Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Monday

Good day stamper friends! Hope everyone had a well rested weekend. I do have a question I'd like to ask. For all those who are downloading the digi-stamps, can you give advice on your techniques in coloring and how are you printing them? I have a laser printer so my images never bleed but I've had a few people speak of theirs bleeding. So if you have any advice, please share. The reason why Laser printer images don't bleed is because they use toner (which is like dry powder ink that melts onto the paper). Ink jet uses fluid ink so that is probably the reason why if colored with markers, it may bleed. I thought paper could be a factor but any advice you can give about what works is highly appreciated! Thank you!

I'm very happy about your responses to yesterday's stamps. Thank you all! I wanted to make sure I got the thumbs up from you before I start producing them. I did went ahead and put two of them in the digital section in the shop. The other three will be made into rubber.

Here are a few cards for today from the DT and our gallery members. The first is by Elena. So cute! It's from the Dress Up set.

This one is by Paula! Out of this world cute!!!

This cute Dorothy Anya is by Katy.

Yayyy a Faith card! On this super sweet card, she used the Pretty Hat set. This is such a perfect Valentine card!

Another Dress Up set! This one is by Cheryl and Anya is so pretty!

I have a huge project for Girl Scouts and many many errands today so I'll be away from the computer for most of the day but will try to answer as many emails as I can. Have a sweety tweety day!

Today's question is: Are you allergic to anything?

I'm actually allergic to Aveeno Oatmeal lotion, sunless tanning lotion, Aquafresh Orange toothpaste, and possibly powdered eyeshadow.


Wendalyn said...

I will definately be buying the 2 new digi's when i get off work. But as far as printing. I have a cheap Canon printer that cost me $70 and it uses normal ink. I use Papertrey Ink Cardstock and Stampin Up and I haven't had any problems with it bleeding on the paper. I have colored with Copics and Prisma's... HTH

Scrapbookmama said...

I did purchase 2 of your digi stamps as my pockets don't let me get what I really want right now.. (ALL OF YOUR STAMPS! LOL) and I actually printed them on my Canon printer on Whisper White Stampin Card Stock and I'm coloring them w/my Copics and so far its fine and I'm having fun will share soon I love them!

As far am I allegric to anything I am weird combo but I'm allegric to Pineapple and seafood (but I could eat shrimp) :)


Lindy Stamper said...

I will say that not being a digi girl myself, I had fun playing w/ the digi stamps. I still love my rubber. hahaha...

I'm allergic to alcohol, but it doesn't really stop me. ;P I am allergic to the iodine that they raise shrimps with in the farms, so I don't eat shrimp.

Novell said...

Cuteness! I have to run over and check out the digi stamps.

I've discovered, recently, that I'm allergic to raw carrots. I'm also allergic to eggplant. And, of course, there's the standard hay fever allergies to trees, grass, molds. I'm still a little upset over the carrot discovery, though. I love to nibble on raw carrots!

NurseGreeneyesRN said...

OMGosh! All of the cards are SIMPLY cute! Don't own DigiStamps but that idea sounds great. Will have to check about that more....

In regards to allergies....omgosh what a coincidence. Yesterday Sunday at work (im a RN at a hospital) was on my 30min break, got something to eat from the cafeteria. Next thing I know I broke out into a rash all over. I was literally a red cooked shrimp! I was immediately sent to the ER. Got an IV was given fluids and high doses of was really really bad! I was so so itchy all over. Had rashes all over my face, arms, hands and chest and stomach!
But I'm better!!
Have no idea what the allergy was. I have no allergies till now! They think it could of been the spices in the beef stew. What ever it was.....stay away from the beef stew! For now on, Im bringing my own lunch!
But seriously it was a scary, scary experience. I've never been to the ER (besides treating patients) i was the one being treated.

(sorry this was long!)

Tammy said...

I love the digi stamps.
I first used a printer with that was with ink and that's why mine bleed. I then printed an image off using a printer that uses toner ink and it worked perfect.
I did get a tip from the Yahoo Group from Alli about using your heat gun to set the ink and that worked also.
I love what you are desiging! Keep it up!

Elena said...

I don't have any luck with my printer... tried everything...
I am allergic to oranges and brazil nuts!

Net said...

Oh W O W!!!

I've just found your stamps! They are absolutely fantastic, pretty, cute, gorgeous and I need them!

There are some beautiful samples - I hope I can do them justice.

Paula Laird said...

Cute cards! I'm excited that all the images from yesterday will be available one way or another!

I'm not allergic to anyhing that I know of. But there's tons of stuff I won't eat!

katy said...

Hi,what a thrill to see my card on here...thank you :)

I use Promarkers on my digi stamps, just a regular printer, so far had no problems.

I have an allergy to strong sun and end up with tiny blisters here and there. A few years ago when we were on holiday in Florida i had the most unsightly heat rash because of the humidity...not an attractive look,lol.

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

I have bought Dorothy so far and can't wait to get started on her.

As far as what I'm allergic to I don't think you want the laundry list, let's just say things like dust, mold, mildew, grass. I have to take allergy shots once a week. And you don't want to see me when I get close to cats...YIKES!!

Kerry said...

I have an Epson R320 inkjet printer, I didn't have any problem at all.

Allergies? I am allergic to WORK! LOL... But I still goes! :-)

Danielle said...

I love the unicorn and its a must buy for me.
How long before the others are rubber?? I LOVED the apples and the little girl.
I use an HP cheapie printer with Staples Cardstock, I have no problems with bleeding when using my Copics.

I thankfully have no allergies!

Thanh said...

Shhhh... I print them off at work using a laser printer. lol That works fine for me too ;)

Allergies, my goodness! I am a walking allergy. Things that I am allergic to: nickel, all grass and tree pollens, strong scents such as perfume and food allergies that I am still currently figuring out. :( People ask me if I'm sick year round as I'm always sniffling.

Carol Weimer said...

Just found your site recently and in he process of downloading a few digi-stamps myself. I love all the work you're doing.
Other than being allergic to WORK (I find it interferes with my creative process), I am allergic to Celebrex (meds).

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

I am definitely allergic to the dye used in x-ray testing.... I hope I NEVER, and I mean NEVER have to go through that again.. it would be a little bit too much!!
Have a great day!!
Denise from OHio