Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Middle of the Week

This month is just flying by! I can't believe its the 1st on Sunday! Wooo! You know what that means right? New releases! And new releases equals Fairies! I'm getting my packages on Friday so I'm mailing out the presales on Saturday morning. Also I am clearing out a little inventory to make room in my apartment because we are literally in a rubber maze. Hahaha. So if you check the 'clearance' section in the store, you will find Panda Friends and Dream Quotes. I've already cleared out Fancy Cakes and Cupcakes and will not be carrying those anymore, at least in the store but my carriers will.

Here are some sweet cards for today's lineup!

This delightful card is by Claudette. Looks like Miss Anya is shopping somewhere tropical and lovely!

A fluttery whimsical card by Randi! I can practically see the fairy dust flying off this card! So magical!

Another wonderful Miss Anya card by Lindsay. She is totally rockin' this set!

This is Cheryl's dainty little Angel Anya card! I love the ruffles on the bottom!

A cup of sunshine, courtesy of Mary! I'm usually not much of an orange person but I loooove this color!

I love this card by Mz Kel-Z! Ok whoever has this Hero set, we have to fill up his gallery because it's pretty lonely there. LOL. Support!

Wahhh I saw this one and I fell in love. Look at the pink sprinklies! By Wicked Pixie!

Great, now I'm craving cupcakes. I need to find a specialty cupcake shop. Mmmm... I'm considering having a tier of cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. Or maybe I'll have the wedding cake and then a tier of cupcakes on the side made of the same flavor. hehee.

Today's question is: What was the flavor of your wedding cake? (or what will it be if you're not married yet)

Ooh this is hard. I guess I would have to go cake tasting. I'm going for the red velvet cupcake though. Mmmm... cupcake.


Melissa Craig said...

Great line-up of cards.

My wedding cake was a white cake. I don't like cake, I grew up in wedding shop - my mom did flowers, cakes and catering for weddings for 8 years and so when we did an average of 3 cakes every weekend thru the summer months, I hated cake by the time Mom had to close her business. I had decided then that I would have cheesecake at my wedding.

Well, when I got married, I lost the cheesecake battle. Mom had my cake baked at Child's Bakery and she decorated it. The only bite of that cake I ate was the bite you feed each other.

Angie said...

Well, I'm alread married, but e didn't have a wedding cake, so if I do have one, It wil probably be belgium chocolate, or German chocolate... Something dark! Great card lineup today. I think I need that Hero set!

Emily said...

Hummmm...I love all cake, but at most wedding I've been to and I had the most common is something org. like pineapple and something plain like just I said and cake is GREAT to me!!!

~*Joni said...

I love these cards! Miss Anya is stimulating that economy all by herself isn't she? :D The hero Ian is adorable, Cheryl's angel is so sweet and girly, and of course Mary's orange card is my fave color. ;) That cupcake has me craving one too, especially with lots of sprinkles! I know what the girls and I are making this morning...

Our wedding cake had a layer of lilikoi. It was a small cake but was baked by Leonard's bakery which everyone in Hawaii knows about. Yummy...Speaking of sweets, has anyone seen the Pop Tart animated commercial? That boy looks like our Ian!!!!
(Thanks for the clearance items Marie! I have been thinking about Panda Friends for a while.)

kadie said...

I'm so excited for the Fairies to be released! Yay!
I loved all the cards today.

My wedding cake was Buttercream frosting with raspberry filling (white cake). And it was from a little Italian bakery that my family has gotten all their cakes from since my mom and her 5 siblings were little. Yummers, I want a cake now.

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

My wedding cake, was at least a million years ago, and because it was SO LONG ago, you guessed it... white cake with white icing. We did live on the wild side by adding marizapan strawberries to the cake. Of course, the whole wedding had strawberries in it, flowers, the dresses, etc. Memories... funny things!!
Denise from OHio
Phil 4:13

Tracey said...

Can you believe, I don't remember what my cake was!!

I *think* it was vanilla cake with maybe chocolate filling...I only had 1 bite of it anyway -

To do it over again...I might got for the red velvet - complete with sinfully rich cream cheese frosting...mmmmmmmmmm

Great cards today!!

~*Joni said...

I just had to come back and tell Randi that I loved her Princess Anya butterfly card! I felt so bad that I clicked before mentioning hers. :D

Ashley said...

I love all the cards! My wedding cake was white cake with strawberry filling.

Lindsay said...

mmmmm i love red velvet cupcake! sometimes i'm so glad I live near LA because we get all those random stores like cupcake shops!

