Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello Monday

Hello! Did everyone have a nice weekend? I hope so. It was very nice for me and a good kind of crazy on Saturday. haha. I did put some more Miss Anya in so if you missed her on Saturday, grab her while you can. Pretty short entry today, just mostly awesome cards.

Today's card lineup include some Valentine cards that I received over the weekend. I realize I hadn't put up much cards the past few days so here they are!

This super cute card was made by Janna. I love the composition and the colors on this card. And the little charm is adorable!

Ok do you all love this card or what?! By the all talented Nancy! Beautiful coloring as always and the outfit is too cute! BTW, Nancy has a cute little English Bulldog that this puppy was designed after named Muffin!

Mary made this adorable Pretty Hat Anya card with soft colors and floral DP! Super sweet!

Ooooh Hello Miss Anya! The hues on this card is amazing! Elena did a beautiful job as always!

This adorable little Princess Anya Gift Bag is by Marti! This would be such a cute sack to put birthday goodies in or anything really.

Maria sent in this sweetheart of a card! Princess Anya looks her best in her favorite pink dress and that lacey heart!

Look at the colors of this card!!! It's amazing!!! It's beautiful! Perfection by Jacquie.

This is Kelly's first Anya! Woo hoo! Blue and brown, my 2nd fave combo next to pink and brown! Very awesome DP as well1

Oh and this week we have Farmer's Market on Thursday so that's something to look forward to! =) Have a great day!

Today's question is: You're feeling pretty adventurous and daring today, and decide to be spontaneous! You:

a. Go sky diving! Nothing beats falling out of a plane thousands of miles up.
b. Go scuba diving! Perhaps you'll see a dolphin and swim with it.
c. Go rock climbing! Cuz you love getting dirty and hanging off at the end of a tiny rope.
d. Try a super complicated recipe that you've been meaning to try.
e. Decide today will be a non-stamping day.

Oooh I guess I would try a new recipe. haha since I can't really swim and am a little afraid of heights.


Monica said...

Great Card Picks for today!
I just put in my 1st ever TGF order and I am sooo excited and cant wait to get them here!!!

My Today's question Answer:

b. Go scuba diving! Perhaps you'll see a dolphin and swim with it.

I've always wanted to swim with Dolphins!!!

Have a Blessed Day!

Melyssa said...

Hahaha I guess I'd try to make a complicad recepit since I to am afraid of heights, can't really swimm and if I went a day without stamping I'd be super cranky!!

Great cards today. The colouring is gorgeous!

Mz Kel-z said...

Great cards!! Cant wait for Thursday either.. Here's hoping one of the 2 sets I dont have are up Thurs.. hahaha
I would be sky diving.. I went bungee jumping out of a hot air ballon and swingin on the "sky coaster" but have yet to go sky diving.. But believe me I will eventually, once the kids are old enough to fend for themselves if I get laid up!

~*Joni said...

What a great blog-gallery to start off the week! All the cards are so pretty, that Bulldog is too cute for words! I love how everyone's cards has so much personality.
As for today's question, probably rock climbing...but to not stamp? Now that would be torture instead of spontaneity for me. teehee!
Happy Monday everyone!

Janna said...

Ohhh, thanks so much for featuring my card! Wow!!! All of the other cards are amazing as well!!! What incredible talent!

Okay so I would have to say scuba diving! I love to swim and I have never done it before. It looks like it would be so much fun to see all the colorful fish and interesting creatures. But, I would only do this as long as they promised no sharks!!!!!


Kerry said...

Great lineup of cards!!! Woohoo for thursday, can't wait.

I want to try the complicated recipe, but I think I also want to go scuba diving, sky diving, and rock climbing. And of course, I can't go without stamping all day. I think I want to pick all of the above. LOL.

Frank said...

b) Scuba Diving... :)

Novell said...

I would try a complicated recipe

I was away all weekend in Las Vegas so I'm glad you have restocked! Of course, I missed out on the pre-sales but I guess that just means I have some purchases to look forward to making.

ribenaruby said...

Fab line-up, these are super great!My answer would be

d. the complicated recipe just for a challenge for myself

I would have like to swim, dive etc. but it's too late now and the stamping answer is out of the question too! Great question by the way Marie.

kadie said...

Yay! Thanks for restocking Miss Anya!! I can't wait to get it!

I love all the GREAT cards today!! I have to give a shout out to my dear friend, Mary as well. I love that "Anya at the Museum" card!!

I want to go rock climbing. Someday! Happy Monday, Everyone!

Tracey said...

I just downloaded my first Anya the other day (well, it's Anya and Ian) and I LOVE them - can't wait to add more to my collection. These cards are all wonderful! great picks :) my answer for your question....probably a recipe...I'm not all that adventurous, and I take every opportunity I can to stamp! Have a super day!

the whimsical butterfly said...

I swam with a dolphin once and it wasn't long enough. I'd go b as well :) Plus, that would mean I was somewhere warm!

Everyone's cards are GAW-JUS!!! Love them all!

Mary(OhioMary) said...

Oh my gosh! My card is on here! That is sooo exciting. I see my girl Kelly really rocked out her card too. Way to go Kelly. All the cards and the gift bag were a great way to start of the week. I can't wait to get my new Anyas and Ian to play with. These are just so much fun!

I think my adventure would be to try a super complicated recipe. Of course I would need to do some rock climbing too since I have a mountain of recipes that need to be tackled.

Janet said...

great cards:) I would go scuba diving...i hate heights and can't cook! lol

Elena said...

I just adore all of the cards, today!
I probably will try a new recipe too!

Melissa Craig said...

Sky diving!! I've always wanted to jump from a plane.

Jodi said...

These are all very great cards!! Job well done ladies!!
Jodi =)

Emily said...

love the cards...maybe one day mine could be on there....I would have to go rock the out doors!!

MiamiKel said...

Oh hi there! Great ?s ! My answer to the question would be scuba diving ... I have ALWAYS wanted to do that :) A childhood accident left me w/out the ability to go below 6 feet of water so I just snorkle and dream of the water below me when I'm in it!

Have a blessed week :)

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

On a really large adventurious day, I'm sure I would tackle a difficult recipe, simply because as someone mentioned, I'm not a real good swimmer, and there is no way I'd do the climbing thing. the stampin thing, I do as often as I can, and wouldn't give that up for anything!!
Denise from OHio

Phil 4:13

Susan said...

I just had to pop over here and give a shout out to my friends Mary and Kelly! Girls your cards are fabulous!

ALL the cards here are awesome, and I especially love the darling gift bag! WOW there is a boat-load of talent on this blog! I don't have any Anyas yet. (geez, I can hear the gasps!!!) That will change soon though--they are too cute to resist!

For your question, I would *attempt* to go scuba diving as long as I have my DH with me! Or I'll just snorkel on top wearing a life jacket--I can't swim! LOL!