Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentines Day Challenge

I had to do this before I forget. haha. Oh and I know some of you are wondering about the Tink stamp which I will dwell more into tomorrow. But let's have us a fun little challenge this week!

RULES: Make a Valentine card using tgf stamps. Then write a little rhyme about your card. You can have up to 3 entries.

DEADLINE: Saturday, Feb. 7th. Upload your card(s) into the 'Valentines Day Challenge' folder under Contest/Challenges.

PRIZE: $30 TGF certificate to use in the shop

Have fun!!!

Today's question is: Do you remember your first Valentine?

My first valentine.... I don't think I had one. But I did remember there was this one boy in elementary that all of us girls wanted a valentine card from. LOL. Kids are so cute. We would go through our 'Valentine boxes' and shuffle through the cards looking for his card.


Melissa Craig said...

Ohh! Fun challenge!!

My first Valentine... no, I can't say that I remember. I remember the first one I made, I was in Kindergarten and I made it for Marty Olivas. Ha!!

Lindsay said...

Yaya a challenge I can't wait to play!
as far as my first valentine i honestly dont remember what it was but i know who it was, it was my daddy lol and he probably gave me a stuffed toy of some kind probably a cabbage patch kid lol like i said i dont actually remember but knowing how my dad was im sure if id ask he owuld say something along that line

judy anderson said...

Oh oh oh and I just bought some of your stamps.
First Valentine was probably from my auntie.

Elena said...

Wow! Love this challenge!!! I wiil try challenge myself two - just for fun!!!
My first Valentine was a boy lived in the apartments... I was 6, and he was the same age.

Kerry said...

Woohoo, challenge! Love making valentine day cards.

First valentine? I don't remember, I went to a all girls primary school. =D

Angie said...

This will be fun! I just bought the new digi, so I think I need to print it and make a valentine!

kadie said...

Oh, good contest! Can I have my DH help with the poem...he's so good at writing lil limericks :)

I'm with you, Marie...there was one boy in the 4th grade and getting a valentine in my little letterbox was all that my heart desired...good thing at that point it was mandatory that you had to give a valentine to everyone in the class! Can't wait for tomorrow's news about Tink!

CREATE=FUN said...

oh yes, im still married to my valentine ;)
remember all those teddy bears he use to bring, which teddy bears was not my thing, but like he would bring them, it was okay lol.

those were the days, now, he knows what i like ;)

paulssandy said...

Oh Yeah, another challenge :o)

ummm...I really don't remember a first valentine. I do remember things like what you said, but that is it.

Even now we don't do valentines day. We figure we love each other ever day and have a special day to celebrate our love already (our anniversary).

rachelsigmak said...

I do not remember my first, but I do remember the first one my husband hand made for me... it was hilarious, I still have it, it was huge and he used tape to decorate it, and cut it into the shape of huge heart, we found it in the attic along with the tape he dubbed for me! We were laughing so hard, it was sooo sweet. I think we were about 18. Yikes.

I can not wait to see Tink!

~*Joni said...

It was Chad something...really cute, half Japanese half Caucasian, a real looker for a Catholic school Kindergartener. I think he made ALL of us girls to believe we were his Valentine just so he could have more lollipops. ;)

A V-day challenge! I {heart} to make cards with hearts and more hearts. haha! Must get my thinking cap on...it's around here somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Our first Valentine (my husband and I).. He treated it like a treasure hunt..
Door bell rings - flowers with a note, note leads to outside backyard.. teddy bear with note which leads to a card in his car window - the card has tickets to a concert and dinner that night..
best v-day I've ever had... night I could never forget.

Melyssa said...

Don't remember my first valentine, I mean the guy I wanted one from but I do remember looking for the one from him, and hoping mine was different from the rest of the girls in my class.

about the challenge, could I use a song lyric/quote or verse of some kind instead of trying to make my own rhyme? please!!

Erin said...

My family was very frugal growing up, but my Dad always got me my own fancy box of chocolates from the "good" candy store for Valentine's Day.

Jodi said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! He wasn't a Valentine, but as I look back on this, it's kinda funny! =)In kindergarten one of the boys used to kiss my hand everyday before we had lunch! I have no idea why! I hated it at the time but find it kinda cute now. LOL! My first Valentine... from a cute hapa boy! We are friends til this day! =)

Carolina said...

Ohhh, fun challenge!

First Valentine - eek, I'll have to think about this one...not sure I can remember that far back - LOL!

Kim Gail said...

I love to make beautiful valentine cards for my friends...

Berenice said...

Nice challenge! I just made a card, but I can't upload it to the gallery :(
I need some help, please. Thank you
Here is my card

Nancy said...

I actually can't remember my first Valentine...just the whole having to give one to each kid in my class! I tried to upload to the gallery, but I literally don't have a button to do so...YIKES!! So, I am linking my card here on this post:

Julie Campbell said...

My earliest Valentine memory was when my best friend got a box of chocolates that had been partially eaten. Apparently the boy who had given it to her just couldn't resist. LOL! :)

Thanks for the challenge! I uploaded late Saturday, but the post date says Sunday instead. ??? Hope it wasn't too late! (Either way... I had a lot of fun!) :)