I wanted to do red velvet for my wedding cake but our colors were powder blue silver and white it was a whole cinderella theme super fairytale cute! anyways red would have really stood out awkward in photos, and the icing would have been ivory colored so boo hoo =( but my cake lady was amazing! oh hers cakes were sooooo good and she just does it on the side out of her home! anyways we had 5 seperated tiers of white cake with a strawberry cream filling and a light and fluffy whipped frsting! so good. and then the hubby got a grooms cake (he wanted the whole regular cake to be carrot cake or spice cake, what was he thinking!!! so instead the cake lady was like how about this, ill mak eyou your own personal grooms cake carrot cake with cream cheese icing...OK!!! made his day lol)

and i went to a wedding this last weekend that had a great cake it was marble cake with a chocolate chip filling it was like a light fluffy chocolate cream with those mini chocolate chips in it, with the whipped white icing very very yummy too

and thanks for showing my card, I really liked that one and I am glad you did too =) and I have to also say I love that army one with teh hero stamp!!! I so need to get that set next! and I am so going to have to watch her blog because she is awesome!

Randi said...

Thanks for including my Anya! I think everything should be fairy dusted! ;o) Can't wait for the release!! New fairies!!!
Love the rest of the line up today, too! I need to run up to Nothing Bundt Cakes and get a Red Velvet mini bundt!

Um, I know my cake was a white cake with something..maybe lilikoi? I do remember it had tons of real purple orchids all over it.

If I could choose again...I'd have one of those awesome whimsical cake creations Heather Locklear's character created in that movie The Perfect Man. ;o)

Randi said...

P.S. Thank you Joni! ;o)

Tracy.H said...

These are all amazing!

Okay this is easy...My wedding cake was a Pineapple cream cake(we were married in Maui) but we only got to gave a couple of bites of it! But I will never forget that taste...heaven!! :0)

Martha said...

oh myne was chocolate with strawberries. i love chocolate cake ;)

Vanessa said...

I love Anya but can't find it!!!

Heather said...

Ooooo All the cards are so super pretty today!!!

I love that whimsical Green Haird Anya!!!!

Marie one of the great things about your stamps is they are so so so much fun to color and I really love love love how the way thier hair is drawn it lends to trying so many colors and shades and so many fun things to do with them!!!

My Wedding Cake was Vanilla the Grooms Cake was Chocolate, and we had many many sheet cakes for the Guests in Lemon, Carot Cake, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cherry Cake with filling in the center of them!!!

They were so yummy!!!

We had so much cake left over we froze it and ate wedding cake for over a year!!!

Every event we went to we took cake as our dish!!!


Islander Girl said...

Aw, thanks for featuring my card on your blog again! I get so excited when I see it on your blog! Yeay! Thank you!!!

All the cards you picked are super cute!!! I'll do a Hero Ian and add to the gallery!

As for my wedding cake...girl, I took the easy way and eloped in Vegas! haha! I was too lazy to have a wedding...I know, how awful! But for me it worked out! But had I had a wedding I think I would have chosen either a Red Velvet cake or a tropical cake from Hans and Harry from San Diego...delicious!!

BTW, congrats on your engagement!!? When is the special day!

Mz Kel-z said...

Love the cards!! All the cards are always great for inspiration.. Thank you for posting my Ian card and the love from everyone. I LOVE paper piecing and he (ok ALL) are great for that and leave me "PP Happy"!!

I like Butter cake with milk choc icing.. Just plain ole butter cake with plain ole milk chocolate icing.. I had it at my first wedding despite the bakers protests.. It was AWESOME!

Carisa said...

I love those cards and am DYING to get my hands on Hero Ian - seriously, I drool over him all the time!

We had THE BEST wedding cake ever! It was three tiers and each tier was a different flavor. One was Mocha with Raspbery filling, one was yellow with lemon filling and I can't remember the last. LOL I just remember the Mocha with Raspberry filling was TO DIE for and even better a year later when we unfroze it for our anniversary! :) Congrats and have fun cake testing - it's da best.

anabellpepper said...

Saw your comment on the cupcake cake and had to tell ya that my sis did that for her wedding this past august. It was so cute. She had a vareity on there. There was key lime, and cheese cakes there was an amaretto cake, some plain chocolate ones and some white ones. That way everyone who came had their choice of cake. They did an extra cheesecake for them to cut for photos and then there was a special chocolate peanutbutter grooms cake. It was soooo cute. It had these little hound dogs on it as a caketopper with a veil and a top hat and their necks were twined together. I really need to scrap their cakes. they were just so cute. It will probably be a 2 page deal when I finally get them done!!

My cake was a simple marble cake. I really had nothing to do with choosing it since I was active duty military and my mom pretty much did all the planning for it for me. (whether I liked it or not!) Plus it was a gift from the mom of one of my classmates. She did my older sisters wedding cake too and did a beautiful job on them. Very traditional cakes, though.

buggin2stamp said...

The cards are amazing. I received my Miss Anya set in the mail today. Yippee. I just finished trimming them up and am ready to make a card before going to sleep.

I am not married and planning to elope if I do get married. But if I did have a wedding cake it would have to have coffee in it. Maybe Tiramisu? MMMM!!!!