Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday's Cards

Brrrr.... it's been snowing and rather blustery so I hope everyone is keeping warm wherever you are. Me and the boston bros have been trying to keep warm. Stewie and Bailey have been mostly napping the cold mornings away which I wish I could do. On a side note, I have been attacking the veggie trays like mad the past few days, munching on cucumber with dressing, pickles, and black olives. It's frightful. Naturally, binging on sodium infused olives and pickles lead to water retention so I'm like a puffy fish now. Quite an eye sore.

Onwards to the lovely cards of today. I was thrilled to find new treasures in the gallery which I shall share as well!

Voila! The art of Elena! For these cards of cuteness, she used the Wonderland set!

This cute Geisha trio was created by Honeythorpe.

This is just the sweetest little chef!!! A la Faith! I love the mustache and the background. Details are perfect!

This is from Chat!!! How beautiful and elegant!!! The stamp is from Sweet Deal.

Ahhh and this splendid Mermaid Anya is by Minnie Mel. Love the dimensions and layout of this card. Plus the pinkness of it, drew me in. hehe.

And wow look at this bird house by Joni!!! It's like the TGF barn!!! Of course I fell in love with it immediately!

Also I am sad to announce that our lovely DT member Pam will be stepping down from our DT. Pam has been with the Pink Poison/TGF family since it started in August so I'm very sad to see her go but I wish her well and happiness. She will still finish off some cards so we will still see a few more from her before her final farewell. We'll miss you dearly Pam!

Today's question is: Mac or PC?

Mac!!! I've been on a Mac for about 6 years now. It took a while to get used to but once I started design school, it was mandatory to use Macs. Macs have come a long way and I no longer hate it now. LOL!


Caz said...

PC for me, mainly because the software I use for my work won't work with a Mac....I have used a Mac and would probably get one otherwise.
Sorry to hear Pam is leaving, but I am sure we will see her fab cards around in cyberspace.

Tracey said...

These are all fantastic cards!! PC for me. Hubby is the computer guy in this house and he has an aversion to Mac.

Elena said...

Ian is absolutely adorable!!! And barn is amazing!!! What a great cards today!
I have a PC.
Sorry to hear that Pam is leaving... Wish her only the best!

denean said...

Love the cute barn!! So sorry about Pam - love her work!
MAC all the way! Started on one in art school in 1988 and we've been together ever since!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Lovely cards!!!

MAC - definitely. I tried to load my CAD and design software on my PC with upgraded everything and it just laughed at me... everything works like a dream on a MAC. Don't think I could ever go back - especially with that Vista monstrosity.

hugs, Jami

Lindy Stamper said...

We are a Mac family, so much so that my hubby can be mistaken as a Apple worker... trust me, it has happened.

I love the barn, that's awesome!

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are losing one of your DT :(

I'm a PC girl, all I've ever been. Always wanted to try a Mac though just never have.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Good luck to you, Pam! Wow great cards! I am LOVING that barn and the fab pink mermaid hair! Too awesome!

PC for me, too...although I hear once you go Mac you never go back ;)

Sandra MacLean said...

Great cards today! I'm so sorry to hear that Pam is leaving! :( Her cards are always so pretty and feminine. I am a PC girl secretly LONGING to be a Mac girl!

paulssandy said...

Oh My Gosh! I LOVE the barn, LOL. This is the cutest stamp set and is on my "must have as soon as I have some money" list!

We jsut bought a new PC about 6 months ago. We thought aobut getting a Mac, but was unsure of how the transition would go. I am wishing we got the Mac though, since the Vista drives me crazy!!!
Sandy O

~*Joni said...

What a great honor to see my bird barn! :D Thanks so much Marie, you made a beautiful snowy day even better.

I will miss Pam and her work, she is so super talented. Best of luck to her in all of her future endeavors!
And for me, a PC, I'm so technologically challenged. My brother has a Mac and loves it.:D Have a wonderful day~

Lisa Graves said...

Lovely cards! I just received my first Greeting Farm stamp set in the mail yesterday. I can't wait to play with it later today.
I have a PC, it's all I have ever used.

kadie said...

Best wishes to Pam in her next adventure...you will be missed!

Our Mac died after 4 years and scarcely turning it off...so currently I am a PC gal.

Gypsybear said...


rachelsigmak said...

The Barn is adorable!

I am a PC

Anonymous said...

All of the projects are gorgeous, but that little barn is over the top creative! I'm so sorry that Pam is leaving, but wish her well in her new endeavors. And today's answer: PC. My hubby is a computer tech, and we use what he supplies. :-)

Kerry said...

Beautiful work, WOW! I am sorry to hear that Pam is leaving the DT. Best Wishes.
For me, my husband is a PC guy and he fixes my computer when there is a problem, so I am sticking with PC for now. Hehe.

Janna said...

Definitely a PC for me. I have used Macs in the past, but I can't get used to them. The cards are just stunning! What talent! I love them all!