Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Case of the Curious Card Winner!

Greetings Stampers. I will be out today, hence the short entry. Please return tomorrow for sneak peek of something awesome! Also please check the Club Anya Blog for an exciting announcement!

Ok so last week we had a card casing challenge to win a free stamp set! Thanks everyone for participating in this ever fun challenge! View below for the winner!

Below was the card that was cased.

By Kristine

And the winner is............

By Broceliane

A little note from Kristine:
Brocéliane made a very beautiful card with Angel Anya. I love the soft pastel colours she's used. Her colouring is amazing and the embellies makes the perfect touch to this card. I am so impressed about how she cased my card!

- Hugs from a very happy Kristine

Congrats Broceliane!!!! What a beautiful card! Please email me with your stamp choice!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! Come back tomorrow!!!

Today's question is: If you were a cartoon, what is the one outfit that you would be drawn in? (cuz usually cartoons are stuck with one outfit forever. lol.)

Well let's see..... I guess mine would be decked in a turq tanktop, shorts, and sandals. Oh and the hair has to be very messy or in a half ponytail. Lol.


Melissa Craig said...

I would drawn in a setting that is always 73* outside so that my outfit could be a pair denim capris, a comfy t-shirt and sneakers.

Elena said...

Angel Anya is so precious!!!
I think my outfit would very simple - denim shorts, t-shirt, snickers!

Brocéliane said...

wow , I am so happy, thank you Kristine :)

Kerry said...

Congrats Broceliane!!! :-)

Gabby said...

Congrats Broceline!

My chartoon character would be dressed in jeans, a hoodie, & Converse or Vans sneakers...lol...what I wear everyday. AND she would have a ponytail.

kadie said...

Broceliane! That card is fantastic! I love the softness of the color combo and the incredible coloring job. Congrats!

Hmmmm, I would be wearing a black hoodie...because I would be the sidekick in the cartoon and things are always being thrown at or spilled on the sidekick and I need black so stains don't show :) And jeans, striped socks and sketchers. Happy Tuesday!

the whimsical butterfly said...

CONGRATS BROCELIANE! Wow your card is AMAZING!!!! Gorgeous!

Um, oh dear...Ok, I would have to say my fave jeans w/ the slightly frayed bottom from all the wear...my flip flops, and SOME sort of butterfly SOMEWHERE! LOL. I'd say my College of Charleston hoodie, too..man, what a hottie..NOT. LOL NO ONE would buy that stamp or cartoon !LOL!!!

Kristine said...

Congratulations Broceliane!
I just LOVED your card, so you really deserve this!

Randi said...

Gorgeous card Broceliane! Your creations always amaze me!

If I had to wear one outfit. That's a tough one. It would either be something really girly, like a Ella Enchanted dress with a big velvet cloak, or something really super hero-ey, like Lara Croft's Tomb Raider outfit. I guess I'd have to go with the latter, since it's much more practical!

Tammy said...

Angel Anya is super Cute!!

I'd be in a pair of jeans and a cute flirty top with a cute pair of heals since I'm so short!

MiamiKel said...

Congrats! Your card is stunning!

And hmmm, I'd be wearing pajamas :)

~*Joni said...

Oh Brocelaine's card is so pretty! The aura around Angel Anya is so heavenly, what a wonderful technique. :D (And btw, what a beautiful card to CASE in the first place.)

I would have on a loose halter dress and flip flops with a big ole flower in my hair. Even in the winter. :D

Maureen said...

Congrats Broceliane! That was definitely one of my fave cards!!

Diana said...

I'd be in a funky T-shirt (like my Dr. Pepper shirt, or my Pink Panther shirt, or cookie monster, or NKOTB...) lowrider jeans, barefoot or flipflops. A long braid.