Thursday, February 5, 2009

A New Digi in Town

Pretty Head fans rejoice! Rachel has arrived! This is the 2nd of the Pretty Head series that has been digitized. I am saving these digital files as .TIF now so that it may be more compatiable some some of you. They can still be resized as desired.

Speaking of digis, I will be debuting some digital images for House of Mental characters. The owner of the company, Lisa is a very dear friend of mine (she judged the Anya Fashion Show). These will strictly be digital. I am licensing these from her so that you can enjoy these marvelous characters as well!

Everyday is a beautiful lineup and today's is no exception. This first card brought at huge smile to my face. It's the colors, the imagery, everything! Thank you for growing smiles, Nikki!

Some of you may have already seen this from Jami's blog but I wanted to post it anyways because I loooove the color scheme on this. And the flowers match the DP!

Ahhh Novell, you never cease to amaze me with your cards! I really like the soft pretty colors on these card. Very delicate and feminine... like us! hehee.

This is Nancy's first Anya card and what a delight she is!

Another Anya first, this time by Janet!!! This little Anya is just full of sunshine and happiness!

Ooooh Faith cards! lol. I love these! The force behind this lady is phenomenal. Sometimes I sit and look at these and think 'Gee, can ya spread the creativity this way?'. LOL.

Hop on over to CLUB ANYA for an awesome Sketch challenge! Yea!

Today's question is: You're hot and single. It's a warm and sunny day and TGF is renting a beach house on the world's most perfect beach. You...

a. Throw on your bikini and slather on tanning lotion
b. Grab a surfboard and head out to the waters fearlessly
c. Sit under a huge umbrella, repeatedly ordering fruity cocktails from the cute waiter
d. Hate the beach so you decline this all-expense-paid-for offer and stay home to stamp

Waves, here I come!!! *grabs surfboard*


Mary said...

Umbrella and drinks is me, baby!
Awesome cute cards today!

~*Joni said...

Ohhhh these cards are to drool over! Not literally, but you know what I mean. ;) I cannot get over how these girls come up with fabulous layouts and color schemes every day.
Oh, and I luv Rachel! Now I can tell my other daughter that this is her (she was a bit jealous that her sister Lily had a digi image in her name - lol!).
As for the question, "B" ALL THE WAY! Hang loose~ (teehee)

Mz Kel-z said...

I just love all the stamps you come out with!!! And the cards are always GREAT!
I am going with the bikini and lotion combined with the drinks and cute waiter... If the surfboard instructor is cute, we can throw him in too.. hahaha
Man I miss the beach!

Elena said...

Wow! Rachael is so pretty!
Very beautiful cards today as always!!!
I chose umbrella and drinks!

Anonymous said...

Love the new Pretty Heads...your work is really amazing Marie!!

I'm on the surfboard, in my bikini with sunscreen on and the cute waiter waiting for me with an ice cold beer!

Kerry said...

Wow, a bunch of amazing cards!
I don't know how to surf but I will dive into the water for sure =D

rachelsigmak said...

Of Course I LOVE Rachel! For multiple reasons!!!

I would be in my Bikini!

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

I will take A& C please and if I knew how to surf I would so be out on a board!! I'm all about the beach baby!! Ohhh, maybe you could make us a beach Anya

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

as much as i want to say i'd grab a surfboard, i'm a clutz so i'd just grab my bikini. :) Love the new cards!

Cindy Haffner said...

When you say I'm hot, do I have a smokin hot body or am I me and all sweaty hot? Smokin hot body i pick A. If I'm me I pick D.

Love all the cards, so lovely.

Novell said...

Oh I'm all for the umbrella and fruity drinks!!!

I love Rachel! She's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

The cards are always so pretty and inspiring.

I would have to choose D. I really hate the beach, and love stamping.
Sandy O

Tonya said...

great cards as always!!!

I would be there in a heartbeat and going back and forth between a, b, and c. LOL!!! Hoping that cute waiter would be teaching me to surf too. ;) tehehe

angeljakki said...

Can I have abit of the first 3 and would anyone choose 4!!!

loving the new digi head I think I really have to have that one!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Ok, the cards? AMAZING! So awesome to see so many "Anya firsts" out there, and I'm so glad you showcased Jami's card b/c it's awesome! Everyone's are!

Ok, I can't get past "hot" OR "single" Im' gonna say stay home and stamp, bc well, I am a KLUTZ, so surfing...eek. Bikini? Defer to the beginning of this paragraph...and foofy drinks...I can do that anytime LOL! So stamping it is. Although i could use some sun...

the whimsical butterfly said...

oh...and LOL! to CINDY!!!! Love that woman...

Jodi said...

These are all great cards as usual! Very pretty Rachel! =)
I would say, a,b, and c...the entire package! LOL!

Melissa Craig said...

I have always had a fantasy to be on a beach ordering fruity drinks with paper umbrellas from the Cabana boy named Raul!

Cassie said...

Can i do letter C IN a hot little bikini?? I mean, if you are making me hot and single, i definitely want to show off my body in a bikini. but i'm fair skinned so want to protect it from the sun!!!