Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Anya Fashion Show!

RULES: Yes, this is an Anya Fashion Show!!! The first of many! Rules are simple. Use any Anya Stamp you want and glam her up! This is also a great chance for you to use the Dress Up Anya and clothes. You can even make your own clothes for her if you want. Let's be creative here! You get up to 3 entries.

WHERE TO POST: Post your cards in the gallery under the Challenges/Contest category. I will make a folder in there called: Anya Fashion Show I

DEADLINE: All entries must be submitted by Sunday night (Jan. 11th).

JUDGING: The entries will be judged by my Fashion Designer friend, Lisa. We should have result by Monday or Tuesday.

PRIZE: Yes and now the big reason why you should participate in this challenge....

Rock the Farm

Miss Anya Collection

You likey? You'd practically be getting these like almost a month early, especially since the Miss Anya Collection won't be available until Feb. 14th. And I know a lot of you have been asking about the Farm Anya so there she is with Fisherman Ian! So what are you waiting for? Let's get this show on the road!

Today's questions is: What is your pet peeve?

Hmmm.... my pet peeve... so many to list. hahaha. Just kidding. I think my pet peeve is empty soda cans lying around. hahaha. Or like when someone leaves empty juice/milk cartons in the fridge. Hello! Now I have a bowl of cereal and no milk! Is it too much to ask to just turn around and toss that empty carton into the trash? lol.

Also....LOL. Ok for all of us who chose the Yellow Jumpsuit and Cowboy hat from yesterday's question. Do you know that we would totally look like that man from the Curious George book series? LMAO!


Lim said...

Oh I wish I had some Anya stamps to play.. :(( I just placed my order last week and I'm waiting for my stamps..anyways, Anya was "out of stock" :((

These new design are AMAZING!!! My favorite, the farm... :))

Anonymous said...

My pet peeve is going to sound so silly but I hate it when people get out of the backseat in a car and don't put the seat back to the correct position but leave it up. It's just so annoying.

Can't wait to get Miss Anya-too cute!

Dawn said...

I am SOOOO playing! My Ideas are FLOWING!!!

My HUGE pet peeve is when people ride in a convertible with the top down and leave all of the windows up!!! WHY WHY WHY??? get a sunroof then!

Whew... i told you it was a biggie!

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

I am so going to have to rock out the digital ones that I have because these new one are TOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

One of my pet peeves is for people to downgrade girls just because we are girls. I know that doesn't seem to be making sense. For example, when I went to go buy a car my father went with me, the salesman only wanted to talk to him not me. HELLO I was buying the car not him. Which is what my dad told him OVER and OVER again so we left.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Are we ALL in love? Yes, I think we are. Those new Anya and Ian stamps are TOOOOOO adorable!

Hmmm...I won't bore you with the LONG list of pet peeves. I have to admit, I have several...the biggest is when people make noises when they eat. Well, I should preface this by saying adults moreso than children LOL!

Novell said...

Oh my gosh! I think I fainted when I saw the new stamps! Hope my new Anya stamps arrive in time for me to participate in the challenge with the new stamps. Otherwise, I'll have to work with the existing stamps I have.

Oh, pet peeves....hmmm. Too many to list, I think.

Sandra MacLean said...

Well, I know what I'll be doing this week! Those stamps are GORGEOUS!! My pet peeve is when I say thank you to someone, their response is "Uh huh". I don't know if it's a New England thing, but it just sounds so blase`! A "You're welcome" sounds so much better! :D I'll get off my soap box now. :D

Rachel Hope said...

OOOO, Exciting challenge!!!!

My pet peeve is when people take other's ideas and pass them off as their own!!!

Danielle said...

OH MY... I have been aching to get my hands on that little farmer Anya! And the fisherman Ian is a perfect fit for so many of my Uncles!
I'm going to have to make the time to pretty up the Anya I have!

Pet Peeve - the articles of clothes that dont quite make the hamper.. that end up on the floor about six inches from the basket. (I dont have that problem anymore, I divorced him and his poor aim!) LOL

rachelsigmak said...

Alright... I am DYING for those pretty Anya's girls!!! And the Farm Anya and Fisherman Ian are must haves as well... Can you stop Torturing me... Can I just get on an Auto-ship program already!!!! hahah
No Really! hahahha

My Pet-peeve is a Dirty Kitchen, drives me bonkers, I clean as I cook... but my boys are trashing the kitchen as we speak I am sure!

Diana Gibbs said...

OMG! I am so entering this contest!

My pet peeve, that the reader feeder thing a ma bob is always a day late..thank goodness I remembered to get my butt over here!!

Off to stamp!!!!

Elena said...

Marie!!! Your new designs are fantastic!!!
And what a fun challenge!!!
Our cat likes to check everything I put in my mouth. I know that she is afraid of soda! Afraid of those bubbles!

Anita said...

Oh my the stamps! My pet peeve is the sound of clipping fingernails.....ewwww! :)

Melissa Craig said...

I hope my stamps arrive in time to play!!

My pet peeve... hmmm... I think it would have to be that DH will empty the sink that is full of dishes by stacking them onto the counter, instead of opening the dishwasher that is just below the area he's stacking.

Joyce said...

Uh-oh, my new stamps aren't here yet but hopefully they will be soon so I can play cuz I love the new sets!

I have lots of pet peeves but lately I've been really bugged by people not turning lights out when the leave a room (like a bathroom or bedroom). Electricity isn't cheap!

Renee G said...

I wish i had some anya stamps to play as well...i love the new stamps...I WANT! Guess i will hve to wait to get a set! boo hoo..
My pet peeve us unreliablilty!...I like people i can count on and trust!

Melyssa said...

Well I haven't bought any stamps yet and really regret not pre-ordering the new sets. So I broke down and purchased a digi stamp to try it out and enter the contest. OMG!!! I'm in LOVE!! I wish I could get ALL the stamps digi style.

My pet peeve: When I go into a store and the clerks call me "hun". I HATE that!! I want to tell them I'm not your sweetheart don't call me that!!

Carolina said...

I'm so in for the Fashion Show...I'll be cutting and designing all weekend long!

My pet peeve is bad drivers! It specially sucks when I'm running late which tends to be about 80% of the time.

Gabby said...

OMG...I soooo need to play! I am ordering Anya's up the wazoo...even the digi ones!!! I love these big head characters so much!!! Oh...and I nearly PMP (peed my pants) when I saw the Miss Anya! *GASP* I want those!!!

Pet peeves...hmmm...too many to list...but the main one is when DH leaves the toilet seat up. Yeah...when I wake up in the wee hours of the morning and I'm still groggy...I don't want OR LIKE to fall in to a porcelain tank of cold water! UGH!!!

KanataNewf said...

Oh I just had to play so using the digi Red Riding Hood I created my entry. Only to have difficulty loading it to the gallery. If you would like to check out my red velvet riding hood Anya, you can find her here.

Yes, I raided my fabric stash for some red velvet for her hood.

Pet Peeve - inconsiderate people.

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

my pet peeve is whe I go out to eat, and the server doesn't keep my glass of water full. Nothing worse than eating, need a drink of water, and the glass is empty.
Also, when you don't really get what you paid for, like you have totally wasted your money.. don't like that at all!!
Denise from OHio

Marilyn said...

My pet peeve: When someone borrows or uses something and doesn't put it back where they got it from originally.

Then I am searching for it all over the place and have to stop to ask... knowing where it was suppose to be!


Have NEVER owned an Anya.
She's just so cute.
{crossing fingers and toes}

Ann said...

I guess my pet peeve is backorders they are so disapointing. Love the new designs Ann Lind