Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Monday

A Happy Beginning of the Week to all! How was your weekend? Splendid I hope! I'm 3/4 done with the rubber fiasco we've got going on in the apartment. Lol. Let's see... this is the 2nd week of February already! Omigosh this month is just going to fly past us! We do have a sweet agenda this week and next. Tomorrow I will show you the other fairies, Chloe and Eva!!! As well as 3 new digi characters from Lisa's line! Then we have a back to back Guest Spotlight on Wednesday and Thursday! And then Friday only, the limited secret preview and presale!


So let's get on with Today's entry! The Valentine Card challenge! This was seriously such a hard one to decide. I loooooove all the poems and even got teary-eyed on a few. And many of them brought a giddy smile to my face. It was really a toughie but one card just keep surfacing. And that card is...

By The Dark Mermaid
Come swim with me in the pink sea under the full pink moon.
Tell me you love me and kiss me fast, or I'll turn into a mermaid soon!

I love the colors the sentiment and the poem is just too cuuuuute! So Dark Mermaid, email me so I can send you the gift certificate.


For today's lovely lineup, Cheryl sends us a few cards of cuteness! I really enjoy her color combos and the Miss Anyas are just too pretty for words!

This lovely Pretty Hat Anya is from Clare!!! The rose color combo is darling!

These little guys are sooo cute by Elena! I love the horse shoe, it goes perfectly! And the colors for the fisherman is adorable!

This little sweet farmer is by Jenn M. The colors just pop out and I love the flowers!

Ooooh this lovely Pretty Head Rachel is by Lindsey! The flower in the hair is great!

Have a great day everyone and join me tomorrow!

Today's question is: What is your most used TGF stamp?

Mine would have to be Hello Ian! I just love coloring in his outfit!


Melissa Craig said...

Beautiful line up of cards! Can't wait to get my hands on Miss Anya. I just love her!!

Todays question - I don't have one that is most used - I've been like a bee going from flower to flower, I go from stamp to stamp!

Mz Kel-z said...

I love comin here for the inspiration!! Sounds like this is gonna be a GREAT week!!
I cant really tell you my most used as I try to spread the love around.. But my favorite (rocker Anya) I still have yet to use. I am just scared a lil fearful I wont get the image in my head out right... Silly I know!

Lindy Stamper said...

My most used would be Teacher Anya. :)

Elena said...

Congratylations to the winner! Mermaids are so cute!
I yhink I used the most Teacher Anya stamp!

Maria said...

Beautiful cards! I've just started with the Anyas so each one I use is a favourite. Today it's Mermaid Anya. Can't wait for Friday. Hugs, maria

Sandra MacLean said...

Congratulations Dark Mermaid!! It's a fabulous card!! Marie, my most used TGF image is probably Rockstar Anya, but my most favorite isn't in my collection yet - the MISS ANYAS!!! Only 6 more sleeps! LOL

Kerry said...

Congrats to the dark mermaids, great line up, amazing cards.
I love all my tgf stamps, but I think I use hello ian, and dress me set the most.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Wow! So much fun going on here today! Hmmm, my most used? That is a tough one. Other that Anyas, I'd ahve to say Best Mates still takes the cake, but Wonderland is nipping at its heels!!!

Beautiful work today everyone and congrats on the winning card!!!

Susan said...

Wow! Such incredible cards today!! Congrats to the winner! Can't wait til Friday to see more TGF goodies!

My favorite and most used set would have to be Rock The Farm. I just can't get enough of it!!

WickedPixie said...

I love all of the Anya's and Ian's and McSplendid Farm (Ok, I love everything!) but I go back to Rockstar Anya over and over (and my 8 year old daughter who doesn't like to stamp or do things crafty because that's "mom's thing" was tempted enough by Rockstar Anya to ask to stamp with me! Yeah!

Randi said...

Thank you!! *blushes* How exciting! I think you all can tell what my favorite stamp is! Mermaid Anya!! And I have a feeling she will always be my favorite. ;o)

I love all the cards today. That dog is SO adorable!!

Jodi said...

Congrats to the winner! Great cards by all too!
My favorite ALL of them, LOL!
Most favorite is Rock the Farm~

Anonymous said...

Congtrats to the winner, how exciting!
All the cards today, as any day, are wonderful, but the horse shoe one is really neat. How creative.

My most used stamps is a set..McSplendid Farm. They are so cute! My next set I think will be the new dog one (don't remember the name right now)

OH...and before I forget, I received the military set today. Thank you so very much, your generosity is over whelming! I think that will be my most used one in a very short time!

JenRaff said...

I LOVE that card from the Dark Mermaid! How gorgeous!
I received my Princess Anya mirror today (my little 4 yr old is trying to get her hands on it) and the Military stamps -- Thank You so much!!
I haven't made any cards with my stamps yet (I'm a little intimidated) but I have used the football Ian to make journal books for my husband and sons and the other Anya to make bookmarks for my sisters.

Lindsay said...

well im very new to TGF and i only have a few digi stamps but i would have to saypretty head lily and probably soon to be passed by pretty head rachel

Angie said...

Congrats to the winner! I have got to get back into the stamping groove, our recent move totally threw me off. I don't have a most used TGF stamp since all mine are still on their way to me, but I think my most used digi is a tie between the Unicorn and Alice Anya!