Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Lineup

Happy Weeekday friends! As prommised, I'm dropping in with a nice long lineup! Lol. Hope you all get a refreshing rest this weekend. That's what I'm aiming for! Enjoy!

These cuties were sent in by Heather! I really like the usage of bright colors here. I know that if ever the day is gray, these cards will make my day!

Wow, will ya look at this little card of prettiness by Lindsay! Beautiful colors and beautiful layout! A cute little redhead for st. patty's day! And there's a load more on her blog so check it out!

Cards by stamping guru, Faith! Perfect, needless to say.

Ok I love all of Cheryl's bows but these one I really love! It's like 5 bows in one! Super cute layout too!

Miss Anya by Jenn M.! A very fresh and flowery card! And how huggable is that pup!

This little rocker is by Janet! She says Rockstar is her fave and this card definitely expresses that!

What a yummy little lineup today! Remember if you have a card for sketch, please upload by tomorrow night for the drawing. Besides that, have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Today's question is: What's your favorite cereal?

A perfect question since I'm here, munching on a bowl. haha. Mine would have to be Quaker Oh's. Mmmmm.... but my current bowl here is Honeynut Cheerios.


Mary said...

My favorite is Golden Grahams but I am currently eating my way through a box of Frosted Flakes. Love the artwork today!

Karen said...

Hi....I wanted to send a belated Thank You for the military stamp offer. I was away on vacation and just got back to see it! Thank you for honoring our military and their families! Blessings!

Jorunn said...
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Jorunn said...

Oh my... all these cards are amazing!!!
Love these images and can`t wait for my stamps to arrive!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Oh much eye candy today!!

I think cereal might be my all time favorite food...I like so many of them. Actually my current favorite is Raisin Bran Crunch (gotta be the crunch kind)

Tracey said...

LOVE these cards!!! Today's absolute favorite is Cinnamon Toast Crunch - but every now and then I'll endulge in a bowl of Cap n' crunch with crunch berries (of course!) Have a great Saturday!!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

These are all awesome! I would LOVE to sit down for a coloring lesson w/ Jenn...WOW! Great line up today, everyone and have a great weekend. I'm not a big cold cereal eater, but I really love cracklin' oat bran. it's the smallest box and the biggest price tag...go figure!

*Analyn* said...

I love the cards! My first order is on its way and I'm super excited. Too bad skater Ian was out of stock! Maybe next order.
My favorite cereal is cookie crisp and fruit loops. :)

Gabby said...

SUPER AWESOME line up Marie! I need more hours in the day to play more with my Ians and Anyas!!! LOL! I'm working on the sketch today that'll be super fun!

As for my favorite cereal...Cinnamon Toast Crunch HANDS DOWN!!! I LOVE that cereal to no end! I'm off to serve myself a Happy Saturday!

Margie said...

Beautiful cards :)
My fave cereal is Lucky Charms ;)

Elena said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!!! The cards are awesome!!
I love cornflakes, plain will be fine with me!

Lindsay said...

honey bunches of oats! and what great cards! I am inspired to go make more! lol

Kay said...

Blueberry Frosted Mini-Wheats- YUMMY!

Cassie said...

Great Lineup today Marie! I don't know how you ever choose!!

My favorite cereal - do Grits count?

Heather said...

Oh WoW Marie!!!

I had not come by today because I thought you did not blog on Saturdays and just now I was looking thru my blog roll and saw my K-State card. I thought I did not post that today and then I realized it was my card on the Greeting Farm Blog!!! Wow I am glad you liked it they are so much fun to work with!!!

Man all the cards you spot lighted today are amazing!!!!

You have such awesome stamps that it just inspires us to create and create, and create!!!

I am getting so adicted to the Anya's and Ian's I no longer want to stamp and color any thing else!!!!

One of my friends Emily shoed a post yesterday where she has started laminating her Anya's and Ian's because she loves them so much and puts so much time into them that she does not want people to (gasp) throw them away so she laminates them and puts a magnet on the back so the recipient can re-use the Anya or Ian if they decide to throw the card away!!!


Angie said...

My favorite cereal used to be Lucky Charms, but I guess my tastes have grown up a little because now I love Honey Bunches of Oats.

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

great cards. I have a deep relationship with cereal and i love so many different kinds. I think my absolute fav with banana nut crunch but when i really want to be like a kis its fruity pebbles!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Oh darn, I discovered your blog and sketch challenge too late to make today's deadline, but I'll look forward to the next one! I'm a new fan of The Greeting Farm stamps and have received my first order. All of these lovely creations give me the inspiration I need to ink them up!

My favorite cereal is SmartStart. Even my kids love it!

Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend, as planned.