Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome the Greeting Farm!

Greetings to the new year! We are now finally and officially The Greeting Farm! So please update your bookmarks to:
And a small gift from me to you today!

I have to tell you, I feel like this huge weight has just been lifted off of me. hahaha. I know that TGF has an awesome lineup this year so keep a lookout! And here a few cards pulled out from the gallery! Also if you've previous sent me cards, you don't have to upload them, just email me your username and I will transfer the cards to your folder. I spent all day yesterday uploading the last of the cards.

These are Sandra MacLean's! Ian and Pretty Hat Anya!

Ribenaruby sent this wonderful Wishing Tree!

Pam Varnell's adorable Hello Ian and Cup of Stuff!

These are by Novell. Aren't they just super!!! Man, spread the creativity around a little bit Novell!

I'm going to just relax today with nice tall glass of vegetable juice or something. Have a great one everyone!

Today's inevitable question is: What is your New Year's Resolution?

1. Get fit
2. Have Fun
3. Be the cutest coolest stamp company ever!


Kerry said...

Happy 2009! Hurray to the official The Greeting Farm! Woohoo!!! So excited. I even got up at 7am, just to make sure I am purchase the new release stamp sets. LOL! Love the digistamp!!! Off to make some SUPER COOL cards...

My New Year's resolution...
1- Enjoy everyday with family & friends
2- Go to Karate more! Eat better!
3- Have tons of fun

Marie, YOU ROCK!!!!

nitestamper said...

Happty New Year, Marie !!!!
few new year's goals this year!!!!
here's to The Greeting Farm !!!Cheers!!!!!

Novell said...

Love all the showcased cards today! I'm so excited to get my new sets. Unfortunately, we'll be off to visit my FIL in the hospital today. He was admitted yesterday for pneumonia and will be there for at least 3 days. Not a fun way to start the new year but I'm also looking forward to some traditional Japanese New Year Food later. Yum!

I'm not much for New Years Resolutions so I call mine goals for the new year:
1. Stop hoarding so much. I love buying new but I've gotta use some of the old!
2. branch back into scrapbooking a bit
3. Manage my time better. Working from home makes it tough!

Happy New Year, Marie!

Maureen said...

Happy New Year and thanks so much for the free shipping! I placed my order late last night and can't wait to get the Twilish stamps!! Also, I've already printed off a page of digi stamps to play with!

I don't have any resolutions because I can never manage to keep them! lol!

Elena said...

Congratulations to you Marie! I am glad that The Greeting Farm is open!!!
Love the lineup of the cards! They are so beautiful!
1 - be more orginized
2 - post each day
3 - finished some previous projects from the last year

ribenaruby said...

New Year wishes to all! Blog is looking great and your company name is official, well done! Would like to lose weight this year, that's only resolutuion off the top of my head. Have a bright day!