Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Greetings all on this wonderful Tuesday. You know it occurred to me that we have to do some sort of a Valentine's Card Challenge as well. Seeing all these pink cards reminded me. But we'll wait until the Unicorn Challenge is over, which btw ends tomorrow night! So upload yours if you haven't already. And don't forget to name and tell us about your unicorn.

Ahhh also we're counting down to Feb. 1st because the Club Anya blog will be up, filled with goodness and excitment. So don't forget to mark your calendars! And yes I will be linking the blog here so no one will be lost.

Onwards! To the Cards!

Wowwwww.... lookit this beautiful merry-go-round that Elena made!!! I can't even speak what's on my mind. It's beautiful!!!

Ahhh yes pink cards! This lovely concoction was made by Nena Marie! It's from the Sweet Deal set!

Yayy another Anya first-er! This is by Nikki! I'm loving the colors on Mermaid Anya here! The color, the glitter, it's perfect! The flower in the hair- fantastic!

Heather rocks out this card with ribbons! It's cute, it's colorful, it'd give you cavities by just looking at it! Her first Anya card is as sweet as can be!

Faith cards! Yes Faith always delivers with a bang!

This cute monkey card is by Chat!

Wheeee! Cutie Ian at the beach in his swim trunks! Another precious card by Miss Mercy!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Don't forget to take a break and treat yourself to something nice. Here's two photos of the TGF staff. Stewie and Bailey.

Today's question is: Streets or Freeways?

I prefer taking the scenic street when traveling. Sure, the freeways get you there in no time but all those cars moving so fast.... lol. I'm a naturally slow driver anyway (or so I've been told). LOL.


Melyssa said...

Well I have to say if I"m traveling any distance then the highway is for me, actually it's the only way!! LOL.

rachelsigmak said...

Love the pony-go-round. Just amazing!

I am my-way or the high-way gal... I take the fastest way possible, and drive a little faster than I should.

Kerry said...

WOW, awesome creations, so colorful.... WOW!!!

thinking... I will have to say highway, I can get to place faster, but I do enjoy seeing pretty scenery.

Tammy said...

The merry-go-round is FANTASTIC!!

I'd say the scenic route if I'm on vacation. If it's a business trip it's highway all the way.

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

I guess it depends on where I'm going and the mood I'm in but for the most part I'm a freeway/highway type girl. I have a heavy foot.

All the creations were so pretty today, great job everyone!!

Elena said...

Thank you for the picture with the littke unicorn Marie! And thank you so much for the kind comments about it!
I love all the cards today! Just amazing!!!

kadie said...

Great cards today. I love that merry-go-round!! So ingenious. I'm a freeway gal, even though I don't like driving that fast, it's nice not to have to stop at a bunch of lights.

paulssandy said...

Love the picture of Stewie!

The merry-go-round is awsome! Something every little girl would love to have in her room!

Streets or Freeways, well, it depends on where I am going as well as how fast I have to be there.

Personally, I would take the freeway most of the time since I usually want to get to where I am going.

On the other hand, I love finding small shops on back roads. For this, though, finding new shops is where I am going so, of course, I could not take the freeway, LOL

Sandy O

~*Joni said...

Streets. I'm a grandma driver and I like to see all the character of a neighborhood or city. Highways are a little intimidating, especially if it's your first time in that area!
But if you really want to know, I'd rather be on that unicorn carousel. ;)

Susan said...

WOW! That carousel is AMAZING!!! And of course all of the cards are just to die for!!

As for driving, I prefer the highway. I seem to always be in a rush when I'm driving. Although I do not speed. :-)

angeljakki said...

I jsut love that carousel so cute and your babies are just to cute. Motorways are great for getting from a to b but not the prettiest and on the streets you cna stuck behind a slow poke and take 10 times longer to get somewhere. I think for me motorways lets get there!!!

Heather said...

Oh Wow Marie,
Thanks for posting my Rockin Anya Card. I had so much fun doing it, and already have more cards done to upload to the gallery later today!!!

Love that Carosel, and the Giesha cards are so wonderful, well everything today is wonderful!!!