Thursday, February 19, 2009

Farmers Market

Every 3rd Thursday of the month, the Greeting Farm will have a Farmers Market where there will be 3 random stamp sets on sale! So if you've been waiting for these sets, now's a good time to get them! Good while supplies last! You know the saying: The Early Bird Catches the Worm! And as a special treat today, I'm adding a 4th item!

Vintage Birds - $10

Happy Chef - $10

Wishing Tree - $10


I hope you find something that you've been waiting for! Also I know some of you are waiting patiently for the Miss Anyas and I'll get stock in next week. Join me tomorrow for an awesome spotlight! Have a great day!

Today's question is: Name something you can't resist.

I could never resist picking up Bailey when he's walking by. I always give me a big hug because he still has soft puppy fur. hehehe. I'd pick up Stewie but he always runs away.


~*Joni said...

Great Market today Marie! :D I had a hard time deciding...I think I might come back with another shopping basket. teehee!
Something I can't resist - let's see...besides these stamps and any kind of sale, it will probably have to be my kiddos. Even when they're asleep they make me smile...Or to rephrase that, ESPECIALLY when they're asleep. lol! JK!

Randi said...

Yay! I got my back to bed. I don't do 5am well. :o) Thanks for the great FM Marie!

Kerry said...

Yay, farmer market! I forgot up early and wait for the market to open. LOL! I'm totally insane. =D

Something I can't resist? Lots! Chocolate, noodles, my fat cat Stewie, and the list goes on. =D

Elena said...

Thank you for this market, Marie!
I can't resist chocolate!!!

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

So glad I found the Farmers Market, can't wait for more!! HA!
Something I can't resist... it used to be chocolate, but things have changed as of late, and I would have to say, without a doubt... stamps, wood mounted, acrylic, EZ mounted, smart cushion, it doesn't matter at all, I can make them all work... soon, I will have to consider other storage options... like adding a room or something!!! HA! Maybe I could get rid of my bed, and use that space for storage... what do ya think?? I can't be sure my husband would agree with that plan.
Have a great day!!!
Denise from OHio


JessicaK said...

Great market selection. Have to go back and look more. As for the question, I can never resist a cup of hot coffee. Any time, anywhere.

kadie said...

This little piggy went to market...oh wait...LOL!! Great FM today, I couldn't resist making a purchase, although I was tempted to get them all.

There are quite a number of things I can't resist, but I'll have to go with chocolate as well. Mmmmm.

Janna said...

Thanks so much for the presale! Now I am all stocked up again!

I think the one thing I can't resist is kissing my daughter Izzy's head right after she takes a bath. It always smells so clean and baby fresh!


Randi said...

Okay, now that I am awake....
The things that I cannot resist are coffee, puppies, chocolate, stamps (obviously, I got up at 5am for them), glimmer mist, or just anything sparkly...I'm like a crow or dragon when I see something sparkly..cannot resist...must hoard!!!

Melissa Craig said...

Oh darn - was hoping for Cup of Stuff to be in the market today.

Today's question - What I can't resist is hugging my kids or at least touching them when they walk by.

Kay said...

Baby anythings! Human babies, animal babies, there's just something about babies...

PatsyB said...

The thing I can't resist is a good, sloppy kiss from my bulldogs and with 8 of them, I get lots of kisses!! I love this site and all your stamps. Thanks for a great blog!

Tink said...

I cant resist theLaughter of a child, I have to stop and listen!!