Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm not sure about the rest of you but I'm still recovering from yesterday's blog hop extravaganza! hahaha. It was so awesome. Many many thanks to our super VP Jessica! Is she like great or what?! It wouldn't have been possible without her great planning and all our great hostesses! Nor would it had happened without the participation of all of you. SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am mailing all orders out today so you should get it this week.

A few cards to kick off a new month!

Here are some cards that Jenn did for us recently! As usual crisp perfection!

OMIGOSH! I saw this in the TGF gallery and almost fell off my chair! It's by the talented Joni! It's a magazine case using Dorothy Anya! Check out more details on her blog.

Kerry used our new digi stamp to make this cutie valentine card!

This delicate little Geisha was made by Michele. Soooo pretty!

This cute Nurse Anya tin was made by Jodi!

Elena surprises us with these cards featuring Miss Anya! Very classy! I love the details!

Faith really Rocks the Farm with these two adorable cards!

So many inspirational cards today!!! Hope you all enjoy! Have a great day!

Today's question is: What is your favorite comedy movie?

Hmmm so many to choose from but at the moment, Zoolander comes to mind. hahahahaha!


Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

great cards. yesterday was a ton of fun!

Favorite comedy movie? hmm... these days all i get to watch are cartoons! :)

~*Joni said...

The new release party was so much fun and the new stamps are sweeeeet. :D
My favorite comedy movie? I have so many! I love Elf, just because Will Ferrell cracks me up and it is a feel good Christmas movie too. And I love Ben Stiller too, especially in Meet the Parents - sometimes life just hands you lemons. ;)

Janna said...

OMG!!! THese are incredible! I had the absolute best time yesterday at the opening of Club Anya! Jess did an amazing job and the other hostesses creations and hints were amazing!

I have to say my favorite is Anchorman! I love WIll Ferrel and he was so, so funny in that movie. My husband and I quote it all the time!

Thanks Marie for sending out our orders so soon! You are amazing!


Anonymous said...

There are always such lovely cards to look at here!

My favorite comedy? Hmmm..that is a tough one. I find most comedies not really funny and laugh at movies that are in other catigories. The funniest movie I have seen recently on PPV is Meet Dave. I am not a fan of the main actor, but I laughed myself silly watching this movie. This surprised me since everyone else was in bed. I have been telling every one I know they have to see this movie.

My DH tried to watch it and actually laughed out loud, which if you knew him you would know is very rare. He is one of those who's belly laugh is a smile showing his teeth. He's just not an LOL person...but he really laughed at this movie...until he fell asleep that is. He is like a robot that unplugs at 10pm not matter what, LOL

kadie said...

Thanks for a fun time yesterday!!

I have a ton of fave movies but I think one of my top fave comedies is The Three Amigos. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Great cards!

Wayne's World! LOL

Margie said...

Awesome cards!!!
I'm working on my first Anya card ;) She's sooo cute!

My fave comedy movie?...
I love Dumb & Dumber and Weekend at Bernie's!!! lol!

JenRaff said...

There is a more recent movie called "Ghost Town" that is pretty funny. I laughed out loud more than a few times.

Jodi said...

Jess did a great job with getting things organized for yesterday's festivities!! =)
Oh I love comedies, and so many of them. Hmm..I love Christmas movies so I'd have to say Elf! =)
It's soooo funny.=)

Thanks so much for putting the orders together so quickly, can't wait to get 'em inked up!!
Jodi =)

Carolina said...

Such adorable cards! So sad had to miss out on yesterday's fun, and got to your store too late to get the very popular farm images - whaaa! But I'll be looking out for them for sure.

My favorite comedy movie, or at least one of my top five, is There's Something About Mary...just so wrong in so many ways, but still good for a laugh!

Melissa Craig said...

The blog hop was a blast!

The cards are great - there are so many talented TGF fans out there. My fave is Joni's altered project, not 'cause she's my friend and I love her to death, but because the girl can alter anything!!

Favorite comedy movie is an old one... The Philadelphia Story with Jimmy Stewart, Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Great movie!

Tonya said...

Yesterday was a blast, blog hopping and getting all Anya excited! This is going to be a great branch of your fabulously growing site!

I love all the cards today and Faith's style is to die for!!! I'm going to CASE one of her cards soon!!! I absolutely love her creativity.

Favorite comedy romantic comedies count? Well, if so then it would have to be Fools Rush In!!! I love it a ton. If not then I really like The Whole Nine Yards, both of those have Matthew Perry and not that he is my alltime fav...I just really like both those movies. =)

Anonymous said...

Fav movie - "Dracula Dead an loving it"... I luv this comedy... It always brings me to tears...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting my card!

one of my favorite movies that always makes me crack up is American Pie.. all of them. Ijust find them hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous!

Elena said...

Joni's project is amazing!!!
I am so happy that the party went so well!!! Thank you to Jessica!!!
Funny comedy - Only You! Funny and romantic!

JessicaK said...

Fave comedy? Hmmm, I never get tired of watching Blazing Saddles. Or Airplane.

Deedoo said...

I made a card with the Geisha digital stamp (! It's really fantastic ! I love this stamp ! Thanks !