Monday, January 19, 2009

Cards galore and Store Update

Good Monday stamper friends!!! I hope this weekend has been a splendid one for all! I have been busy busy busy at the drawing table. I have so much to show you but I think I may have to delay it since we already have so many previews that are awaiting to be rubberized! But something magical is coming in March! Also if there are things out of stock in the store, it will be restocked this Friday! I had initially intended on having presale on the new releases but I may not be able to do that after all. I'll let you know more on it later this week if things look up.

Today I have several super cards to show! This first one is by Jacqueline! To remind you about our Magical Unicorn Challenge! The entries so far are soooo great and I love the names and descriptions of each unicorn!

This next card is by new Anya fan, Melissa! This may be her first Anya card but I hope it's not the last because it's beautiful!

The two following cards are by Jenn M.! This beautiful Cake Topper card is black tie worthy! And I loooove the little rabbit from the Wonderland set.

Omigoodness! Look at this beautiful Geisha Anya cards!!! Way to go Gabby! The details are amazing!

Here is another Geisha Anya card. This time by fantastic stamper, Melyssa! Beautiful layout and loooove the hairpin!

And this Geisha is by Tammy! The flower adornment is fabulous!!!!

This is Cheryl's little chef, celebrating with a sweet cupcake!

Faith sends us a cute puppy valentine with the Pretty Hat pup!

What a glorious way to start the week! I am also super excited about the unicorn entries! I will see you all tomorrow for some fun new stuff!

Today's question is: Share with us some good news about you!

My good news is that I will finally be an Aunt! My brother is have a little boy soon! My mom has been waiting to be a grandma forever and she gets that wish this summer. I am thrilled! Our family is the only one amongst our relatives without little ones running around so its a pretty exciting time for us. haha.


Melyssa said...

My Hubby bought me a Nikon D60 for christmas and I can't wait to see what I'm getting for my birthday (This thurs)!

Mz Kelz said...

I brought a 14 year old back home last year and an 18 month old back home last month and it has gotten me nominated for Dispatcher of the Year.

Dawn said...

We are adopting a baby this year and we will be a family if 4. My daughter will have the sibling she has always wanted and we will have a baby in our home again! We cannot wait!

Sandra MacLean said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what everyone is doing with Geisha Anya!! Fabulous work ladies!! My good news is that I went shopping for clothes this past weekend and for the first time in about 8 years, I fit into a pair of size 8 dress pants! Wahhooooo!

kadie said...

Wow, great cards! I love the unicorn! Congrats on your shopping triumph, Sandra!
Dawn~That is soooo exciting! My something exciting is along the same path. We are off the waiting list and start adoption classes in Feb!

Ashley said...

Congrats on being an aunt soon. We are having our second child, we get to find out the gender on Jan 30th! I'm very excited!

paulssandy said...

Hmmm...good news. Every day is good in it's own way. For me there are 2 things that are especally good. I have been sick for quite a few years. Ten years ago I got a diagnoses and have been on medication, but it just did not take care of everything. Six months ago, I was diagnosed with something else. I will always have the first condition, but now I know what it was that just was not getting better. Having been on a new medication since has fixed all my symptoms and I have not felt this good for over a decade. Yaayyy.

Also, I was able to enter the digital unicorn contest. Double Yayyy! LOL

Sandy O

the whimsical butterfly said...

News? Hmmm...well, my stamps are getting organized? My new binder system is almost complete! LOL. The last bit of really AWESOME news I have was the club Anya VP! I can't wait to get started...see you all over there, right? We have some really fun things in store!!

Oh...and in other news, I'm playing with Geisha Anya tonight :D That will be fun, toO!

Anonymous said...

Good news about me??? Thanks to football Ian - I am able to finally come up with a Superbowl Invite idea... Yahooo! Go Pittsburg.. GO! Arizona...

Melissa Craig said...

Wow! My good news... I got to be featured in your blog! How cool is that. Thank you so much Marie, I am so honored.

Congratulations on becoming an Aunt!

Carolina said...

Awesome cards today! So many amazingly talented ladies using this line of stamps - Love It!

Congrats on being an aunt Marie...along the same lines is my good news. My sister is going in for her c-section on Friday so now I won't only be an aunt to my adorable nephew Gaven, but my soon arrive niece, Victoria - woo hoo!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh these are all so sweet, what fun.

Elena said...

Geisha Anya is outstanding!!!
I will be an aunt too soon!!! My sister in Russia is going to have baby in next month!

Christi said...

All of these cards are amazing!!! Good news from me? My husband still has a job!! LOL We heard rumors that he would be laid off the first of the year but he is still there so praise the Lord!