Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello Monday!

Hi friends! Gosh this weekend zoomed by didn't it?! So my shipment comes today!!! It's that time to stalk UPS guy again. lol. Hopefully he'll come early so I can ship many orders!!! Yay the store should be stocked again by this evening.

So the Fashion Show turned out glamorous!!!! OMG, if you haven't browsed through the gallery, please do so. The entries are spectacular!!! The fun thing that I've been seeing is that stampers have been mixing and matching accessories from other Anyas which is awesome because all the Anyas are about the same size so yea their clothes will probably fit another Anya. We're doing the judging today so I'll be able to announce the winner tomorrow! I'm glad I'm not Lisa because I wouldn't be able to choose a winner from that bunch! We actually had a conversation a while ago and she stated that these cards are ART, not just cards. She's right. Alot of these stampers can qualify as a creative director. Seriously.

A few cards to showcase today! The first is by Mercy! Hello Ian is just the most sweetest little boy stamp ever! Is it possible to have a crush a little stamp?

Cheryl sent these two sweeties in. She used the Sweet Deal and Dress Up set.

And a beautiful Happy Chef card by Faith! I love his little platter of hearts!!!

I had a wonderful response to the Hero stamp set yesterday which was totally awesome! I know some of you would like a pre-order of this set so I will do a presale when I receive them so you all can get a nice discount too. And I was very happy to see my email inbox fill up with military families and their photos! There were so many photos I would love to share all but here are just a few photos to show! A salute to our brave soldiers! HOORAH!!!

Everyone have a wonderful start of the week. I have some digi work to do so I'll see you tomorrow for the crowning of our Fashion Show Anya!

Today's question is: What's your favorite brand of jelly or peanut butter?

You know, I haven't really had jelly sandwiches for awhile but I do remember we always used Smucker's jelly and JIF peanut butter when we were kids. Wow, I'm actually craving it as we speak! lol.


stuffie said...

JIF PEANUT butter and grape jam! woohoo-hurrah!

~*Joni said...

Extra crunchy JIF, definitely! My mom is very healthy so she used to buy natural PB that someone used to make. blech. It tasted like brown grout. Not that I ever ate grout...btw, the gallery is awesome with all the entries! I already feel like a winner with that new Ian set in honor of our soldiers. *sigh I {heart} TGF. ;)

Elena said...

I saw the fashion show at the gallery! It is absolutely gorgeous!
I prefer jam...

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Jif here too, creamy PB and whatever grape jam or jelly is on sale. heehee. DS #1 loves his grape jelly.

The fashion show is AMAZING. What a great idea!

Alyssa Clawson said...

JIF and Smucker's jelly/preserves, hands down. Have you ever tried apricot instead of grape? It is delicious with peanut butter. My brother-in-law got me started on it and I love it! Strawberry is really good too. By the way, the gallery is AMAZING! I'm so glad I'm not the one judging. I'm having trouble narrowing it down to 5!

Paula Laird said...

Laura Scudder's Natural peanut butter with homemade blackberry jam. :)
The gallery is SO awesome! I can't wait to see who wins! There are so many fabulous works of art!
I LOVE Hero Ian, too! I'm passing the word around to the stamping military wives I know.

Novell said...

I really wanted to participate in the challenge but just couldn't squeeze the time in. I had a fabulous time browsing the gallery, though, and now need to go back and leave some comments. You ladies all did a most FABULOUS job!!! Lots of awesome, creative ideas out there!

Nice to see all those handsome soldiers! Can't wait to be able to purchase that set.

PB brands..hmmm. Don't buy it often. Can you believe my kids have never had a PB&J? They refuse to even try it. I love them, though. I guess I usually buy Skippy - Creamy.

Gabby said...

OMG the fashion gallery sure will be a hard one on Lisa! I saw some AMAZING talent I wouldn't know how to pick just one! LOL!

Nice to see the soldier pics of our heroes! I wish I would have had a picture of my cousin...his name though is Sergio Gonzales. I think it was a nice reminder to go visit with his aunt since we can't travel to Nevada to visit him.

As for PB&J...oh man you got me craving for one now! I'll have to dig in my kids snack food to make me a sammy! I like mine CRUNCHY with a taste of honey...our brand is Skippy...and we LOVE Smuckers in strawberry!!! MMMMMMM!!! Ok...of to make me a PB&J! :P

Monica said...

I am a JIF Girl for PB and SMUCHER'S for Jelly! YUM YUM!

I sent my Info in for the HERO stamp set. I am soo excited!!! We def need more Military sets in teh stamp industry!

The cards are beautiful I absoltly LOVE Anya and Ian stamps! There isnt a 1 I wasnt completly tickled over! I hope to adventually have them all in my collection! LoL

Enjoy your week,

reflections:0) said...

Not a fan of the PB&J never have been it is an either or for me... But, it has to be Jif for sure when I do and strawberry jam...

Thank you, for the photo post of one of my Heroes my lil bro... The photo right above mine is the photo of another MI. state Hero and online freinds son...:0)))


Marie said...

Fave PBandJ is Raspberry and Peter Pan Brand. I really wish I could've participated in the Fashion Show, but I don't have a single stamp yet! *gasp* Hopefully, when the shipment comes, I can get an order in. I really love what I've been seeing so far though. Awesome creations!

Danielle said...

I'm not picky on peanut butter, JIF, Skippy, Peter Pan.. what ever is on sale. Sometimes I like extra crunchy and sometimes I like smooth, depends on the mood. But with a fluff sandwich, it has to be smooth.
As I have aged, I find that I now like marmalade. My favorite is Harry and David Orange Cranberry.. Yummmm!
On a nice hot English Muffin with all the nooks and crannies.

Renee G said...

cute cards!

I am no longer able to eat bread...or peanut butter..darn it..but i make them for my little girl...we like JIF peanut butter, but also there is a natural kind i like that is spreadable like jif and not oily! ewww. No hydroginated garbage in it and always the smooth, no chunky..yuck...and for jelly..we LOVE grape smuckers! Even better then the grape jelly!

Christi said...

Extra crunchy peanut butter and blackberry jelly. Yumalicious!! All of the entries are fantastic! I was blown away! I also loved what you guys are doing with the soldier set and love those pics too!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Gotta go check out the gallery and see all the fashion show cards! Love seeing all those smiling faces of our service members (including my cutie patootie!) Thanks so much for recognizing are men and women in uniform! That means so much!!

As for the PB vs Jelly.... why in the world would you choose between the two when you can eat Goober Grape?!?! I can eat an entire jar in one sitting...with nothin' but a spoon!! LOL!
hugs, Jami

paulssandy said...

We actually don't each 'peanut" butter. My favorite is walnut butter, but it is very expensive. So we usually each crunch almond butter.

Add some of the palaner all fruit blueberry preserves and you have a real treat!

Love your site!!! and, of course, your stamps!
sndy O

Sandy said...

Awesome photos of our heroes!

And as for the question, I'm a Jif girl. Creamy, with strawberry jam!

Did you hear about the PB recall? Some of the generic brands...

Tracey said...

what great photos :)

favorite - Skippy creamy peanut butter and welch's grape jam...slap them together with some Wonder perfect PB&J!!