, my earliest memory was waiting for my mommy to doze off during my naptime so I could go play. I guess I was destined for sleep deprivation.

Happy day everyone!

rachelsigmak said...

I love all of the cards... just amazing. The boat is something else!!!

My earliest memory... It is hard to think about things other than stamping... hehehehe... but I remember being 3 in pre-school, and telling a boy he was NOT my boyfriend, cause he smelled. No one wants a smelly boyfriend, now I wonder if he wasn't potty trained yet! Ha.

Melissa Craig said...

That Christmas card is beautiful!

My sisters live there, my oldest sister Karin and Angela are friends and Karin goes to Scrapbook Destinations a lot. I'll be sure to tell her about this!!!

Dee said...

All the cards shown today are beautiful...the talent amazes me :) LOVE THEM!!!

Earliest memory...OH BOY LOL. My Dad gave me my first ring, which my Mom disagreed with telling him I was too small. WELL Mom's are always right.... cuz I swollowed it LOL. I remember having to sit up on the bathroom sink for a long time till it 'surfaced' LOL!!!! I will never forget that. My Mom says she can't belive it when I tell her the details I remeber down to the color of the tiles and the pattern on the wall. I was only a year and a half. Certain things just scar you I guess!!!! HAHAHAHA.

Emily said...

My dad tucking me in at night and Christmas with chickenpox....LOVe THE SHIP CARD!!!

Elena said...

Great events are coming, Marie! Wish I would live closer!
Wow! The cards are fantastic today!!! Love the ship by Randi a lot!!!
Earlist memories... Maybe when I first time we spent our family vacation at the South part of Russia. That was a fun time!

kadie said...

Yay! Congrats on the BIG Party!!! I wish I lived closer!

Isn't Randi's card outta this world?? Amazing!

My earliest memory is my mom, gma and auntie taking me to see Annie on stage and crying because I was scared by the orphans singing "it's a hardknock life." It was frightening choreography! :) LOL!

Cindy Haffner said...

Lovin all the cards, super fun.

--I think my first memory is starting Grade 1. I was a shy little girl and was very scared.

Cindy Haffner said...

Cool I checked out the Sheetload site, and what an awesome sketch, I loved it so much I just had to do it. Here is my card.

Randi said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments!!

Wow, Maria's Christmas tree is SO incredible! Cheryl's pot of flowers is such a cute idea!! And, Cindy your cards always have the cutest details, like that little heart attached with twine!

Being the dog lover that I am, I would have to say that our poodle was one of my first most impressionable memories. I used to curl up with him on the floor and nap in the sun coming through the window. I am sure I thought he was my own personal stuffed animal.

Janna said...

These are knock your socks off gorgeous! the coloring the layouts everythign is incredible! What talented woman! Wow!!!! I have to say Marie that I have never wished more that I could live in Colorado than I do now! I so wish I could be there!

I would have to say my earliest memeory was my first day of kindergarten. I had on my brand new pair of maroon mary janes and may white lace socks. When I got home I was so upset because my shoes had bled onto my socks and stained them!!!