Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Something Magical

Happy Whimsical Wednesday! I'm excited about the Valentine cards! Oh and yes you can have someone help you with the rhyme. It's doesn't have to be a fancy schmancy rhyme. lol. It could even be a Haiku, those don't rhyme. But it could be a cute quote or something too if you find yourself struggling. lol. Hope some of you can participate and add a little pink and red into this month. Ok so I said I was going to dwell into Miss Tink today and dwell I shall!

Here is Miss Tink in all her pixie dust glory. Some weeks back, you may recall that I was doing a Neverland set and showed a preview of Wendy. It was something that I was working on back and forth because I couldn't decide if I was going to do singles, or sets, or whatever but eventually I came to a good conclusion. While I was working on Tink and because she turned out quite a cutie I decided to make her into a single stamp. She's about the size of Anya including the wings. Tink is one of three fairy singles that I will be releasing March 1st. I will be having a 'secret' presale on these and two other March releases. More details to come.

In today's lineup we have much cuteness as always. The first card was sent in by Dawn K. This is her sinister Hatter. She also explained to me the origins of his madness which was due to the mercury that was used to cure felt hats back in the days. Ahhh... how many of you knew that huh? I didn't. Thanks Dawn for enlightening us. hehee.

Isn't she darling? This riding hood Anya card was created by Jacquie and the Geisha Anya was by her daughter Kyah. Kyah did a beautiful job coloring and the paper works perfectly!

Yeah! Another great Miss Anya card by Elena! This one says 'I love your Purse-onaltiy'! LOL. I love it!

Ok these are just too cute. Made by Randi. She has a stash of Lucky Bunnies pieces that can quickly be used to assemble cards. This is her bunny factory! So awesome!

Ah yes another lovely Miss Anya. This one is a la Cheryl! Pink and Brown!!! One of my fave combos! And I love le petit horsie too!

Today's a sweet day. Oooh and I will have my first ad on SCS tomorrow! I'm excited. hahaha I'm such a nerd. Well I'm off to harvest some cards in the gallery now. See you tomorrow!

Today's question is: What's your favorite topping on ice cream or yogurt?

Usually I'm not much of a topper but lately I've been adding blueberries to everything. haha.


Melissa Craig said...

Tink is soooo adorable!! I can't wait to get her!

I am not much of an ice cream or yogurt eater, but if I do have ice cream - it's Hershey's chocolate syrup and if it's yogurt, juat a bit of Grape Nuts cereal to give it some added interest.

Have a super day!!

Melyssa said...

Tink is really cute! I can't wait to see the rest of the faires.

My favorite topping on ice cream is marshmellow, or hot fudge and caramel!

denean said...

LOOOOOVE Tink!! Can't wait to see the other faires!!

Caramel on ice cream and granola on yogurt :)

~*Joni said...

I just want to squeeze that fairy, she's that cute!
Nuts! Walnuts, almonds, makes me feel healthier when I indulge. ;) I love the featured cards & bunny factory, as always.

Jodi said...

Very cute cards! I just LOVE Tink! I can't wait to see the rest of the fairies.
My favorite topping for ice cream is hot fudge.

Elena said...

Tinker Bell is amazing!!! Can't wait to see her in store!
I don't also like topping on ice-cream, but may be strawberry or cherry!

Cathy said...

What a darling Tink is! Oh, the possibilities with this little darling.

I usually buy Neopolitan ice cream but on vanilla I love Hot Fudge, no nut.

Susan said...

Oooh! I can't wait for the Tink stamps to be released! Congrats on the SCS ad and hold onto your hat. Once the SCS group sees your stamps you are going to be selling out.

My favorite topping is Granola. Nothing like a crunch to go with all that sweetness.

Tonya said...

Tink is absolutely adorable!!! Woo HOO!! Congratulations on the ad...I bet it's going to be the bomb!

I love ice cream....and my favorite toppings are fruit....bananas, raspberries or sometimes strawberries. Never with sugar on the fruit...I like the natural tartness to come through. YUM!

Mary said...

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate - and whipped cream of course!

Love Tink! Looking forward to seeing more!

Novell said...

Can't wait for Tink!

Hmmm...not much of a topping person on ice cream or yogurt. Sometimes when I have vanilla ice cream I top it with chocolate chips. Does that count?

Sandra MacLean said...

Can't wait for the 'secret' sale! wooohoooo! I like my ice cream straight up and my yoghurt with berries in it (blackberries, raspberries or grapes).

kadie said...

I love Tink and I'm SOOO excited to one day have her! Great cards today. I love the Miss Anyas!

My fave ice cream topping is blackberry...mmmmmm.

Joyce said...

I love Miss Tink and can't wait to see the other fairies (my daughter LOVES fairies!).

I like granola in my yogurt and sometimes I add some blueberries too.

the whimsical butterfly said...

SOOO cute! LOL I just MIGHT have a pink and brown Miss Anya to show everyeon tomorrow too LOL!

Oooh Tink in a single? I am SOOO there...

My favorite topping is Caramel. funny b/c I don't like chewy caramels but I LOVE it on ice cream.

Elena said...

Congratulation on SCS ad!!! I am very very happy for you Marie!!! You are a wonderful designer!

Christi said...

OMG how cute!!!! I love her! All of the creations are fabulous as always! As far as toppings, it depends on my mood. My all-time favorite is sprinkles. Yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my....I just love Tink!!!! Can't wait to see all the fairies!!

On ice cream, I love caramel. On yogurt I love a handful of Kashi Crunch cereal (kind of like granola but a lot less fattening!!)

Randi said...

LOVE and need Tink!!
Thanks for sharing my bunnies!
Love everyone's creations. Sinister cool. Cannot wait to see Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

I love chocoalte/whip cream/and anything fruity on my ice cream...and granola on my yogurt.

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

on my yogurt, it's alayer thing.. a layer of sliced almonds, a layer of chocolate chips, and a layer of almons granola..mmm, almost like desert!! on ice cream, loads of hot fudge and pecans OR cahsews, thank you very much!!
Keep on Stampin Up!
Denise from OHio


Jean Peters said...

Oh just love the new Tink fairy - she is the cutest.

oh if I have a topper on my icecream or yogurt it would have to be hot fudge x

Randi said...

Oh, I saw the ad! I saw the ad! SO CUTE! "You always have a friend here!" LOVE it!!! I hope that ad brings you a whole lot of new TGF fans!!!

Angie said...

Ok, I'm in love with Tink! I think I'll be secretly purchasing this and the other fairies too! Just don't tell my hubby. heehee!