Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Case of the Curious Card

It's a wonderful Tuesday today. Hope all is well in stamping land! Last night I was going though Club Anya's Casing Challenge and was overwhelmed by the creativity of all the card casing. So an idea dawned on me an I thought hey that's fun! So I came up with this little thing:

By Kristine

Once upon a time, there was a little card that wanted to be cased. The little card was curious as how it would be cased and wanted nothing more than for all the stampers in TGF land to case him.

The Case of the Curious Card is a card case challenge, casing the above card!

HOW TO PLAY: Case the above card and submit it to the gallery, under Contest/Challenges. I will put a folder in there 'Case of the Curious Card'. In that folder, there is a sub-folder called CCC1.

JUDGE: The winner will be selected by Kristine, herself!

PRIZE: Your choice of a free stamp set!

Please turn in all your entries by Sunday March 1st. evening.

I think this is going to be very very fun!!! Enjoy your day! I'll be back tomorrow with more cards for our lineup!

Today's question is: What do you look for the most when deciding on paper?

Mostly colors. And I'm always looking for polka dot prints. haha. It's a complimentary design to everything!


Jodi said...

I look mostly for color first and then for a print. =)

Mary said...

I usually look at the print first...I seem to have a thing for stripes. And I love paper so I'm pretty easy to please!
Off to play with the curious card caper!

Melissa Craig said...

This is a fun way to do the casing!

How I decide on paper is I guess I've already got an idea in mind and then I try to find whatever closely matches that idea.

Elena said...

Love this Ian card!!!
I like colors and patterns in the papers!

Janna said...

Ohhh this is going to be so, so much fun!!! I can hardly wait to play and Kristine's card is amazing!!! Wow!

I have to say I look first for pattern! I want to make sure the pattern is bold enough and repeats enough for me to use large or small pieces of it.


Emily said...

I love for the colors and think about what I could use it for....I need to buy some more :)

Tracey said...

what a fun challenge! And an adorable card to boot! Paper...I just ♥ paper...so I really have no method for picking, other than - it looks pretty, cool, or will have a specific purpose ;)

Gabby said...

Oh that looks like a fun card to case!

I usually work off the image. How I want to color it...etc. Then I try to do the complimenting and matching. Usually it's because I just think it's cute (and I've been hoarding it too long).

kadie said...

I was JUST noticing all Kristine's Greeting Farm cards yesterday on her blog. Her talent is amazing and she is SUCH a sweetie! Sounds like a fun challenge!

I usually look for color combos I like and papers that are fun.

~*Joni said...

Oh that's a neat idea to have her judge, yet another great idea Marie! And the card, btw, is adorable...Ian is a dapper fellow.

DP has to be on sale for me. And it has to be fun fun fun with endless possibilities. :D Then it comes home to join the others and sit for years. haha!

Carol Weimer said...

That question is a toughy. Usually I look for the latest and greatest papers from my favorite companies. Color and Design play a big role when I'm in then zone.

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

PAPER.... hhhmm, I just LOVE paper, I enjoy finding whole lines, where there are several ways, giving different "feels" depending on just what project I'm doing. That way it seems to cut out the step of selecting colors and paper. My favorites I keep in seperate drawers... so I can just get right at it. WOOHOO!!
Denise from OHio

Phil 4:13

Kerry said...

I love the card, great challenge! Off I go...
I just pick whatever that caught my eye at the time. I just go with the flow.

Lisa T said...

Color is first. Print is second. Does it have the right "theme" and is it to scale with my image.