Thursday, March 12, 2009

Argggh, tax day

Greetings on this wonderful Thursday. Today's entry is super short. I have to gather paperwork to do my taxes. Arghhh hopefully everyone has gotten theirs done already, not like me right now, shuffling through files and drawers. Bleh. I hope I don't spend all my day there...

Anyhoos here are some cutie cards by my beloved DT, Elena and Cheryl! =)

Ok isn't Elena's fairy the happiest card ever! So flowery and cheerful! It will brighten up any room!

This is Cheryl's little army of cute cards! lol! So whimsical and delightful! And of course no card goes without her signature bows!

Have a great day and make time to stamp! heehee. I will see you tomorrow with something special!!!!

Today's question is: What is one thing that you regretted buying?

Ahhhh buyer's remorse. hahahaa. I bought this leather jacket that looked really cool online. But then I got it and it still looked cool but it looks dorky on me. LOL! It's still in my closet and it mocks me everytime I see it.


Anjou Krelovich said...

These are fabulous cards. I love that dear little deer. Thanks for the early morning inspiration! Your jacket is so funny. My regret is always shoes -- I love fancy, modern, shoes with heels. Never, ever wear them. There they sit while I run around in sneaks or flip flops. LOL.

Renie's World said...

I have several buyers remorse when it comes to some scrapbooking mm tag makers. But my all time biggest shopping remorse sometimes is my house because as all you homeoweners know, you never have enough money to fix things and get updates on the things needed to be done!!!

Angie said...

Such sweetcards today! I've had buyer's remorse on several occassions. But the biggst is actually something my husband bought. I should have said "NO!" when he asked my opinion, but I said "Whatever you choose to do." He bought a car, we hate it, and we are selling it now that he's come to his senses! LOL!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Great cards...OMG Elena's fairy is amazing...I might have to case that one-Love my little Eva! I think I regret buying expensive skin care items. I LOVE them, but when I'm in a bind and can't afford to replace a cream or toner, etc. none of the cheaper stuff seems to work as well and then I get all itchy/ face is super sensitive so it's WORTH the $, but I def. don't enjoy spending it on stuff like that!

~*Joni said...

What a sweet lineup! Love the fairy colors, so happy and whimsical. The cards are super today, all the color combos and embellis are fun with sooo many happy details!

I was in college (on a major budget) and hung out with really wealthy friends for some reason. We were at a department store when I thought I'd splurge and buy a pair of $22 GUESS sunglasses on sale. They rang up at $72 (oops) but since all the girls were at the counter with me, I bought them anyway. The next day I tried to return them by myself only to find out that it was a final sale since it was on clearance. Gulp.

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

WOW, Very Beautiful Cards!



WickedPixie said...

Beautiful cards and that Fairy! Wow, Elena!

I think right now i am slightly regretting getting my Prisma markers because I just used my first Copics and now want lots of them! I am trying to figure out how to explain that I need a whole new set of markers when The Prisma purchase was not so long ago!

Kay said...

A pair of leopard print pumps with 4-inch heels (it was a very long time ago- young and stupid). I can't believe I bought them. Wore them once, and almost broke my silly neck.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Awesome cards. I am in love with Elena's fairy card!!!

Hmmm...probably the $4,500 software I had to get for work, and only used for a year! Still hope I can resell it!

Crystal said...

Adorable cards and wonderful layouts. Love those color combos too.

Maria said...

We're done with our taxes! It's painful but it's nice when it's over!!

Wow, such pretty cards by both Elena and Cheryl. . .such talent!!

Buyer's remorse. . oh gosh, I have many. . .as a matter of fact, whenever I go shopping, I'll walk around the store and add a lot of things in my basket/wagon but right before I check out I'll walk back and put 80% back on the shelf!! I think I just like the feeling of wanting them but not actually buying them!! LOL!!


Randi said...

Gorgeous cards! I love the black and white horsie!

Ugh, I have had a busy week and keep putting off my taxes. Not good.

Hmmm....the 2 CIS sticker binders FULL of stickers from like 7 years ago.

Lisa T said...

My car. I hate having to work extra jobs to make money just to pay off a car loan faster. I can't wait to pay it off and use my second job money to spend on stamping supplies!!

I'm so glad that TGF sells digi stamps so I can get my Anya fix until I can afford to buy her in rubber. :-)