Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More cards!

Hi Friends! Ok so the digi-to-rubber poll is closed and the winner is Geisha Anya! Geisha will now be rubberized and taken off the digi-section permanently. We will have another digi-to-rubber poll at the end of the month.

Also thank you to all who are submitting their entries in for the Gardener call so far. To answer a few questions you may have:

1. Yes Gardeners have access to Anya/Ian stamps as well.
2. You can submit old cards as well as brand new cards for your entry.
3. Yes I do accept international applications as well.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me or if you have questions regarding Team Anya, please email Jessica at teamanya@gmail.com.

So... I went harvesting late last night and found these awesome crops. Stuffed a few in my bucket and showing you today!

This girly Gardener is by Alysabeth! Love the color palette!

This adorable army card was made by Lisa F. Definitely one of my faves! I love everything about it!

This cuteness was made by Cathy C.! The Anya twins have a great time down at the farm!

This card totally caught my eye during my harvest. LOL. This rockin' Ian card is by Emily! The textures and layering is awesome!

Fishing is one of Ian's fave pastimes and it is well done on this wonderful card by Danielle!

I always enjoy it when Cheryl sends me her cards of whimsy! This one features the set For Someone! Now that's flowers that I'd love to get!

And this little darling card by Elena features the bunny from the Wonderland set! Look at the little white rabbit details!

That's it for our lineup today! Let's do a sketch tomorrow!

Today's question is: What would be the male version of your name?

Well since I'm Marie... I guess mine would be Mario. hahahaha!


Wendalyn said...

Male version of Wendy is Wendell LOL

Melissa Craig said...

Nice line up of cards!

The mail version of my name (Melissa)I guess could be Melvin. Ugh!

Mary said...

Hmmmm I'm Mary so I guess mine would be Mario too.

Love the cards you showcased today!

Melyssa said...

Mine would be Melvin as well. I know this cause that's my dad's name and mom wanted to name me after him. I'm glad she did!

Jeanette said...

My name is Jeanette so I guess the male name would be Gene.

~*Joni said...

Hey Mario! Great cards, I love when you pull from the gallery and feature DT cards as well!

Johnny (teehee!)

Elena said...

Oh, what a beautiful cards today!
My male name will be probably - Leonardo (from my short name Lena)!

kadie said...

Great selection of cards today. Such talent! I especially love the eyelashes added to Hero Ian for a girl hero! Very cool!

I think the boy version of my name would be Cody. At least that is what I was supposed to be named before I made my appearance into the world as a girl! :)

Tracey said...

Super cute cards today!! I love the rocker Ian and the army girl ones the best :) Well - the Male version of my name (Tracey) is Tracey. can you imagine?? I haven't met many, but they're out there! Have a great day!

Danielle said...

Oh wow! I'm so excited, you pulled one of my cards to show!

~does a little happy dance~

Male version for me is Daniel.

Cathy said...


I'm doing a huge happy dance. (Not a great mental picture)but so happy you pulled one of my cards to show!!! The other cards are wonderful too!

Thanks for much! I love the entire Greeting Farm collection!!

Hugs to all,

Marcia said...

The male version of Marcia is Mark, which is also my hubby's name!

Janet said...

great cards...ummmmm i guess janet would be jannick (which is finnish or something)

Gabby said...

YAY! Geish will be rubberized! Now what to do with the digi one? It'll be a fight against good and evil if I'm gonna purchase the rubber version! LOL!

Love the card showcase! Great talent!

As for my name in the male version...well...I'm Gabriela...so it would be Gabriel. Funny but that's the name of my very first puppy love AGES ago. He was the one I was with the longest (3 years).

OK...I'm off to play with Miss Anya who came in the mail today with Skater Ian!!! WOO HOO!!!

Christi said...

Cute cards today!! My name is Christi but I go by Chris so I am a Chris no matter what! LOL

Lindsay said...

hmmmm well im lindsay and maybe lenoard???/ I have no idea lol!

but anyways I just wanted to say what amazing service the greeting farm gives!!!! If even i send an email i get a response so quick, and I only orderd the miss anyas the other day and they already arrived I mean seriously wonderful service and i just wanted to say thank you!

Randi said...

Love all the featured cards today!!

Well, spelled with a 'Y' my name is a male name! I was accidentally stuck in the boys P.E. class in Junior High. EW!

Tracy.H said...

These are all so great!! Well, apparently my Great Grandfathers name was Trace...so I guess my male version. :0)

Emily said...

I am totally shock that you picked one of my cards, I am totally in love with the greeting farm sets!!!!